The Late Late Show Surprise Proposal

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During an Emoji News segment, James surprises a woman in the audience with a video message from her boyfriend overseas that turns into a surprise proposal.

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Rashida ツ
Was this real or fake? As in did the girl actually turn him down or was it part of a skit. Also please answer if you watched the video all the way through.
Tyrion Lannister
I thought how did he even get her , I'm right he didn't!!
Mckenna Bright
I thought this was real
2:43 was when i realized she couldn't say "yes"
Nazreen Haikal
imagine that this is real and the crowd keep cheering that would be so messed up 😂
Bruh.its_ Jewel
this was fake right
Bruh.its_ Jewel
I was so heartbroken <3
John 73
is this a prank for gigs or is this for real?
Eden Stevens
This is fake right?!!!!? 🤔😰😂
Aoc 2017
She shite actor
Mostly Malka
No way that's real
Heidi Duffey
Eimear Fee
That was hilarious!! At first I was so happy and it was so funny and after she said no I laughed out loud! I'm sad that it was staged but it was so funny
Paloma Gonzalez
is this real?
Geovany Analco
yeah, yeah. maybe the proposal was fake. maybe their love was fake.

but you know what's real? Her fucking beauty. She's gorgeous. 😍
is this fake or real?! plz tell me somebody!!!! :(
I wanted this to be real!
Sumaiya Annie
This was painful to watch XD
Samantha Colbert
is this real
Janna S
I genuinely almost cried
Gracefulicious Insider
Is it real??
Alternative Proposal.
Belen Morales
She's a great actress
alaurah pinder
''it was like Ellen'' i died :'''')
Fluffy Bear
Wait so that was all fake?😂
Cristian Matees
wow just wow
omg i thought she actually was going to say no good thing it wasnt really
Katie Hall
This has to be fake!
Jasmine Cutajar
im still confused is this real or not ?
Shreyansh Singh
Best video ever 😄😄😄
Great Moves, Ethan
My favorite part is Andrew Rannells passionately singing throughout the whole thing.
Is this a sketch?
at first I started watching this for Andrews performance but the performance was interesting I watched the whole thing. I thought it was real up until the part when James smashed the champagne fountain. (is that what that was?)
Jo Jones
I was going to say Congrats but...
Frenchfries 101
I feel so bad😱😭😶
Mary Saeedi
wa8t was this fake lr real
Samantha Friginal
Oh God it got so much more entertaining when she said no XD
Laura Bora123
im confused, is this a joke?!
Gedoverhere _
I thought it was Jennifer Garner in the thumbnail!
Haha I know it's a sketch, but I've always thought it would be a nightmare to have such a proposal in front of lots of people expecting me to say yes while I try to proces what's going on. Luckily it didn't happen, I am already married and it was a mutual decision, no surprise proposal.
Harambe's Hoe
I lost it at the confetti 😂😂
she looks like Jennifer Garner 😊
Ellie Rosenblum
I dont get it was this a joke or was it real...
Abby Unicornlover61
Just for confirmation it was a sketch right?
Lala Love
Jason Moyle
That lady is pretty.
O Chibi
Andrew is too cute!

If my boyfriend proposes and Andrew Rannells DOESN'T show up and sing for me -- he's not getting a yes XD
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