Gavin Porpora
Number 1 was 5 fucking seconds long
rub nau
Melendez vs sanchez, hunt vs silva
Melendez vs. Sanchez is easily top 3. Lawler vs. McDonald should be number 1. Come on man.
Patrick star
dang number 5 was crazy
Ryan Thomas
Shogun and Dan are legends damn
Aimopotis 80
Forrest vs Stephan is the best of all time
Kaleb Ess
Ummmm.. Nate vs Conor any of em??
Kanye Williams
where is Anderson silver vs chail sonnon 1
Time for gufftason vs jones 2
i like how jones fought gustafsson but imo DC did a better job against him, MMA is so strange... i think DC is weaker than Jones in an 1on1 but i think DC is stronger against other dudes than jones... i hope we will see a rumblevsbones, that could be one hell of a fight,maybe this could backup my theory...
Rai 333
gelbert melendez vs diego sanchez was a hell of a war, should have been included in the list
damn gustafssan can take a beating...
Dark soul 47
Shogun vs Dan was real deal
Rudy Nulens
les gladiateurs des temps modernes
mark hunt vs bigfoot silva 1?
Ste Dunn
LOL! Yeah it says 2013 for henderson vs pettis... but it was actually 2010 that video footage and it wasn't even in the UFC , so the 1st most crazy battle wasn't even a ufc event! And if you don't believe me, the 2nd fight was in the ufc where pettis won by armbar, so him celebrating a decision was from their first fight in WEC(not ufc)
Ronnie Miah
What's the instrumental at the start any body help
Denis Sá
Where is Pezao vs Hunt????
Hendo was the man
Cameron Corbin
To everybody saying "where is...."
note the title says "5 epic wars". not top 5. not the only 5. just 5 random wars that OP likes.
Roderick McDonald
These are awesome.
DrenSoccerChannel D
lol so the craziest battle in UFC history is in the WEC?
McDonald vs Lawler 2.
Condit vs Lawler.
Aldo vs Mendes 2
Diaz vd McGregor 2
Pettis vs Dos Anjos
Edgar vs Maynard
christian unisterio
Rua gano handerson se nota injusticia final dio da lata mafia ufc jueces compran dinero fue desicion unanime rua ve mas claro mentira se vuelva lamentablemente real mas bien si no lo nokeo no me gusta
droop love
lawler vs mcdonald-stan vs silva-mcgregor vs diaz 2 this is a so stupid video
finn bell
fuck u jon jones
Schwaben Pump
punching like girls
F. Perez
Where is Melendez vs Sanchez?! #thumbsdown
Jester Navarette
diego sanchez vs gilbert melendez?
Tony is a awkward fighter, rolls around the canvas like a monkey 😂😂😂
billy riggs
hunt vs Bigfoot
Oussama Drif
Mcgregor vs diaz 2
Michael Drake
Tyler Durden
Fukin monsters
anyone remember diago Sanchez and Gilbert melendez
Carlyle Tom
I think the most brain cells were lost in the Dan Henderson vs Shogun fight.
Sabouni Nassim
VELASQUEZ vs DOS SANTOS is the toughest
Bullshit music for one clip, then complete silence for the next. Hot garbage. Just play the fucking commentary.
Find TheGap
Good video other than: No music during jones fight. And don't put Anthony Pettis on any highlight reel ever. That "anythony Pettis kick" was a staged kick. Those two were seen training together and bragged about being buddies before the fight. You can see the guy being kicked tap the back of his foot on the cage, signaling to pettis that he's ready to take the kick hat they've been practicing. Also that fight was the last fight of the wec. So hey we're big about to be moved to the UFC and wanted to be recognized. Just too many obvious signs that it was a fake kick. With that said anything with Anthony Pettis in it, is garbage.
Theodore Velez
Stephen bonner is such a lame personality. No swag no style no skills he's just a wack individual
Please this music bro...
Gilberto Acevedo
No gilbert Melendez vs Diego Sanchez??? Oh hell no!
Robbie lawler vs macdonald 2 & diego Sánchez vs Gilbert Meléndez
Em Cu
lawler vs mcdonald? melendez vs sanchez?
Eyeslo 420
The sound crapped out after 2:00.
Skye Optana
i know that gustaffson vs rumble 2 will be a different story..
J. E. Blake
the crazy thing about that Anthony Pettis replay is that he kicks off the cage with the same foot that he will use on Benson Henderson. you have to seriously be in the zone for that to just be something you can do on-the-fly. YouTube doesn't lack for videos showing what happens when you miss a rebound kick off the cage. I'll never get tired of seeing that replay.
Karim Kaza
where is Gilbert melendes vs Diego Sanchez??
Dohoo choi vs cub Swanson
Lawler fights
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