I've always liked Candice.
Why Me
Lay off the drugs
sounds good
Greydon Iselmoe
Candice you're fucking awesome. The people that comment negatively are the 1% that feel so strongly and are so warped. You're a wonderful human being. Being someone's motivation is often seen as a burden or unhealthy, it can be great... and don't forget that.
UltraWide Gaming
If you both have issues, lets be real for a moment and say this, it takes two to tango, but one of you will be seen worse than the other by the public and that will probably end up being Candice, because everyone "LOVES" Casey, the main host. I think it might not work out so well if your so effected by comments of others, trolls ect might make this painful.
MotoBandit ZA
Call it C&C Live
Camaren Joy
I'm interested! I think you're wife is funny btw not bitchy
alborz payvandi
it's an amazing idea , pls pls go for that, no matter where we are , all are facing some marital issues , and you could share the feelings and practice the remedies, it diffidently works. thnx
Weird that videos about your marriage are the most viewed.
Mohammed Zubair
Hannah Boutilier
I like Candice. She's the real deal.
Quinn Battick
Just. Cool
I love Candice. & I wouldn't move to Ca. So homogenized & cliche here
alejandra palacios
Love Candice!!
Awesome Idea!!!
Oh man, I think I’ve got a good idea of who Candice is and I think people are going to be surprised at how kind she is. Could be wrong but that’s how she comes off to me.
Amy Lowery
Glad to see you both using resources to build and strengthen your marriage...would love to see the Podcast.
Podcast is a great idea!
I learn a lot from couples and their experiences on relationships - I think other people will too :)
Close to the Earth On-Demand Tech Repair
I ♥️ Candice she’s so interesting and creative. Sometimes it doesn’t seem like she wants to be recorded *maybe that is something to consider? She’s amazing and her site is super cool. I would subscribe to the podcast.
I'll just say it. This drawing sharpie on white surfaces kind of sucks.
Ariana G
i think I'm in love with shantell
Kayla's House
I love the idea of a “therapy” podcast!
Kevin Marshall
Bruh, you wanna feature a real creator? Feature an engineer, not some artist that is into this new post modernist bullshit.
Mike McNamara
Good idea, I'll watch that shit
Renee Medina
Dooo it!! And f*+k whoever says Candace is a dud and a B! I love Candace!
Jules Sunshine
Idk why everyone is buggin I think her art is cool.
If you have to see a marriage counselor, your marriage is already over. Who needs someone else to tell them how to love and be happy with their spouse? 😂😂
How in the world can you call this art?? I made crap like this on windows 98 paint. Just because she’s a cool person doesn’t mean she is talented...stop encouraging talentless people. This is why our country is going into the crapper.
Podcast: Yes. Definitely worth a shot. And given all that you've been through, even before you were married, it has the potential to help a lot of people.
Andrew Tang
Are you good at therapy?
Terrible idea
Cim Fan
Mark Ashford
A good idea... Post a link
Bruce Hammond
Terrible idea.
I’m interested, BUT I don’t know if it’s a good idea. Not a terrible idea though, just a little iffy.
Talon Kishi

Realize all those people (including me), don't know you and thus don't really matter!

seems like she doesn't really like the camera. Just seems like it.
zak Ere
Awesome idea
The Lone Jedi
Do it Casey!!!!
Alisa Ongbhaibulya
Yes to all of it - podcast, the video, and Shantell is amazing!
Come to California. We have weed!
Hunter Scott
so success is destroying you? no happy couple needs therapy
I think Candice is an awesome person. She doesn't give two fucks about what anyone thinks.
Nathan A.
excited for more from Shantell. and stickers. my pen and book is a canvas, and so is my mac lid. haha
Drone -AZ.
Hu.... she ran away to Japan? How many kids can afford to run away to Japan?
Drone -AZ.
yes move to California !!!!!!!!
Nathan A.
Please do a podcast, I love podcasts and having one of my favorite YouTubers and his wife on a mic for 30 minutes to an hour would be the coolest thing! Woah please do it, be the best Therapy podcasters ever
Robin Sherwood
This was quite a moving film. I enjoyed the video and the film very much.
Munkhtsatsral Clark
I think its fantastic idea!!
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