Paramore - Hard Times (with lyrics)

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hard times gonna make you wonder why you even try ;)

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these are the lyrics for Paramore’s “Hard Times”, from their 2017 album "After Laughter". it is their amazing comeback single after a three-year hiatus and first since the return to the band of former member Zac Farro

no copyright infringement in this video; all the rights go to Paramore, Fueled by Ramen, and Warner Bros., as well as their other possible labels. this video was made for the unique purposes of entertainment

Amanda Cox
i love this new song from paramore
juuzou suzuya
A happy song about depression O.O
commen commenter
This is the song I would play if I took over the world.
Ryan Hennig
catchy song. just Sunday I was in a house fire. we lost everything. now I'm gonna be ok
this is such a good song oh my
Looove it 😍
The melody was different to me at first but the lyrics hit hard. I really love this song because same. I feel like I'm drowning in school and I can't seem to get a hold of all the late work that keeps piling on. Only 6 more weeks
summa summa time
This song makes me sad as fuck
Faniah G.
Here's a little lyric correction: she says, "And I gotta hit* to rock bottom!" at 1:34
Eli Dagdagan
I can imagine someone listening to this song at work to let their bosses know what a hard time he/she is having.
kayla ryals
I love how it talks about difficulty yet it has such a care free vibe and like it's so summery I love it so much I hope Paramore makes more stuff ya know
Needs radio play in Phoenix Arizona
Samantha Lehnert
l don't really like the "new" Paramore but damn ! Hayley is amazing !!!! 👏👏👏
Musik dan Lirik
Hi bro
How to make music videos without banned in some countries
Please help me
Musik dan Lirik
Hi bro
How to make music videos without banned in some countries
Please help me
Musik dan Lirik
Hi bro
How to make music videos without banned in some countries
Please help me
Why is it that no matter what genre Paramore does, I'm ALWAYS in love with it?! 💞
Enzo Fasolino
<3 <3 <3 <3
Rosa García
2:43 = la la land xD
this is literally my anthem
Shayna Baugher
Typical paramore very upbeat tempo not so upbeat lyrics I LOVE IT
Mark Hemenes
The more I listen to the song the mur I appriciated it. Lovely Indeed. 😭😭
Skylar Starlight
Nicole Pillai
i'm fricking obsesssssssssed.
Matthew King
When I hit the ground x5

Annoying, but still better than You are the only exception x8

As much as I love Paramore, the repetition really annoys me.
Vivi Thai
The other lyric videos got copyrighted, no I'm scared for this one
u k
It makes me addicted. good song.
chew bacca
I got obsessed listening to it once
Paramore has become INDIE!
Cloth with Love
I love, love, love this song. Love the lyrics. Love everything about it. Love that Zac is back. Anyways, thanks for posting the lyrics :)
Alyssa Piearce
this sounds like a song the 1975 woulda come out wit not paramore lolllll
Imani Milligan
so glad they came out with a new song
agil setya
i thinkk this song just turn BACK INTO 90'S FEELINGGSS!!
not poppunk but "space adventure" genre.
Lex Reyes
not exactly my favorite, but its not bad
N.B Gee
Ugh ♡
Maybe A Human
I effing love this song!!!!
Carlos Limas
does anyone know what it says near the end? I can only understand "makes you wonder why you even try"
Dark Daughter
I'm glad I'm one of the people that likes this song lol.
Adam Bauckham
Weird coming from rock to pop and to whatever this is O.o sounds a bit odd this song.
Actual Trash
don't get how u can't like this tbh I think it's amazing wat
I can imagine summer with this song is going to be great
pen penelope
happy song but melancholy type of lyrics...
I can fucking relate to this
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