Great Horse Games (Trick Training & Fun)

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Great Horse Games (Trick Training & Fun)

More fun Games for horses! Here we do games just with some old tyres. Jay shows how to jump over a tyre, back up through tyres, gets lunged from me standing in a tyre, kicks a tyre...etc.All these exercises are a great basis for horse trick training. I also found that they help to increase the communication with the horse and therefore deepen the bond between a rider and a horse. Of course, they are a lot of fun for horse and rider. I always use positive reinforcement methods for training and when we play games I make sure that the horse enjoys it as much as I do. Jay loves his training and trick training and he always gets very excited when it is training time. Most important for all work with horses: stay calm, patient, friendly, firm and positive! And make sure you are safe at all times.

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