10 Lies You Were Told About Spiderman

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As we get ready for the next Marvel MCU Spiderman movie, we look at secret lies you were told about the popular superhero!

10 Lies You Were Told About Spiderman
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Spider-Man is pretty much the most financially successful solo Superhero franchise of all time – but even with two origin movies there still might be a lot you don’t know about him.

Those movies have also caused a lot of misinformation about the character. So here are 10 lies that you were told about spider-man. 

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The Symbiote Suit Made Spidey Stronger
Hair on his fingers stick him to walls
Peter let the robber go out of revenge
Black Cat is a Catwoman Rip Off
He Never Had Organic Webbing
Peter and Aunt May Are Related
He Met Harry, Gwen and MJ in High School
With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility
Tobey Maguire was the First Live Action Spidey
He’s Married to MJ Watson

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spider god back in black
can't wait till they hit one million subs
Ben Hensen
the venom thing about making him stronger is right. He did get stronger
Alana Anything
I love Spider-Man ;]
Alana Anything
I hate deadpool
RBLX Player
spiderman moke like spider-man?
more like......

Toby McGuire was probably my favorite Spider-Man before Tom Holland came along
the ps4 1 2018
Faleschia Cartet
Why. Spider man. Msre
He can grip walls with his suit because the hairs pierce tiny holes into the suit. Since the way he clims walls is by using the hairs which (i think) pierce tiny holes in the material. enought for them to hold on.
why can't they ever get his spider sense and reflexes right? throughout the comics, spiderman has been the hardest character to land a punch on, but he seems to get tagged in every movie...WTH?
الشهاب أبوالعزم
you are Donkey
magic gamer
But isn't it sandman not Dennis?
BEN 23
10 things we did not know about hob goblin
sophia rahal
Denise Grayzell
Even plays roblox, don't be such a selfish bastard just because spider God back in black likes CBR we all have different opinions
MaskKill Gaming
Also the black suit gave him powers like making the suit more bigger to freak out other villains also the suit bonded with him so the suit will give spidermans power to any one who wear the suit like Eddie brock
I actually wouldn't want a married peter Parker 😂😁
Who thinks Andrew and Tom we're the bestttt spiderman !!!❤️❤️❤️❤️tobey was okay ...
Lyn Stockdale
That's weird.
J.Walter Swartz
Joe Quesada is the ultimate Spider-Man villain. Takes away his love and makes him deal with the devil.
I like Andrew Garfield I like Tibet maguire and I like tom holland
plushco. boss
In the Toby Maguire spider man trilogy, how does spider man shoot his organic webs when he wears the costume over his wrists
Am I the only one that liked the amazing spiderman aunt may better than the others?
But How the fuck did Eddie get powers from the suit then
EM the suit did make him stronger beacuse when Eddie got the suit he got super strong
Mel God
Me too
Mel God
Some people think his webshooters are on the outside of his wrist. THEYRE ON THE INSIDE PEOPLE!!!
That aunt may one is bullshit, and an obvious sign of digging for items on this list. She's related to him, her name is may Parker. She may not be blood but she's still his aunt.
Judson Souza
0:10 Actually, it's Iron Man.
This is dumb these movies help create the “image” of spider man it’s not 100% based on the comics

No hate tho love yall
Actually spiders do climb walls using magnetism between their legs and oppositely charged molecules, its called the Van Der Walls Force.
Rashad Gant
i don't care i still like spiderman
vince natividad
cool viodeo you got
Displeased Delirium
The fuck is wrong with his hand?
Isael Guerrero
Spiderman is my favorite
Donovan Johnson
Lmao! Never mind the fact that eddy Brock had no super powers but got strength. Come on dude, number one and already laugjable
Jonah Marx
Sounds like all your "this never happened" did happen, just not in the original comic.
Wasn't May the sister of Peter's mom in Ultimate? can't remember but I think it was like that
Manda Wagstaff
10 lies about your mom
Sebastian Rayo Peredo
So spider man doesn't have power
What red button im color blind
Rafay Ahmed Khan
Gabriel Florez
666 dislikes, wow
This is real Grr
All of that is real and spidey is real
Not true that's real some of it
Mighty Whitey
Major lived next to Peter CBR. Therefore, he would've already met her.
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