Nathan Gooistra
'Kinda funny cuz i'm a guy who likes small and big boobs'


'Kinda funny cuz i'm a guy who likes small or big pen-'
Wait what
I've Lost Faith In Humanity
lmao i love him
Dark's Facepaints
Guys, stop saying he's an asshole, sociopath, etc.
People come to him for help, and he says the brutal truth that everyone needs. If you don't like him, dont watch him. no ones threatening to kill you if you dont watch him.
I like how he can compliment someone and insult them at the same time
Nam Nam
They wanted to get his honest opinion about them. And they had it. Why so mad about it? He's being honest, is his opinion if you don't like what he says then what are you doing in his channel?
You're just here to put a negative comment because he said something negative about other person? That's not almost the same thing he did...? the difference is that he didn't asked for your opinion..
Yoongi's Burnt trash
Imagine how shit you'd feel if you watched this and saw that picture of yourself and him saying shit about it then flicking to the next girl and saying how beautiful she is. You'd feel fucking terrible
megan kreuz
ok. you guys need to calm down. stop saying that he's a sociopath or that he's being an asshole. he's just telling his honest opinion. while i don't agree with all of his statements, i don't think he should be attacked like this. if you don't like it, don't watch.
Abby McGregor
K u r basically making fun of ppl for hating parts of their bodies, ur just acting like it's one big joke and girls can go anorexic from hating themselves, so please be more mature abt this subject.
Aliyah Edwards
I couldn't go vegin I love Bacon to much 😁
Aubrey Peckingham
I love the brutal honesty. People get mad at me for the same thing.
chaseβ€’ lynn
onision is basically looking at 15 year old girls asses? like not hating but isnt that kinda whats happening
Ari H
Why do they even post stuff for you
Ari H
You're a sociopath
Ari H
Why do you have fan girls you're a joke
Gracy Toy Schultz
I think i have a pudgy stomach
Classical Penguin
I think my thighs are too big ._.
why the fuck are you telling them to get nose jobs tf
im honestly disgusted by this and i can really tell that onision is a total sociopath :(
Tess Crockford
you honestly I can't believe you have subs. people like you is what give society a bad name, telling people to change how they are. we are born the way we are, you're actually horrible. teach people to love theirselves the way they are.
why are you telling people to get nose jobs and such. teach people to love their body the way it is.
that wee meme
"again, i recommend the scar removal cream!"those are fucking stretch marks you stupid fuck.
Soul Sair
You sick fuck. You archive pictures of children with your name written on them. You're fucking disgusting.
Dancecute Nadiyyah
3:42 ayyyyyy she got a picture of castiel
eat a tide pod
I honestly love everything about me, I don't mean to sound narcissistic but i think it's a good thing to love yourself. Just as long as you don't take it to far as to putting yourself on top of others because you think you're better
Mia H
Going vegan doesn't work for everyone, and working out is far more effective than dieting.
Viola V
U are fucking dumb,quit youtube
Bumble Bre
I use my thighs to catch food when it falls.
think my arm are too thin
Whoever reads this is a bitch xd
I hate my stomach I wish it was flat and I was skinny my mom makes fun of me cause in fat. she comes up with fat nicknames for me. she calls me Fat girl.Ugly fat pig. Fat ass bitch. she started calling she fat ass whore until my whole family calls me like tgat. and half of my family are starting to damn I want to die
Cosplay, Cons & The Socially Inept
If someone sent you an image of their face or body for you to give honest opinions on, but didn't want it shown in a video would that be ok? I understand then you might have a lot more to look through or not enough time but I wasn't sure sorry.
I love my body!
Ivy Ballou
My body is terrible
I have that Castiel shirt lolol
The only thing I hate is my fucking stomach. I work out constantly and eat healthy and shit but I still don't have a "flat stomach". Idk maybe it's just in my imagination bc people say I look fine;-;
Maddi Higgins
im really unhappy with how i look, i just feel as though my stomach is so overweight compared to other girls. Should i go vegan or vegetarian? i read somewhere that it ruins your immune system and affects you energy rate etc and stops sleeping, is that true?
4:33 is that marzia? With black hair
Raindrop 18
The wrinkle in the back I have too and I can't do shit about it . I'm not triggered just pouring that out. :)
im trying im trying to sleep
I love how blunt he is.
Blue Rose
Wtf is wrong in this world.... I've been watching almost every episode in a row and I have a huge aha moment inhere... To be honest I didn't think how dramatically this self destroying view of almost every female is nowadays... It's horrifying to me and also the ultimate wake up call of how I feel about myself... Thanks for uploading this
Ellesse Angelika
I wanna change my chin
Cause I have a triple or maybe a double chin
The Bragetta twin
scar cream dosent work... they have me it when I went to the hospital thingy. *it does not work*
Queen A
all what I want know is the name of this game πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I love my body, but it doesn't love me back. Lol. The only thing I would want to change is get rid of my constipation and IBS and have my digestive tract work correctly, but that's more of a practical thing to feel better and be healthier and have an easier time doing physical activity. I do want to get fit and hopefully work on my bloated belly (thanks IBS), but not in a "oh, I look terrible" kind of way, just cause I want to.
Amy Nesbitt
I'm all for you promoting a vegan lifestyle, but you need to understand there is such thing as an unhealthy vegan even though there is no such thing as a healthy non-vegan.
oh hey a video that ISNT censored yas
MJ Fan
2:16 looks A LOT like my cousin!
Onision, girls don't purposely "wrinkle" their back that's just a natural thing for some people.
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