Chelseah Lunzaga
wow this one really hit hard....
WolfPlaysFTW -
4:54 very large penis pissing on it?
It's so small, but I love that moment where there's no doorbell. You really can't help but see metaphor in the broken down parts of your old home.
Don Daham
6:00 Shots fired.
Don Daham
The story of this card game seems to make the series less serious. This IS a serious issue - Suicide, depression, and isolation. Why cover it up with a child's game? You could have given him a more active passion just to keep the character sane and healthy physically.
But if you do think his passion should be related to child's play to keep an omnipresent factor of youth then go ahead.
This one hit me hard
4:51 "Crying Game"

would that be Clannad?
thatdancingflowerthing yay
eat the damn potatoes. making me mad- why you gotta make me mad
•Paragra •
when you know magic the gathering to well I GET ALL THE JOKES
Whitney Loya
this should be made into an actual series
Polina Kameneva
I love this series! Why did I only discover it now??
Musty Khist
I'd rather eat crappy potatoes than a plate of apples and oranges D:
Ace S.K.
His father is the replica of my own father personality wise and I am #shook
Their entire relationship is my parents tbh
Tori Leclerc
Why would he reach for the doorbell if he's got a key? 🤔🤔
Bogdan Shumenko
These transitions remind me of this new movie Get Out
marco antonio maldonado
is the black guy a kinda distant cousin of kevin Hart ?
your dad gone catch these hands
Jasmin A
can we have the cast. I wanna praise them.
Tyla Morgan
what kind of disorder does michaels dad have??
Sigrid Pedersen
I love this series so much. One of the best things buzzfeed has ever done
laura lewis
"Female usefulness isn't centered around serving men anymore"
Thank you
Jessika Joenck
His mother sounds very much like mine... And I got scared from how much I related to him, but just in the general sadness.. not suicidal or with ocd. ~that's was an offer from "comments that got too real"~
Fatima Bhatti
thought provoking
Angel Osuji
seeing Michael smile is my favourite thing
SNA Designs
Why aren't these numbered in the description I'm out of order 😭
Rosa Gildea
I love this series!!!
What does the dad say at 4:06? Couldn't make it out.
Wow, this episode really hit me hard. His interactions and relationship with his parents are exactly like mine with my parents, and I have struggled with depression too.
Wesley Carter
what does the man say at 4:06? i couldn't understand him
Alexandra Pieper
This series hits me deep
Elizabeth Matsuu
"Where are the potatoes?" ME.
Ramon Gomez
I've seen 2 buzzfeed mini-series where this guy's starts he's awesome anybody have so e info on him like other series or maybe he has a youtube channel or like his social media @'s
S. Williams
I love how they're talking about mana and MTG, and the Black Lotus Card which is v expensive
vicky V
These iPhone 7 plus speakers are blowing my mind! Great series by the way! Very intriguing
I loooove this series! more pleeeeease
zach berry
What kinda makes me mad is when the girl at the store told him he didn't want to understand the game but he asked her a question trying to understand it more
Lizzie Cook
was he eating a plate of fruit?
Insecure baddie162
The sad part about this is this is real life
Amanda Duenskie
Favorite buzzfeed series
is there a part 5?
Cymba McReynolds
This is a great series. Keep it up :)
Demeter's Daughter
No. Just no. You can't just leave someone when times get hard. You can't just call it quits when things are uncomfortable. Just because divorce is what everyone else does doesn't mean it's something you should do.
Mari •
I can relate to this my parents have fought and my dad was abusive they are still together but my mom said he has to change a bit or else she will leave they have threatened to get a divorce but at the same time they dont want to sometimes my mom would come home from work, clean and prepare dinner and my dad would just ignore her he would just wish he was alone and not married
Wait so... is this the end of the series??
When is the new one coming up can't wait
m m
I need more
Joely Simmons
please make more of these, I'm addicted
Blake Mastretson
"You would understand better if you had the chance of love someone honey" is momma throwing shade?
And can someone please tell me what the dad says after the son says ld love some of your potatoes? I've listened to it like 20 times and still can't understand what's he says.
Blue Diamond
what does this mean. have I seen something to far ahead???????
jana bunni
I'm so mad at the dad and mom, the dad for treating her like this and the mom for dealing with it she deserves so much better
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