Marisa Vogel
Ha ha..What a fat prick!
Hank Schrader
great video
Logano got exactly what he deserved for racing like a coward.
Laura Wiese
Joey LOGANO is such a pussy!! That was intentional what you did to Kyle Busch.
niko enciso
damn NASCAR turning into WWE 😂
The NeW KiD
My dude in the gray 18 shirt was out of there lmao. He didn't want any of it.
Just can't take a man seriously that is wearing a rainbow M&M's racing vest....
Your video got more views than the amount of people watching the las vegas xfinity race
314goon SOD
lol Kyle Busch is such a fucking clown
Jeff Kline
Nice work good luck in your new endeavor
Everybody make sure to support his Pateron so he can publish more great content like this
Cleaned Joey's clock real good. Several years overdue, too, lol.
Jack Dixon
lol how pathetic on kyles behalf. should know better, but at the end of the day they're still just stupid yanks
Kyle Vaughan
as a owner of the name kyle, the kyle in the video needs to change his name to kylie or kayla. suits him more.
Mark Martin
what did Joey have a rape whistle sounds like a rape whistle was going off
Sad song
Who was the coward from Logano's team that kicked Kyle while he was down, the official pushed him back on youtube video?
woot joey!
Stanley Staples
I agree,then he hides his face
kinda hard to look tough in an M&Ms jumper
NASCAR: technology from the 50s, behaviour from stoneage.

BTW that mechanic kicking someone laying on the ground should receive a lifelong ban from motorsports and maybe Kyle Busch, too.
Overpaid bitch boys, who never learned how to lose with grace.... or take/throw a punch from the looks of it.
I'd expect nothing less from Nascar.
Eric Grind
NASCAR is gay
The way that dude in the white shirt picked him up off the ground made him look like he weighed 10 pounds
0:13 I think Kyle's head hit the front of the car. I believe that is what caused the bleeding.
Oscar Karris
See how much moving around they were doing as the race marshal was holding him back? that's what it looks like when one man ACTUALLY, effectively holds someone back from attacking another person.
Jet Engine Thrust
Not a fight, he walked up to him & sucker punched him! Should have let them fight like in hockey when they throw down their gloves it's on & that's also the warning you're about to get punched put em' up bitch! SMH! Should have known! Putting this on YouTube & saying it's a fight makes you Jeff Gluck look like a shmuck!
why tf is this age restricted? no $$ for my mans feelsbadman
how is this not trending?
Kinoshita Yuuko
undeserving. i feel bad for the guy because the dude cheated.
Just let them fight...
I love watching a guy fight in an M n M's jumpsuit. 😂
Mike S
Kyle! Quit fucking around!

The official that pulled Kyle away from the fight is my spirit animal.
Sir woofish
Sean Brennan
The NASCAR official at 0:21 , was not having ANY of that bulls*t .....
Jeremy C
why did logano's bitch ass try to elbow the nascar official in the gut?
I really wish they would of let Logano go after him.
Yellow lives matter
Rhianna DeLerres
logano is a p u s s y.
Alex Trebek
let'em fight for god sakes at least we'll finally get some entertainment from this sport thats goin down the criiiiiizapper.
Jman 1975
It's hilarious how half these people base who's fault it was on who they like more, it doesn't matter what really happened, to them it could never be their favorite drivers fault lmao.
Bobby Billyson
racing isn't a sport
RaginRedneck DownSouth
you are blind idiots if you think Kyles punch didnt land on Joeys jaw. Then his pit crew cooned him like a pack of bitches. lol
That NASCAR official is bad ass, walked in there pushed his way through picked up the big fat M&M right off his feet.
Drew Smith
That's it mate, blow your whistle, that'll stop them lol
Joseph Weikart
why is this video age restricted and all the other ones are not. has a very similar video trending on YT and its not age restricted
Why is this not trending?
Andres Rodriguez
( turns to crowd ) ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED ?!
Kevin Schafer
Hard to look tough starting a fight while wearing an M & M jumpsuit.
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