Try Not To Smile Challenge

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Just TRY not to smile at these adorable videos!
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Dog Tries to Stop Water ►
Dogs Don't Want to Take Bath ►
Golden Rescued ►
Corgi Shakes Goggles Off ►
Emu Tango ►
Baby Ostrich Dance Part ►
Adorable Soccer Players ►

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Antonia Toledo
That's so sad I love dogs more than I like pizza and that was soooo sad
The first one I couldn't stop crying
6:38 Markiplier: It's two grown men being cute and adorable.
Me: Why are you surprised? That's basically you and Jack to me you just make me smile with both of your adorableness.
That Puppy Is What Humanity Is Now All Bad With some with a pure soul
Ricardas Serpenskas
sau kjiut
hey Mark don't Beat my up
Naomi Lafriniere
mark............ you need to beat me up and then hug me
YoshiPlayz - Gaming & Lets Plays
Please Give A Shout Out To Help For Paws
Lizabelle De Guzman
Markiplier are you pregnant?
Namjoon got jams doe
If I didn't have cramps, I would have smiled
malil kivi
Thanks sooo much Mark for donating! <3
M Duncan
I wasn't smiling until be donated and then I realized how Goddamn generous he was and couldn't stop smiling.
Not all heroes wear capes...
Jack M
gt lives video
Stacey Potter
songs recomended for you
now i ser my parent do love me
RainbowGummyBear //RGB
he broke the challenge!
Aireo love
i cried when they saved the dong and when he donated :' [
Alaura Hall
Mark, your soul is a child
jacob knight
I am a heartless bastard and I have no regret of being one
I'm gonna cry SAVE THAT PUPPO! 😢
I smiled when he got chica
Charlotte Salvas
Jairna Harris
Markiplier: If you smile I will beat the shit out of you then hug you :D
Me: hahaha oh no well ed-least I get to see Markiplier
Odilon Simoes
I would like to climb inside ur vigina 😏😏😉
Bella Crimson
I just want a HUG from Mark so baaad!!!
miner duru gamer
i did not smile
Lucy 'celestial beauty' Heartfillia
Pls dont beat me i ish sick ;-;
Momo Lr
I lost
Sans Skeleton
Ben Brewer
wat i did to stop my self from laughing/smiling is saying dead puppies to myself a couple time
Rhianna Laqui
I..... I dont smile
coco'sgames andmore
that was my dog :(
Melody Gilbert
nothing can make me laugh😂
Serena Tully
poor pupoes
Serena Tully
animals r my weakness nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!
Haruka Nanase
imma heartless basturd because I didn't smile
Dexter Skystriker
u can laugh but not smile
who else smiled when they clicked on this video
Vy Nguyễn
Hehe anh haha
I did not smile at all
Curtis Allen
Sorry, I failed immediately. I saw the dog, and immediately melted.
Awkward Fox
wh eeze

i feel like a heartless being for keeping a blank expression for the entirety of the video
Masha Pomelov
Dulce De Los Santos
Markiplier is all saying bad words and porn, but he has a good and big heart when it comes to saving dogs ❤️😔😄❤️
huma turay
funtime. foxy
its hard for me cuz i love animals
I think it's funny how Americans say Emu wrong
Tiki Brine
I didnt smile till he saw the baby ostriches and Imus.
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