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Who would have thought deli meat was off the table?!

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does elvis remind anyone else of post-buff chris pratt?
awesome sauce
Crackin open a cold one with the boys
Marewa K
hahaha I eat anything and everything I want and i've had 4 kids I just stopped drinking alcohol thats all I drink about 10 cups of english breakfast. I seemed alright.
Kaitlyn H
Wait why was safiya not hanging out with Tyler as much in the vid?
You can eat anything you want when your pregnant
leah klein
dude I ate whatever I wanted. I only limited caffine and I only had one small glass of red wine a day. my 5 yr old little girl is doing great!
Melanie Dsouza
pepperoni is processed meat. How can you not know that??
Honey Bea
This is funny cause you can eat tuna, just not a lot of it; MODERATION. You can have caffeine, and you can have all those other things just eat more fresh things.
BreOna Davis
When I was pregnant I ate everything lol besides seafood at least
Em Kat
pppssshhhh! i eat deli meat all the time! you just have to be safe and heat it up.
You can't just eat fast food, that's bad for everyone regardless of imaginary baby
Ellen Ward
yeah that's not the only pregnancy diet lol I don't follow all of those rules. My pregnancy diet includes Carb Control! All kinds of meat and lots of water!!
Steph Tanguay
Maddy Zimmerman
*when they think that the diet was difficult*😂😂😂(And I mean for like two weeks and don't have to deal with counting protein carbs and sugar)
Justina Dionne
What's the point of doing this challenge if they're just going to cave after a few days?
Tender Sheep
You can eat hot sandwiches!
Rae Workman
It's a struggle to see subway and not be able to go eat a sandwich:p I've been hard core craving ham sandwiches I told my husband I want one as soon as our baby boy is born haha:)
I ate whatever I wanted when I was pregnant. When did people start fearing food? Weird.
Rami Marketing
Ella TMG
They are complaining, your not the ones who actually have to do it for 9 months!
Chaotic Dusk
So um I'm going to go insane when I'm married and decide it's time to have kids. Seeing as I'm going to be told I shouldn't eat a majority of my favorite foods...
Isabelle Legare
did saf and Tyler break up
Glittery Gummies
When the lady said "you are what you eat" I thought so if the guys had a baby it would be a beer hotdog
Lindsey S
That OB GYN was advocating you drink alcohol over eating multiple pop tarts. Absolutely ABSURB.
Madison Parker
Wow, if you can't stop drinking for a couple weeks, you might be an alcoholic
Katherine Gómez
Apparently I have been pregnant for two years because that is how I eat all the time haha
Katherine Gómez
Apparently I have been pregnant for two years because that is how I eat all the time 😂
Katherine Gómez
Apparently I have been pregnant for two years because that is how I eat all the time 😂
C Seguin
Okay I know this video is a year old but I know my sister ate cold cut sandwiches while pregnant and she was fine?
Lacey Ryan
I'm 6 months pregnant and eat cooked fish all the time. My doctor said salmon and tuna is really great for baby's brain development. My baby is perfectly healthy and strong :) the hardest is I really miss cold cut sandwiches!!!
Cerulean Skigh
I hope that wasn't a doctor pluralizing 'feet'...
Cheiy Smith
I ate what I wanted when I wanted it I drank water and caffeine free drinks I don't smoke or drink anyway and you can eat deli meat you just have to warm it for like 30 seconds oh and no fish ... so pretty much if you don't generally have bad habits you're good ...
Rita Rouse
The Pregnancy Diet really most women still eat the same food before they got pregnant apart from not drinking or smoking. me i went down the vegan road cause i just went off all meat bread and milk and only ate fruit or vegetables.
I'm pregnant.. and I didn't know we couldn't eat most of those things 😕
Duein August
I still eat hot dogs 😂
@bzzfeed can you guys to a 30 day kept challenge? I think it would be really cool to see you guys try it.
Jelly Bear
24 weeks, I MISS SANDWICHES!!!! :(
Me Myself and Kamari
When I was pregnant I ate what ever I wanted....
Snow White
im in a buzzfeed spiral again
Chiara Lopez
Yep, I definetly don't want to get pregnant.
Random Vid
Please do a video on fasting like you know Muslims do fast for a month i mean do how Muslims fast follow all process they do. may be not praying but you know what i m trying to say.
Samantha Marie
My mom continued to smoke cigarettes while pregnant with me.
I confronted her about that, she said "it only effected me, not you"
justin copen
Lol "I'm not a vegan" yass
wow she actually said to drink alcohol rather than eat 6 poptarts.
Marjolaine Lécuyer
Dude if you can't spend just a few days without drinking alcohol you have a problem
James Ryan
I've really enjoyed a lot of Buzzfeed's do X for X amount of days but too often 1 or more of the people attempting break or cheat. That's pretty lame right? Buzzfeed should implement some sort of reward at the end so everybody completes it and it'll make the videos a lot better!
Riga Ruu
Lets see.. I'm currently pregnant and yesterday I had a hotdog. Today I had deli meat.. You can have these in moderation and you just need to heat them up until steaming.
Rin World
I'm a 50/50 on the pregnancy thing
the main reason I don't wanna be pregnant is because of the whole " giving birth" ordeal
but I also wanna be pregnant because I want a baby.. they are so adorable 😁
Kira O'Brien
for the next life/change they should do 30 days of eating serving sizes
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