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A Star is Born 2018 today! Beyond The Trailer's reaction & breakdown of the first look at Stefani Germanotta with Bradley Cooper! Country?!

A Star is Born 2018 today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph's reaction to our first look at Bradley Cooper and Stefani Germanotta aka Lady Gaga in A Star is Born for 2018! The first official photo and set photos from Coachella! Plus a breakdown about whether country music is the right choice! Share your own reaction to this first look at Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga in A Star is Born before you see the full movie in 2018!  And be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on YouTube today!

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I’m so ducking exited for this
CesarSwimCraft 20
Love her, but yeah should have done modern style. More exiting.
Gaga is trying to appeal to a wider audience with her career both musically and with her acting. She has a voice that can sing well with any genre. Real fans of hers don't care the genre of music she makes, sings or performs. We just want the world to understand and respect her talent and view her as the artist and entertain that she truly is instead of viewing her as the bad romance singer that wore a meat dress. You wont appreciate her so much now, but 20 years from now you'll see how talented she truly is.
Susan Giammarino
4th dumbass!
Jon Spano
ASIB 1976 won 5 Golden Globes and an Oscar, plus three additional Oscar nomination. Plus two Grammys for Streisand's work on the score and vocals. Went on to gross $100 million which is about $400 million today. Huge commercial success. Reviews were mixed and it's flawed, but there are some amazing moments too.
Austin Gray
They didn't go Country Grace. It's very much pop music. I saw clips of her performing on twitter.
Lady gaga monster
I dont care what Gaga do I will still love and support her no matter what Gaga was there when I didnt have anyone she was there with her music helping me to get through a very bad time in my life so I will be there for her and support her in everything she does it maybe country acting pop anything Ill still support her!
Gabriel Gonzalez
she loves country. Born This Way has a Country Version, You And I is country, Joanne album is Country, she perfomed live with a country band You and I on the Grammys! etc!! Her voice is Powerful and fits perct for the roll.
Braxton Blankenship
I believe that Gaga is so versatile and could take on country music. I see this as such a learning experience for her and Bradley. I have always been a fan of hers since day 1, and I have seen the Judy and Barbra versions of this film before the announcement of the remake. That being said, my favorite is the Barbra movie. I can see many similarities between the looks of that one with this new film. I enjoy your videos Grace and I just thought I'd leave you with this little bit of brain food!
I'm so excited to see the movie.
Melinda Gordon
The Judy Garland version was sublime and is still a classic, this new one even though gaga is a musical goddess lol, I think will just reach behind the garland epic.
Dencel Blue
Fuck Yeah / I'm going to see this movie, can't wait / Gaga + Country, that sounds amazing!
The plot of this movie sounds a lot like Country Strong (with Gwyneth Platrow). WIth the alcohol addiction, country music and the dark ending.. I loved that movie, but I dont need another one..
+beyondthetrailer Grace Lady gaga had a big role in Machete Kills, she played a transgender robot or something
daniel p
Why don't you do reviews about upcoming music albums? You do movies, tv shows and games but music is something I would like to see!!!
Sean Villanueva
Gaga just released a country inspired album last year...
Isabella Gonzalez
Hi, Well I'm going to see it because I'm a Barbra fan and I've seen all the Star Is Born Versions and I am excited to see what Stefani 'Lady Gaga' Germonotta will do. First off she is the only one right now who is made for this role. Christina Aguilera had her moment with Cher, Beyonce had Dreamgirls, Gaga needs He Born this Way/ Star is Born. Who else can you think of pulling this off in a DIVAesk way :) Personally, I think because there is such a high hurdle to jump, they will be able to pull this off God willing. Sometimes people need challenges like this to push them off the stratosphere into a new dimension. And I applaud Lady Gaga for taking the risk of going with her own name.. Go gurl. Be You. And Bradley Cooper.. yes.. well, he could have chosen something less musical to stretch himself in.. but he's a great actor. And great actors make great directors.. and hopefully, he can do this.. directing yourself is not for everyone.. and specially this being a musical.. and being his first. That I feel needs MO' PRAYERS. Musical movies are not the easiest to see thru. That to me is the biggest factor.. but either way, I'm there.. in the theatre and probably buying the itunes movie to add to my Star Is Born Collection. Let's hope and pray they ALL pull this off.. I'm rooting for them! :) WOOT WOOT!!! - P.s. Grace ! Bravo! Love your channel! :) God bless you and all your videos! :) - IZ :)
Crazy Heart already covered this and seriously, why didn't they go with rock instead of country?
it's gona end up making more money with little to no awards attention, it is currently at a September release date which isn't a good sign
Greg Heis
I am a huge fan of the 70's A Star is Born and of this story in general. I don't go to the theater very often, so it is doubtful I will go, but I am definitely interested.

