DaddyOFive LEAKED Video EXPOSING Abuse #DramaAlert Onision is Suing Me!

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Chloe Dudley
"I want theese parents to be arrested" I want u too be arrested for beating ur girlfriend u cunt
Jenni Rebecca
that is sick he should be charged legally this is disturbing they should be arrested the state should take the kids out of the home
Knight Guerra
I fucking new it these kids and the parents were all fake
Anthony Reed
Kill yourself keemstar
your channel is abuse you fucking creep you fucking like to bully everyone but you better watch your back you fat ass mother fucker
buffalo john
Most handsome gnome on the damn internet
Alexander Gibson
Wow keem star you made a change
Conor Kavanagh
Fuck all of you daddyofive is amazing and I do not give two shits about what you say
Gunpr 1213
no hate but you are a true gnome im being nice not mad or anything. Im just a nice person k
Krusty Kupz
keemstar you have done some bad thing but FUCK YEAH ARREST DADDY05
Kelois Belois
daddyofive to slap her gently but he did not, he slapped her across the face
I've don diddly dot Bill Cosby
That's right keemstar you a hot nome
diamond mcdaniel
"Boys will be boys" what the fuck...
Shin Godzilla
Fuck keemstar
AngelLps Tv
I hate you onision didn't manipulate us! BTW, you actually look like the ugliest gnome ever ;)
Mastiff Myths, Legends and Lore
was the poop fake fuck man rape more kids I say
anon anon
Your intro is so god damn cringeyyy
Drama alert: The Redemption Arc
Scotty Bivens
Keemstar is such an asshole.... smh. 😂😂😂
Julian Xxhi Montano
I knew that there videos were fake
Luke_Vader 13
I saw this son of a bitch on the news I called this bitch off my phone he didn't answer I was one of his friends I contacted him I told him I'm not his friend anymore
Seb Byhre
When I actually saw the slapping vid, I knew that I hated the dude. And I actually watched the video on DO5's channel.
Damn keem saved up 3,000 competitive points
Panther Boy
Does anyone else sometimes cringe when seeing Keemstar's intro?
Kind of shocked he didn't show the video
Sage Slays
I have been looking at this stuff for hours and digging into it and as a tween/kid I find this disgusting and as a human I feel like those parents should burn in hell acting or not seriously this shit is fucked up
Jesus Lera
if I see you on any YouTube event I going to bet yo ass
Jesus Lera
ugly ass man only a girl tells this much get a life fat ass leave author alone
Dylan Dawson
if keemstar thinks you bad then you are a TERRIBLE person
If suing for slander was easy, iDubbbz would be in prison.
Myasthenia Gravis Warrior
pos can go die in a hole, he is a horrible father, my father abused me i know abuse wen i see it!!!!
Junk Rat
You know what keem... maybe ur not such a bad guy after all no offense I wasn't a personal fan but know seeing u do what's right gives me hope
Keem is a cunt, but onision is a bigger cunt..........sooooooo what do we do here?
God I love boogie
Keem I think your a huge cunt..... and a lot of people agree with me, but.....strangely I like your try to not be a huge cunt, and maybe I will click the like button.....
Tony Sunshine
well I'll be damned, someone worse then keemstar. p.s I'm joking... or am I
fuck all you I love daddy ofive
Chicken Nugget
Abe Froman
Please go shove a stick of butter up your butt
Omg IT'S ME!
keemestar he actually titled his video Proof Keemstar Lied About Onision on Drama Alert
marcos banda
your right.
Caitlin Jack
I wanted to know what was going on but keemstars voice made me throw up
Onision #BULLDOG
fUCKING cunt
Guruleen K
Henlo keme
Eat a popcorn you stinky star
Olivia Jones
F*ck you keemstar
Ezra Lopez
Lets get right in to the new XE
jonathan barcelo
keemstar, dont even fuckin talk m8. You smashed ice cream into a kids face
was that the whole interview? or did you just not ask that particular question to daddy of five because you found it out after the interview?
DO5 is such a scumbag piece of fucking shit.
Alex Alex're really going to have to think of something clever to come back. Sit down take a breather. Think of a comeback for Say Nothing At all. Sometimes silence is best by drama ask for a reply
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