Pixar Short Films Collection Mike's New Car

Luke Spillman
i miss my old car
Asher Kuhn
Special Operations Broadcasting
That rice wing and widebody tho...
Baleigh Cravens
1:59 All I hear is "push the butt!".
Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen
Fun fact: This was originally made for the movie and would've fit in the scene right before they walk to work. They cut it out because it was too long and would've ruined the pacing. However, since they were already halfway through the animation process, they decided to make it into its own short instead.
Harman Singh
I zaaqqqqq, ww, but the most important things. The list is not the only way I eedszszz your business loom mm. ,This .m cccc uQatar,
Ben Daly McKenna
This is so much times better than Frozen Fever.
Flo Westcott
the music in this short sounds like the music i heard in SpongeBobSquarePants
1:59 Mike did not say What The Fuck he said push the button
My favorite all time PIXAR Film is Cars because LightningMc Queen and Mater are both my favorite Cars characters so far plus I can't wait to see Cars 3 June 16, 2017
1:15-1:20 Mercedes Benz chime.
Cody Lujan
+mrmrmangohead PLEASE make this a meme
doll mayhem
my teacher played this video today its hilarious😁😁😂😄😄
Scully The Gamer
That's the most riced car I've ever seen
Loafous Thic
Can someone make a meme of mikes face at 1:49
Jason Jay
There should be a hot wheels version of this
Aventador Lover
I lost it when sully broke the mirror
Joseph Rivera
This was made 2002 and this is still funny!!!😂😂😂
Brissa DLR
Push the button!
Don't touch anything. I'll do it.
Kingkhi 1228
Don't touch anything!!!
Lucky WasHere
2:10 when your GF tell you some bullcrap lies but you know what actually happend
[No Username]
At 1:60 I always thought he said 'What the Fuck?!".
Mike has all the symptoms of hyperactive-impulsive ADHD lol
GloomGuy Zii
Sully: (plays with seat controls)
AULIS [Aulis On Tagasi] A.O.T
1:06 POING.
Brian Ho
Mike's New Car is made in India
How someone from the early 1900s would react to a car today...
The Disney Company
The sounds the car made was from volkswagen
Callan Fox
Kara Taylor
Love Mike and Sully and love Monsters Inc.! This video is adorable and so fun to use in the classroom!
RahimGaming 2016
Lol hahaha
Stephen Brown
l love it
muy chispa
Gold Fred7131
Rip, Mike Wououououououououoouuouzoski,19/21/20 What A Faggot
Jet Met
Three words for you:
6 wheel drive
Sonic Shadow 870
I'm surprised PUSH THE BUTTON!!! hasn't become a meme
gaming with funtime foxy
DompYT Crazy
AV3 \
how did Mike not die
Sparkle Attack!
That was so many years ago! 🤘🔥😔😫
Timothy Torres
3:14 Five of the wheels come in Where's the sixth wheel? Sixth wheel comes in Oh. There it is.
Timothy Torres
How did Mike stop the car?
Gold Fred7131
1:35 It Looks Like The Circus Control From Sister Location
mohsen almulhim
what the fuck
Amy Guzman
Colin Milch
At 2:10 Mike was probably thinking "I am going to go back inside my car burnt and injured while I still have my dignity" 😂😂
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