Funk SC
The best ever !!! Absolutely brilliant
kyupie cake
75 people couldn't see the fire .... i'll keep them in my prayer bcs atleast they brought 75 more views ... so you see even haters are helpful they brings more views lol
Love Ed sheeran, he makes magic with a guitar and a mic! I'm glad he came when I was loosing hope in our new musicians.

EDIT: it's not the musicians, but these record labels that limit our talented musicians coming up.
Jeroen Wijnholds
Why would anyone downvote this? This is really good <3 :D Ed is quite the musician!
Khanya Madolo
love ed sheeran
Irshad Qasim
I will cry now!
Adam Fusco
Did he just freaking tune his guitar differently for the second guitar loop live without even pausing what
Yana Oleynik
when he said "its for you,baby" I imagine he was talking to me ...oh come on,can I dream a little bit lol
Alexandra Océanie
Sais bien la première foie que j accroche sur un chanteur comme ça je deviens une adolescente😉😉😉😉
Alexandra Océanie
Trent Meade
I see fire just like ...
M. Marshall
This is 200% Talent!! Awsome!
Patrick Kurniawan
a true definition of a beautiful one man bands performance
Mike Lord
Nice tune, Clever mixing

that is all I have to say, simple.
Cecilia Jennifer
he's literally the best musician of my time. love him
Nikhil Gupta
+ He's an extremely strong memory power.
remembering which part of the loopbox to play at which second, that's way too hard.
and he takes care of the minute second details sooooo sooooo well.
Nikhil Gupta
He changed the tuning of the guitar while playing. not the first time he's doing that though but doesn't this make you fall in love with him more n more n more!!
Michel van Goor
Incredible musicion, wish we had more
Fred Lopez
Quien carajos le da "no me gusta"? -________-
Joni Eskola
One of my favorite song ever. Billie jean, nothing else matters and this is my top3!
Wendy Lu
I replayed the "it's for you baby" part for like 174928 times ahahah
shero aetas white
jesus look at thoooossssee sneaks
Chrisna 1311
What guitar is he using???
Hannah Renton
Love this! Please check out my cover of this song and let me know what you think :) x
What do you mean by "all rights reserved go to Ed Sheeran and BBC Radio 1"? You do know that all rights reserved isn't a fucking holiday greeting? Why even write it in the first place, when you clearly stole the video and did a piss poor job of reuploading it?
kipper sayshi
truly epic. love this version more than the film one!
FrostHell - Gaming & Stuffs
Pretty sure it's semi-acoustic lmao
Hector Garcia
Maria Helena Ibrahim
damn. I wanted to hate on this but this is straight amazing.
It also sounds amazing at 1.25 speed. :)
Sikander Malik
Most talented artist alive
"It's for you baby"
Meister Alex
he has some kind of spaceship down his feet ;)...
Yasmin Tournier Boppre
Rafael Vieira Music
So emotional!
I prefer this even to the studio version, I keep coming back to this , it's awesome!
violet Mey
Hey if you are a ginger and search for a girlfriend write me on Insta @roteblaueaugen hahahaah :)
imran khan
This is so underrated !!! :(
Chris Green
That looping that he did sounded epic! This guy always impresses.
much talent there
Krishna Yadav
Superb extra ordinary *
Its so frustrating that he sounds so much better live then on his albums cause its just him and his guitar...
kyle nicholson
This is fucking amazing!
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