Paramore - Hard Times (with lyrics)

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hard times gonna make you wonder why you even try ;)

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these are the lyrics for Paramore’s “Hard Times”, from their 2017 album "After Laughter". it is their amazing comeback single after a three-year hiatus and first since the return to the band of former member Zac Farro

no copyright infringement in this video; all the rights go to Paramore, Fueled by Ramen, and Warner Bros., as well as their other possible labels. this video was made for the unique purposes of entertainment

Maru Jitsu
In 2013 they're like 'byeee' and then now when we need them the most they're just like 'WE ARE BACK BITCHESSSS.' But honestly I just wanna dance but i relate so much with the song.
I this song is AMAZING and I often find myself muttering the lyrics
Courtney Kayleen
This song + embarrassing dancing when no one is looking = a great time
Ashley Paige
so so good ah
A song that cute white girls can get drunk to.
Maestro xC3FFF0E
That part before outro, oh my god. So majestic!
Jiwliane2005 Jiwliane
Q legal!!
lhara scarlet3
well isnt this a depressing song....
Ariana Gonzalez
This song is preety good
Pitter Patter
This song is 90% there! It's fantastic, except the bridge sucks!!!
James Robison
This song pisses me off, Debenhams play this song over and over and over and over and it is sucks - "hanging over my heaaaddd!!!!" what the hell is that!
Paige Coughlin
this song gives me great vibes ;)
Dave Micklon
This song is FIRE. Slight 80s tinge.
baby cakes
Her voice is amazing! And I love the beginning beat of the song!! Aghhh it's such a good song lol
potang ina mo
Sounds like dora hahahah
jordan ward
unfortunately this is our "song" :(
Skeleton Animations
I've spent like a week searching for this song and I finally found it 😅
Lauren Perez
What are they saying at 2:43?
Sgt. Resented
Can someone make out the last words towards the end of the song?
Hoi Hammy Here :3
Does this remind anyone about Glowing Eyes by Twenty One Pilots? Happy beat but sad lyrics...
Samson Cooper
What song does the chorus remind me of when and how she says hard times?
Bangtan Trash101
it may not be like their songs before but the meaning is still beautiful love it so much
Ariel Vlo
2:41 is my favorite part!!
bring space adventure back
Black Thursday
Sounds a bit like the 90s
em sergent
*keeps getting into dangerous situations including almost getting hit by cars a lot*

"And I still don't know how I even survive"
That Guy
Enjaja brought me here
Okayy_Its_Faith X
only song i can relate to
gwen boyd
who still listening to this is 2030
Naughty Dog should sue.
Donald Cum
dwayne the rock johnson will sue you hayley.
Perseus B
My abusive mother just left me homeless for standing up to her. This song is helping me get through!
honestly what a fucking jam
Bryan anthony Manzano
fuckyou to all people who dislike this srsly fuck you.
jack chatham
This sounds like it should be played over a montage in an 80s teen movie
luis gonzalez
80s song made in 2010s
sheila Burton
sounds like our house by madness
Kaidence Sanchez
love this song
Semira Mekonnen
Any Enya peeps here?👀
Goku Dbz
this song helps me through my depression and suicidal thoughts
Barbara Munoz
2:42 - 2:58 Am I the only one that can clearly hear "makes you wonder why you even try/still don't know how I even survive" before Hayley's final line?
Livalicious Livi
I love how Paramore's songs have serious topics, but always are upbeat!
My mom said she doesn't like this song cause it, "reminds me of the 80s."
Victoria Rodriguez
"Hard Times"

Me:yes I always have hard times
A happy sounding song with depressing lyrics.
chad sagbigsal
80's culture theme
Brandon Vasquez
This song is amazing yet it feels so indie for some odd reason XD
Blake Belladonna RWBY
I use to really not like this song BUT NOW I'M OBSESSED WITH IT OMG
Florencia Delgado
What a change! But I really like this song ♥ It's great!
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