Cashmeoutsidehowbowdat XD
"Johnny Fapplseed."

Slow clap for 9:12 photobomb.
Monty Chronik
Keep hating on Bernie, your candidate lost to trump. Sad. Pathetic. You say Bernie bros and continue the narrative that they are sexist and then immediately show female Bernie supporters. Way to contradict yourself within seconds. I wonder why Hillary lost??? Cuz everyone fucking hates her. The Clinton foundation makes and obscene amount of money with little to show for it. But more importantly she takes money from fossil fuels and big banks and you turds don't see anything f wrong with that. I get it trump is bad, but if you want to keep on losing until the end of time you better stop backing CORPORATE democrats. They are beholden to the exact companies they claim they'll regulate. You guys can't be that stupid, right?
robin devily
what's gonna happen if Bernie doesn't win
fast forward to now where trump is president.
Jewels Star
Also very good - they pulled no punches - both Parties got the piss taken out of them equally as funny. You guys were born to do this together - good rants! Johnny Nappleseed is a good ole 'Merican he-ro!
Foreseen G.
Fappleseed isn't so bad
Athena Primrose
0:26 Colin's face though
varun reddy
overjudging people only have hatred against trump,still he didn't took charge,blind hating should end,
Vishal Vaibhav
Trump hired the Russians to spy on HRC's emails. Why shouldn't it be true? If only they had an
agency as resourceful as NSA, that job would have remained in the US
as opposed to going to the Russians, right?
Michael Che 2020
Tacos for every white girl!
What a primitive response to oxidane.
Nicholas Ashton
FUCK YOU DNC,you faggots gave LoserDonald the fucking election! TREASON,you no good treaters!
Katie McGowan
Their chemistry is so cute, they just crack each other up and its adorable.
b1bbs g0t h4nds
They were crying because Bernie Sanders was literally cheated out of the nomination. They were crying because they know that Hillary Clinton is the single worse Democratic nominee to ever run in an election. They were crying because they know Hillary is the furthest right wing candidate the Democratic establishment has picked for decades
3:18 - ONLY "a couple of pages"? HAhaHa! Bill is a serial cheater and a serial rapist. The implicit denial by omittance is sad but morbidly funny.
Great Meme Warrior
Bernie the one guy girls are obsessed with besides JB lol
Vadim Gruzdev
they should just rip off the label.
Titus Yang
"Back to you Micheal and Collin"
Johnny Fappleseed for the win!!!
so i see why i dont here about snl anymore because its filled with shit actors that are not funny once so ever.
Luis Galicia
They're material is so superficial the worst of snl.
What happened to Norm MacDonald?
russell smith
If they giving it away it should be clinton water;
Special Agent of the Patriarchy
WOW, just WOW , you said yourselves, when you hire slaves it changes everything, Slaves where perhaps the first Interns?
Jim Harper
Black people aren't smart enough to realize they can be racist too?
Brittany M
This was terrible.
SNL really sucks these days, actually it's sucked for the last 14yrs but it has gotten worse the last few years. I remember when SNL was awesome, this is a far cry.
Shaggy Rogers
Who still watches this crap snl
Mitch Hammond
You guys should do a parody on Milo yannapolis or the young Turks
Carl Reys
not funny!!! I miss those good old SNL days.......
Carlos Loayza
this is so sad to watch
Sebastian Spencer-Rollins
Trump Ice. LMAO ! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Alexandra Marx
It's been a month since anything was uploaded?! Idk who is in charge of maintaining this page but video selections and frequency of uploads are terrible this year.
Prototype Kaito
the Johnny Fappleseed bit had me laughing i mean who hasn't planted a Fappleseed in their life time? lol
Ha ha, liberal propaganda, haha LOL LMFAO #funny #killmenow
Kevin D
Colin Jost sucks big time! He is too boring...SNL is not the place for him ...he is too sober, serious and never funny!
Tonyflamingo Mhm
Wow it actually was the DNC how do I know murderers high kids also no American flags I vote trump
Johnny Goodman
These guys are the nerdy version of ESPN's First Take with Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman.
Terrance Hill
The ghost of Allen Ginsgerg is mocking Bernie Sanders
Erik Perez
Randy Savage life matters
Erik Perez
ppizza guy lives matter!!!
win don
Saturday night live's new people suck
Wilfred Salas
Noa Niv-Ron
Jeremy Warrick
you're so bad I quit Midway watching your video
Jeremy Warrick
the two of you put together aren't half as funny as Seth, where is my boy Seth Meyers
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