5 Ways To Sneak Candy And Snacks Into Class When You're Hungry- Back To School Hacks For Kids

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*These are fun hacks you can try out at school for when you forgot to eat breakfast or lunch and get hungry in class.

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tamika Walters
We have 2 be careful teachers might be watching this video right now so you'll get ahead of us since we already watched the video they were watching this right now we already watched it right so they might watch it right now watch all the parts of it so we have to be really really really really sly
Tragiic Marsyn
I got “caught” eating takis in class and I looked up and saw my teacher walking towards me and she said “Can I have some?” And I said sure and gave her like 4 small ones 😂
Elias Sankari vlogs
I'm suprised this guy is not fat
Zoomi Zoom
I keep a bag of candy in my coat pocket so when I get hungry I sneak on hand in there open the bag and take some candy close the bag and quietly eat it
Leah Dehahn
Im going to do the slim gim in the jumbo pen
5:54. Ha it's real y yummy 😋😋😋 :-D :-D :-D :-D
AJ Perna
Love u nextraker
Princess Tanaya
Because they are low
Princess Tanaya
I can't do it because there are snitches at my table so when I put it under the table the person in the bean bag is going to tell
Spiritless DEMON
This wouldn't help at 1st I was at front of class I got moved and now food in class
Lucy Brito
That's the best idea every
I hope teachers aren't watching this 😂
nimo owjama
luz andujar
You mean people go kill yourself....jk just stop
luz andujar
Just it's about food dosing mean your fat 😐😐😐
I wouldn't bring hot checks because when I ate one I would make a face cuz to hot
Debbie Gleeson
I will do that
Pinkroblox101 Lol
I’m in six grade now and I always skip first lunch and breakfast to
tran nguyen
I’m allowed to bring snack to my class anyway
Riley Mikita
tanuka lodh
need soda
Yovani Rangel
sure like you would ever really care you just wanted to get in trouble
prettyboyking 0
This stuff actually works
gameer0956 ?
use a red bote for soda
Jessica Rodriguez
My teacher lets me eat in class
Kelley Kathke
I am
Kelley Kathke
I am
Gabriel Mamuad
could you not just put the koolaid in the water bottle and drink it???
Jemmathelover Productions
My teacher lets me eat in class..
Thegamingking Alex
He said yo gurt is yummy so true in my opinon
Ayaan Tunio
If you do the bottle one make sure you don’t drop it
Zion Grier
I love Skittles
These suck if someone grasses on you 😂😂
Mark Ornelas
You should
Jose Guerra
Jose Guerra
4:40 suck on this
Savage Kids
My teacher just lets us eat in class. Wait why would i be here anyways?
Ava Ceruti
Queen P
Can you make it for me please I am only 6 years old
Shannon Forehand
ɨs ռɛx saʏɨռɢ ʝaċҡ ɨt օաա օʀ ċɦɛċҡ ɨt out
keyanna locke
I get a big bag of Takis put it in the side of the inside of my desk and eat and if my teacher is behind me I will move my body so she will not look and she said u are good at brusing my tounge pop
Jemma Williams
American sweets look so cool...
Peita DIY
It was my nana birthday yesterday and she passed away can I at least get 5 likes 😞😞i luv this channel
Dark Moon
For the first hack,
It’s fucking retarded, just sigh empty the fucking pouch into the opaque bottle.
Rodney Herrera
I did the first one and got away
Dominic Cerrati
Thx man you really help no joke
Elijah Townsend
I feels good because of you
Bryan Findlay
i hate ur voice its so annoying
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