Kellyanne Conway destroyed by the Today Show - March 13, 2017.

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Kellyanne Conway is grilled on the Today Show by Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie

It is frustrating to listen to her evade direct questions repeatedly.
kevan neff
geez...this is old, but it still stinks to high hell. What a twit.
That professional liar is frightening. They weren't even talking about health care! She is good at deflection.
Mandingo's Movie Mayhem
Do these crooked motherfuckers ever answer the damn question?
Bradley Schroeder
She's incredible. Incredibly fucking demonic.
Shawn Moody
It gets hard to keep Lie's up you should be good after 500 years
You'd get more information out of a four year old covering their ears and saying: "I'm not listening, LALALALALALA!"
jussayin mipeece
botax is a wonderful thing.
The media is bias. Get real people. You remember election night with all the polls, all the fake. Trump with 5% possibility to win the election. And you people still believe the media. They want riots, Muslims any rich contributor money from Soros or oil rich Shari Law countries and you still bite!!! They are bought.
Glenn Horvath
deflect...classic. No respectable answer about the tapping...Healthcare then goes no where, jobs...god she is slippery.
Jim F.
this channel sucks! thumbs down.
Yajaira Ramos
this its what are country choose the sad part its how the people forget all those life the we lost in war defending are democracy, are freedom, are Rights to live free, n let's don't forget martin Luther king Jr, Malcolm X, n the list its long , so are they died for nothing ,, this its the most embarrassed n disgraceful inside the w.h. well thanks for those who choose i hope they happy now helping n choosing Putin because that what u people did
this fucking ugly bitch just cant stop ducking-&-diving. It is so fucking painful to watch this horse face lying without blinking an eye. She is insane white trash!
Roberto Del Castillo
Oh my god this woman defending the stupidity of her president is just pathetic, one day she's gonna have a heart attack in one of these interviews, is it me or she already looks a bit crazy?
Vince J
It looks like her hair is getting more gray and she's aging fast, job must be stressful. I like how they get upset when she avoids the question yet at the end they say "Kellyanne Conway thank you for being here" I mean I know they have to so they can be professional but comeon that sounds so fake especially after they were telling her to answer the question. Viewers aren't stupid
Bah humbug!
Doug Purcell
because if he does he will be hung by your paid off bosses and let them know whats coming you freaking twinkles. my god do you really think America is still listening to you Paid off idiots matt go change your panties.. maybe you could get one of those bush family members working at your station to do it for it you
How do you put up with that , and she gets paid ????? The world is shaking its head
Cody King
Wanna teabag ya sweets. Bang the balls bounce the boyz dangle the dingle drop the fuzzsack smooch it bitch.
Christina Annabel
Ms. Conway, President Trump did, indeed, make a very serious, "incendiary" accusation about former President Barack Obama, accusing him of wiretapping and calling him "sick". Appalling, unprofessional, dishonest conduct from any politician and completely unacceptable for a U.S. President. Millions of United States citizens want the Trump administration's past and present associations with Russia to be investigated by an independent panel. We also want to ensure that the Trump family and administration are not using the executive branch to gain financial benefit for their private business entities. In short, we want to protect our democracy, as would any true patriot.

Furthermore, I am insured by the Affordable Care Act, and I pleased with my coverage, my premiums and deductibles. Without the ACA, I would be unable to afford health insurance, and I would forego medical care unless absolutely necessary, as I had done for decades prior to the efforts of Obama and the democrats during his administration. I have researched Trump's proposed plan, and it is unacceptable and inferior to the ACA.
Jeff Pagan
God what a lying cunt
Brandon k
where the hell did this adminstration find this lady? seriously? wtf?
Alexandre Botelho
So much deflecting. I don't think she answer a single question lol
Why do they still invite her?
Cindy Schreiber
Wow. Its hard to watch her LIE with a smile and diss Americans. What has become popular is who can lie the most and get away with IT. Elect a compulsive liar and expect truth......HOW??????
cp ny
Kellyanne Conway is amazing. So many crybaby haters out there. Grow up.
My Account
Kelly Anne Rocked this Interview. People still upset they lost.
What a liar! Liar liar pants on fire! WTF
Man alive she is an unbelievable liar. It's amazing how completely soulless she is. Change the subject Conway.....Lie, deflect and lie again.
Rodrigo Patino
Shady slippery little lizard
k 4329
She is fuc** liar.
T H Chen
I can't stand Kellyanne's lies and fake news. I do not trust her comments and her nasty comments about Hillary before. She is a very divided person and Trump shouldn't have hired her.
It's not that my crotch is smelly, it's your smelly upper lip.
Willie Murray
Everyone has "Access" ...but can they pay though.
Lee Walter
The reporters look great here....However, the today show would never interview Hillary Clinton with this much energy. With hard hitting investigating questions.
Hillary was given a pass on most of her interviews.
I am not watching anymore of this Blonde imbecile's interviews. I have a headache. I hate the woman. My heart blood pressure is even high after watching this. The Republicans are delusional!
And these clueless right-wing morons are allowed to breed?
r. toman
It's all a game. The two media people know they were just nit-picking her. Slow news day, let's see what trash we (the media) can throw up on TV.Both media people thanked her for coming by to help their ratings and keep their overpaid jobs.When all is said and done, the media and all others know that Trump was made for this job. Amen.
Ivette Urbino
Answer the question!
Howard McCauley
just shows how fucked up our government is.the mentally ill are advisors to this nit wit president.this bitch can talk for days and say nothing.this is who runs this country.wr are the laughing stock of the whole fucking world because of idiots like her.
Gary Newbold
I never thought in my entire lifetime that I'd ever see the day when any government, except maybe Uganda or North Korea, would come up with so much BS than what comes out of the Trump camp. Just because many of these people are nitwits doesn't mean they also have to be liars.
David doe
Why doesn't Trump fire she or is there something else we don't know.
Rachel Weiss
"Fakery"? Yikes, Kellyann is kinda good at making up words, a phrases and facts; or at least prolific.
Darryl Sargent
Kellyanne Conway is a pathological liar and seems to enjoy making up bullshit for her "Daddy" because she has an audience of one. She is obviously speaking to Trump through different proxies because the rest of America is not that stupid. The exception being the many ignorant, hillbilly, inbred, racist Trump supporters.
Jeannie Alviz
This woman is white trash.
Oscar Mariano
Sandi K
The mutants in this administration wouldn't recognize the truth if it was exhumed out of their flaming, morbid assholes.

What happened? How did we become THIS? How did we go from at least semi-reasonable human beings to pathological creatures struggling with insanity? Who elected these tools and most importantly, how the hell are we going to survive this dangerous administration?
Man...she just doesn't really answer...anything...
Renate Cox
So sad she had no answers. Try to defect.
Jose Torres Franco
I wonder how she practices on deflecting and spewing lies with fashion. It honestly blow my mind and I cant get a handle on it. It is bizarre!
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