Try Not to Laugh - Top 10 Worst X Factor Auditions (Cringey)

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How can this be?
They are very unconscious or very courageous.
daimond lamour
number 4 wasnt that bad
wolfy the youtube wolf
i'm strangely addicted to these videos....
daimond lamour
the champaigne sounded good just like r kelly
Stephanie Ellison
At 11 minutes... This is fake, right?? AGT put this on to entertain us, right? You mean there's a whole family who doesn't know she doesn't sing well? Owww! I'm deaf with a broken hearing aid at the moment, and I can tell anyway! OWWWW!
Cristiano Ronaldo
oh god πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Twiisted Darkyy
Onca was the best one tbh.
Nature Girl
What the hell was going on with Dylan????..Absolutely crazy!
Leen Sue
I could listen to Champagne all day. I love his voice, it’s gorgeous.
Leen Sue
I showed my mum the guy who sang Earth Song and she said β€œyeah, it isn’t weird Michael died” πŸ˜‚
You know you're bad when a woman who's married to a man who made a career out of not being a very good singer starts laughing.
Nina Labombe comme je suis
First one mdrrrrrr kill all
Cory Stevens
Did you guys see the rampage movie trailer everyone who had a Nintendo 64 should best game
britney ferguson
#1 I hope someone fucked him up there was kids n the audience
Lucas Young
Is the last guy now in a mental asylum? He should...
6.20 omg xd
papa koala
She acts like she never seen a dick before
i Trashe
I thought his name was Sham-Pag-Ney
Roksana Rahimi
It is weird of judges that after first minutes of Geo Gadley didn't stop him! special Simon!
Abby x
The first lad tho
Edwin Santose
the guy at 21:42 looks like the p-noy of the philippines minus the hair. exactly like him the way he walk, talk, act, think, move etc. and champagne was good.
Awesome Ness
#4 has a good voice (vocal), its just his partner ruined itπŸ˜‚ 16:50
Margareth Banana
Champagne is really good tho ;-;
stephan de waal
i want to see roblox its my best game! P O G C H A M P
Mizz'strawery Smile
Pink plastic microphone
Zaul Dragon
Hala Luuya ya yy a aa a aa hala Luuyaa see eeee
Ely N
This is actually a really interesting study of psychology in that people who are, to put it nicely, not good at singing or keeping a proper key, think they are fantastic and actually proceed to go on TV to try their talent on the stage...when in reality they are one of the worst on the show and even make people laugh and uncomfortable.

Everyone has a gift in life, I'm not saying they don't, but I almost feel bad that psychology comes to embarrass these people.
Fuck you simon, Champagne was good
Either these family members are totally tone deaf, or they are just blinded by too much admiration.
The first guy was the complete package.....a package of shit!
Jakeem Hunt
Champaghne was good wat was simon thinking he so judgemental about the way people look and the other judges
Ant: We know we're good enough
Simon: O.O
Champagne was really good, they were honestly being very rude!
Leene H
7:25 "It's right there."
"It doesn't matter about the sponge."
"It's right here."
"It doesn't matter about the stupid sponge, Paula."
"... The sponge."
"I don't care about the sponge."
"The sponge."

That was hilarious. XD
any idea why girl at 11:00 didnt win O_o
in the last one i'm like yeah randy! goooooo youre amazing!
in the last one the girls are like throwing up- me too! X(factor)D!
on the second one randy was like - what. the. heck. And the singer was like BEEPBEPPBEEEEEEEPBEEP!!!!!
louie and sharon are like the laughing people
Noe Garcia
Geo good God what on bloody he'll was that all about jajajajajajajajajaja
Lily Walker
onka was weired and that move back ''sorry i thought that that that was a soled wall''
Mr. Mills
the faces at 2:17.5
love steven
the 3rd judge is funny
27:18 LOOK AWAY CHILDREN! (im 9 years old why am i still on this freeze frame?)
Acap Rosi
lol for
dillon hahahaha:0
Acap Rosi
fucking dillon hahahahaha lol cringe:0
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