Space Invader
3:25 sully beckham it
Shawn Hugo
dose this short happen after the Waternews Fiasco?
disney Nickelodeon Nintendo toys
what was the name of the funky music in the car?
1:58 mike swears
Adventures of Robert
The chime in the car kind of sounds like a Volkswagen chime.
2:30 wasn't that music used in spongebob?
CalWeathersFAN Team Dinoco 42
Fernando Person
Hey if you give me a like something gray will happen in 3 minuets
Graham is a Monkey
Is it just me or does mike swear at 2:00
Chris The Phoenix
'Get out! Out, OUT, OUT! GET OUT OF MY CAR!' My favorite part. XD
Man I was 5 when I first watched this man good old days
Miguelito Muñoz
What is the name music in min 2:30?
jeniffer sorongon
good catch
Itz Ur Boi
Will Thomas Boren
"PUSH THE BUTTON" there are literally 1000 buttons
Arooj's creativities and fun
At 1:59 Mike (the green one eyed person) said the f word! I can't believe Disney would allow any of the characters to swear! You know children in schools watch this. Today I was watching this in school and my teacher suddenly heard Mike say the f word. Would someone just report Disney Pixar for this type of inappropriate behaviour to children who are watching this.
ball coach
Mike's New Car
Bunga's New Car
Геннадий Николаев
дичь полная
Kathleen Moralez
Monsters inc
Thad Todd
This has SpongeBob music!
U Must Agree to Google+ Terms Tho U Don't Want It
A rare Pixar fail.
those people sold him a lemon lmfai
DevonPlays: The First Channel
2:30 or 2:31
Kristina Kittensworth
At 1:23 Me when I try to pull my blanket out from being stuck under the heavy object on my bed before I fell off the bed and shout "Whoa!" XD
Miguel Ángel González Vargas
great moment of Mike. 😊
0:34 my thought of seeing this car
Optom Bomber
Nightslasher and Tara: maybe you should've gone through the vehicle/driver instruction manual first before you go pressing multiple buttons and whatnots
Leung Jason
How come could a car be THAT COMPLICATED?????
This is the first Pixar short with dialogue
Viktor Bilić
that music ahhhhh
i saw this in school
The Dreaded Fist
Don't touch anything
Jaden Mendez
Sulley's reaction when mike yells "PUSH THE BUTTON !" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Stephen West
My faveote part is Sully movie his seat at all sides
Izi Wilson
Over 10 years since I've first seen this short and it always makes me laugh!
ball coach
I love that funny short film so much.
SpongeBob Fanatic
when you watch this short, you might think of it as one of those Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck cartoons from Looney Tunes. in this case, Sulley is Bugs and Mike is Daffy because Mike got all the torment as Daffy did in Looney Tunes. am I right?
Luke Spillman
i miss my old car
Special Operations Broadcasting
That rice wing and widebody tho...
Baleigh Cravens
1:59 All I hear is "push the butt!".
Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen
Fun fact: This was originally made for the movie and would've fit in the scene right before they walk to work. They cut it out because it was too long and would've ruined the pacing. However, since they were already halfway through the animation process, they decided to make it into its own short instead.
Harman Singh
I zaaqqqqq, ww, but the most important things. The list is not the only way I eedszszz your business loom mm. ,This .m cccc uQatar,
Ben Daly McKenna
This is so much times better than Frozen Fever.
MendesArmy Vampette
Lincoln Loud
the music in this short sounds like the music i heard in SpongeBobSquarePants
Lincoln Loud
1:59 Mike did not say What The Fuck he said push the button
Lincoln Loud
My favorite all time PIXAR Film is Cars because LightningMc Queen and Mater are both my favorite Cars characters so far plus I can't wait to see Cars 3 June 16, 2017
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