Kellyanne Conway destroyed by the Today Show - March 13, 2017.

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Kellyanne Conway is grilled on the Today Show by Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie

Dennis Anthony Wilson
This woman is a complete idiot!!!
Valerie Smith
She stabs them about conflating the birther issue with the topic of discussion but turns right around and brings in an unrelated topic into discussion. It's amazing how their brain works.
Valerie Smith
She stabs them about conflating the birther issue with the topic of discussion but turns right around and brings in an unrelated topic into discussion. It's amazing how their brain works.
Scott Hullinger
Sad to see even women like Guthrie at NBC also become a despicable media proponent, just like her colleagues at NBC.
Trump won the presidency, so get used to it and support him. Why be an obstacle? After all, he beat Queen Hilary.
Spinning is a great word for what her rambling does to my head
Kelly Carver
Come on people, we all KNOW that Obama was illegally surveilling Trump. OF COURSE HE WAS! When was there ANY law that Obama ever respected that we have? NOT ONE!! For crying out loud, his birth certificate was PROVEN FAKE. I could write a list a mile long of the treason Obama has done! And the rest of you can, too, if you are even SLIGHTLY HONEST!!!!!! How about you research UN Agenda 21, and how nearly every damn thing Obama did while in office was PUSHING THAT TREASON!!!! And it's treason beyond the highest level! Look it up!!! Any scumbag reporter who continues the treasonous support of this evil agenda should be held RESPONSIBLE for their LYING, and treasonous acts!
Chris Weekes
Listen Kellyanne -- 285K new jobs do not change the U.S. unemployment rate from 7.7% to 4.6%. Shit, take a statistics class
It's honestly not worth listening to a single word out of this deplorable woman's mouth. Every single question she's asked is deflected, twisted and distorted beyond all recognition and you just end up more confused than when you started. Zero information at all is better than interviewing Kellyanne Conway
this is stupid, Kelly is a smart lady, and if you listen carefully she's actually very lever at avoidance and redirection. Kelly is never ever going to say anything bad about Trump, she lives and breaths everything there is about Trump. therefore what is the point to ever try and get her to say the truth it will never happen. She could cheat and smile blatantly and deny it all and get a away with it.
Clanton Blaylock
I feel sorry for her. She's pathetic and her boss is the most pathetic of them all.
Ollisha Golden
she never answer the questions they ask her.
how the hell does this thing sleep at night ??
Obama is guilty, sorry folks.
nancy higgs
Kellyanne looks like she is wearing reindeer bells around her neck. Did Ivanka design that?? ;-)
Shawn Mcgnnity
Hate the today show
Alex Chen
I bet she didn't have any issue writing 3000 word essays in schools.
Jeremy Loveless
All you democratic liberatards are running scared cuz u might have to get a job.. Move out of Ur parents basement.. Stop leaching off hardworking Americans. Awww cry me a river.. Now you wont be able to cut Ur dick off and live as a woman and use the same bathroom as little girls.. Awww and Ur Muslim raghead friends won't be able to cross the border and blow a school up under trumps guidance. And trumps the crazy one right?? Sad pathetic psychotic democratics..
Bobby Garcia
Why can't they ever just answer a question without beatin around the bush. Trashy ignorant stupid administration.
Jaymee Grimm
What if you do not make enough for any tax credit would help your situation. These politicians should cut their own benefits and salaries first. Let them walk in the peoples shoes who have pre existing conditions and try to only survive on assistance programs, through no fault of their own being able not to work do to health issues.
melanie jarvis
fuck you Kellanne you liar
Kellyanne really is a waste of air. What job does she actually have aside from deflection and lying?
Bey Calderon
omg why do they even waste their time with this lady?????????????????????????
shelley isom
she must not be sleeping ...
Mike Browne
KellyAnne is criminally oblivious.
ron schild
somebody slap this bitch.
Backyard Brook
#fakenewstoday lol 😂😂😂
Tonya Colbert
The real question is, Where did you get that cute necklace Kellyanne?
Steve Alred
The Fake President and his minions have zero credibility.
Doris DeGenova
why do these 2 idiots (Matt and Savannah) continue interviewing Kellyanne...she is a known liar, she covers for the most demented president we've ever seen..she is banned from Fox and other TV shows ... Ban her from NBC please - once and for all...Calling Trump Lying his way into our WH (30% unemployment) "a lighthearted moment"
Mike Miller
wow...Kelly can spin out of a TORNADO
Belgian Sebastian
The premiums went up a lot more before obamacare than during you idiotic lying bitch.
Jacob Papageorge
Distraction is what the Trump administration is specializing in. Smell like treason
Peter Beedle
I stopped watching at 2:58 because If I go over 3 minutes listen to that "thing" I go bat shit crazy.
Deflect much?
R. O'Donnell
I blame this network for allowing her a platform to spew such utter nonsense, lies and propaganda.
Justin Libby-Perry
To whomever has the job of slapping a title on these videos, for the love of Humanity, please stop baiting people in by alluding that someone finally putting that ignorant bag of uselessness in her place. Kellyann Con-artist didn't get destroyed here. She was allowed to wallow in her stupidity until the hosts got fed up and laughed her out of the segment. Same video as every other claiming she was finally owned. At least the WH finally had the good sense to take away her TV priveledges. 'Course now what purpose she'll serve is way over my head!
Carlos De Leon
she defined the word subhuman eloquently!
Veer Shah
Although i agree with most of the comments here - addressing kellyanne's deflection - she is doing a great job for trump. I mean - the job is to not only defend trump's stupidity & hypocrisy, but promote it. It is like entering a debate titled 'is global warming a concern' and given the side 'no' to play on.
Ifrah Ashiblie
All hail the Pivot Queen . Sheesh!
KellyAnn Conway is incompetent! She is ridiculous!
Kelly Anne is a joke!
Ahmad Rashid
Aida not Ahmad: Those who interview Kellyanne should know from the getgo that she's NOT going to SAY anything that makes Trump appear as a LIAR ! Think of what her job is. She has to constantly be called upon to interpret the actions and ravings of a man that is proving-daily-to be a real mental case, and who is now in charge of this country..and who is a real LIAR ! She's chosen to do this for a living...but I don't envy her job ! She ends up stating ridiculous things to justify what Trump does/says...but she does hangs in there and handles herself very calmly in these interviews.
hanzel nuñez cavazos
like in SNL.... the same... less funy but almost the same
Matt H.
My IQ dropped watching this.....
SImonetta Logan
This style of response is so wearing. But understandable. She can't defend the undefendable. Or make sense out of nonsense. But full marks for trying Kelly!
Ross Barkley
Not only pulls stuff out of her a**, she's harder to catch than a greased pig.
Seven minutes too many of Greasy Kelly.
Kellyanne Conway like her boss, the POTUS will go down in history as a LIAR who has NO INTEGRITY and ZERO CREDIBILITY. What a legacy to have and leave her children with.
Jeboroch B
Lets stop pretending: Off course Trump was wiretapped, just like Obama, Bush, Clinton and whoever got/gets into politics. That is not a Presidents call, the system for has been in place and it has been going on for ages, because "we" need leverage on them. All foreign world leaders and their embassies are wiretapped, simply because "we" need leverage. This is not new, what is new is that Trump has tried to use this info to smear a former president in order to look good and that is a big nono, in his own words bad, very bad, very very bad. So at the moment my guess is some serious thinking hats are trying to figure out how we can straighten this out and make it go away, so the most logical thing to do is have an event/occurence that binds the country and thus deflects from the situation at hand. Like the captain used to say in Hill Street Blues:"Lets all be carefull out there"
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