THE ESCAPISTS IS BACK!! Who's excited?!
escape with your dantdm friend!
How do you get it?
Dantdms brother For real
Dan im a fan
Hazel Stewart
thinknoodles in the game
Dat Llama
Wow I use to watch dan at 500,000 I stopped watching at 3 million but now damn he grown subs so much 😂
bluebuu thorn
Btw Dan when they all fight it means riot when riot happens u have a chance to ascape
bluebuu thorn
Dan u have upgraded to the pro escaper
Lord Bilbo
just got the game today so excited to start nice vid dan and congrats on being one of the many youtubers added to the game
Caitlin Austin
I'm excited to play it
Nishad product
Dragon ball z was years ago now its dragon ball super
Soojin Bok -
Dan I have Minecraft story mode and Minecraft story mode 2!
Soojin Bok -
Your my fav dan
Soojin Bok -
I know you played jingle cells
Soojin Bok -
Sage Sylvester
they are from dragon ball
EPIC Gamer
It's out today!!!!!!!!!!!!!😇
Hi there Dan!
I have been a fan long before I even had a youtube channel!
I've been a long-time fan.. I remember that I watched your videos long before you reached 1,000,000 subs...
The diamond TNT /xander
my dogs name is charlie and dan BRING BACK READ YOUR COMMENTS PLZZ thumbs up if you want him to do it too
Jack Baitley
DanTDM me
Charlie Playz\vlogs
The dog charlie is my name
Can u get rid of ur security level
Jose Angel
Alya Bcat23
Lorraine Navarro
You go Thur the puperl doors
Oliver Cerda
I am your 1 fan and am in dab police
Oliver Cerda
I am exitied
Jugo Iloski
Dan the noobiest criminal rides a motrcycle 10000000 mph and in prison for very long he drains toilets trys to escape throo a toilet AND HE GETS CAUGHT mining a wall
Juan Rivera
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Dan should escape
Who thinks this too?
Juan Rivera
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Dan sh you escape
Who thinks this too?
Regine del Carmen
dantdm you said your gonna hide your identity by wearing a beard then you named your character dantdm.dantdm thats the opposite of hiding your identity
Orion Roussopoulos
"The escapist 2 is finally here"
I really hate you right now
Katie Mouland
His twin is the fake danTDM!
Jr The Annoying Cheeseburger
The Green Puppy Show
Omg Paul Soares Jr
Amy Marang
Hey Dan! I am 10, I Look up to you as my hero, And it would be amazing if you answer my questions you plz plz plzzzzz play Roblox with me??? My name is RyRyTheWinner plz can you friend my and play??
Brylee Nance
me dan oh I watched this again
bc I love this
Do YouTubers get the game early or something?
Tick.Tick. BOOM!
Destreder V.
when you see duct tape, you know what ta do
Phoenix Games
Dan the guy next to u is another youtube check out what he said on his video
Annie Combs
I know I said this last one I lets sry this is the last last last one is think noodles and thxya(is that right)
Annie Combs
such now..... This last one my favorite my last last one is HOBBY KIDS TV
Annie Combs
My favorite YouTube the last one is FGTEEV
RareDiamondDan Dominguez
Ive Been Subbed To Dan WHEN HE STARTED The Dimension Thing I Forgot its TOO LONG Since Ive Watch His Videos
Creeper Coder
What system is this on?
Igor Lukovic
dantdm lockdown is also escapists 1
Abigail Radley
I'm so happy that the escapists Is back 😃
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