Satin Bina
I know a hack.. if your legs feel exhausted or hurt and you go to bed and squize your legs for a few minutes then they will feel better
Prince Pradhan
Same things on different videos. Why
Nora Kapur
I have to wake up at 7:00 :d I get like no sleep because even though I take melitonin I cannot fall asleep eaisly none of these things probably will not work. I have a huge night light (so bright it is like a lamp XP) And it helps me a little.
Unicorn38118 Love
What about people aged 11-15
Galaxy Star
Watches video about sleep at 10:00 pm
Galaxy Star
What about 11-15 year olds!? What time do we wake up!?
Sabeer V
How sleep differs from death?

Sleep is a minor death. During sleep only soul is departing from the body and life is not departing as explained in the verses 6: 60 and 39: 42, while in death the Rooh containing soul + life is departing. One has the soul only when the remembrance of Lord is maintained with Adhikr. Those who don’t testify Adhikr and don’t propagate It to others after receiving are in the state of sleeping. That is they have only life without soul. This is the reason for saying that the hypocrites who knowingly hide Adhikr are killed as told in the verses 2:99; 63: 4 and 80: 17.
Rav Singh
Sleepless in...

Laoise McGuinnes
.....................even though I sleep with a teddy
Syed Miah
20 minutes rest is good got you scientists found out now our prophet Muhammad peace be upon him told us 1400 years ago
what a noob
Im 12.... what do i do??? 😂
Avery Thompkins
turn away from your sins and believe in The Lord Jesus Christ of nazareth also be baptized in THE NAME of THE FATHER The Son and The Holy Spirit and love them as well
Mohammed Mouhib
Listen to quran you will feel better
Jenna Pittman
My shool starts at 8;30
Three name Changes are allowed in a 90 day period
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I came for the thumbnail
And so did you

Gene Zhao
sunil s
AutoBot 6287
I’m 8 and I have to go to school at 8:30so imma be late XD
L1aM 2204
I'm 11. I wake up at 6:00 in the morning
What if you have to get up at 5:30 everyday for school? I can’t really quit school...
Jazz Lover
What about 11 12 13 14 15 year olds?!?
Kaye Graie
And then there's school so I have to wake up 5 am -_-
Hanniel Naibaho
But my school starts at 7:25 am and I live faraway so I wake up at 5:00 am..
School : wake up at 7:00 when this said wake up late...
مُحمّد شُجاع الدين
Bhargav Deka
thanq for sharing.i have sleep problems. hope the video is helpful for me.trying 4m tudy.goodnight
Lulu Charlene
Wanna sleep or calm down? Watch ASMR
Ms. Baby
7:51 what I was doing....

Does that count... (._.) I was doin this at night
Me school start at 8.20 i wake 7.47 summon help me i cant wake and night i cant sleep
Omg im 10 years old and i watch this video on 22.42 i was play a game on saterday i was playing a hours it was 1.31
Jose Castillo
Well i guess all the generation's now and after will always have health problems thanks school.
This video is making me sleepy 😴😴

(Not that it's not a good video)
Mighty Wants-to-Draw
Kinda hard to get up at the same time every day when you have to wake up for school at 8 one day and 5 the other :/
Renata V
How do you wake up at 8:30 when school starts at 8:00
Teenage Dirtbag
I HAVE TO GO TO SCHOOL AT 7:50! I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE WAKING UP AT 8:30! (I usually wake up near 8:27, we have a recorder)
Annah Zollner
In lactose intolerant...fudge this
M vlogs
Woah ! Sleeping on our sides is what prophet Mohamed told us and what Islam told us and also told us not to sleep on our stomach ...sobhan Allah !
Palestine Free
3:25 what Will happen if your wife saw you having #%+@ with pillow
Courtney diep
But what about school I wake up at 6:51 to go to school if I woke up at 8:30 I would be veryyyy late
Savannah Rose
What if I just dont like waking up
kunal mehta
5 minutes craft
u r awesome
other channels need to learn from u about how to deliver main content in crisp manner.
too good
Dane Gonzalez
I did not took my insomnia seriously before because it only happens once in a while. But about Five years ago, my trouble became even worse. I was having ZERO to 3 hours of sleep most nights. I used this plan of action “fawam unique plan” (Google it). I experienced the good result on the day I began using it. Within a week I had been sleeping 4-7 hours every night. It kept getting better.
Alexa Alanis
what is insomnia?
Ages 11-15 aren't suppose to sleep then

So I'm guessing I can't sleep now
Erika Weight
What about 13 year olds? There is a huge gap in those times.
Devender Singh
Very good tricks I inspired
England ish Ma shitty
I'm younger than ten and for me it said to wake up no earlier than 8:30,i have school at 8:00
I watched this before I slept and helped me alot
Razije Rustemi
It helps very much THANK YOU!!😍
Ma. Encarnacion Dela
Im 10 and i need to go to school in 6:00 •_•
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