Hopefully they will make a movie that addresses the devastating impact of fame and fortune. With all the untimely deaths in the entertainment industry it should be an Oscar worthy topic.
Michael Jarvis Jr.
i actually REALLY liked Joane
John Saunders
Her Superbowl performance was interesting. People were expecting something controversial, but got sincere patriotism. I wonder if there's room in the trailer for "America the Beautiful"?
Robert Sigheartau
I am a little monster but I like when Gaga does what she likes in terms of creativity
Much Music
We will watch the movie 🔥🔥🔥👌🏻🙌🏻
Mario Hans Sáenz Solano
always on point
Addison Leavitt
Yoü and I is country. that's #10
Carl Williams
they had Beyonce sign on to play the roll in 2011 but she back out
Michael 0788
I'm not a die hard fan but if her song comes on the radio I will usually listen. I thought she was okay in AHS. I actually think the writing was mediocre so she could have been better with better material. It will be interesting if they pull this off. It sounds like Oscar bait to me but she could easily make it a commercial success with her little monsters. I do think she is a very diverse artist with a diverse set of talents which is no doubt impressive.
Stereotypical Ravenclaw
Her newest album Joanne was definitely a country pop album, and it's quite good. I wonder if one of the reasons she went that direction with the album is this movie? hmm haha love your videos Grace!
Michael Linde
Joanne was an amazing album, and based on what extras have said, the music in ASIB will be more Led Zeppelin/Fleetwood Mac than just straight up country.
*Enter Name Here*
just stick to films reviews please.... you don't know anything about how charts works. million reasons peaked at #4 on the hot 100 on the billboard chart, was #1 two times on the itunes chart and has sold almost 1m only in the us(that very rare in todays music because of streaming) million reasons is a hit song and the reason why is not selling that much is because gaga has a new single out and million reasons is not being promoted anymore.
Nicholas Davila
This is going to be so good. Yes I'm into her playing country and singing country. I'm going to see this movie like 100x in theatre. She already has an Emmy and Grammys. Now all she needs is an Oscar and a Tony to be an EGOT winner.
I limit myself to two or three movies a year, and this one almost certainly won't be on the list. But I'll definitely rent it after it comes out. I'm neither a Gaga nor country fan, but I have been impressed on more than one occasion with her actual singing abilities. If she can pull off something so unexpected--i.e., if the reviews are raving--I could imagine myself seriously considering going to see it in the theaters (well after opening weekend, obviously) just to see what she and Cooper have managed to do. I do, after all, appreciate talent, especially when it shows itself in an unexpected venue.
joey smith
Didn't the movie Country Strong with Gwyneth Paltrow already did this the star is born formula with country?
Levi Goodliff
Shouldnt theyve just gotten Taylor Swift if they wanted to do country? Her fandom would get litteral bleeding noses if shed go back to country...
Joshua Swaby
I think why didn't put her stage name as credits is because she doesn't want ppl just see her as Gaga she want ppl to diminish that see the character she plays . I think it's right for her and I believe she gonna pull through cuz I hearing she totally different than who she is in person
Hrishikesh Oemraw
i have not seen a star is born... but when you described the plot i can tell you this movie was recently remade in Bollywood named aashiqui 2

that movie did very well... it could be the reason to jumpstart this project...
i see in the pic Bradley playing a guitar... i believe it was the same in aashiqui 2
*Enter Name Here*
I love Glam Gaga, but I also think her country chops are nothing short of incredible. I'm defently gonna see this film and I can only hope that Bradley and Stefani can pull this film off to be an Oscar winner.
I think you forgot she was in Machete Kills
a very well thought out review - looking forward to see how this movie plays out
Braden Peltz
I would love to see gaga in this movie but I would fucking flip if it's country.
Luis Saucedo
I agree 97% I think the movie would be and do sooo much better if she did pop and glamour, I think it would be sooo much better but hey who knows, guess we have to wait till it's released. I like her doing country but tbh I love pop gaga more.
I'll have a better opinion once we have a trailer. The photos remind me of updated Stresiand version. The Judy Garland film will always be my fave though! Streisand version was just ok, yet to watch the Janet Gaynor version!
Lisa Conrad
I'm rooting for Gaga!! I think she will be great!!!!
Lisa Conrad
It would be amazing if she also kills herself by the end!
Lisa Conrad
From fans that's been there, they said that the music has a very rock vibe
I hope the studio sees your video. Makes sense.
Chad Miller
As a "Little Monster" and film geek, I am excited to see Gaga and Gaga doing country.
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