DaddyOFive LEAKED Video EXPOSING Abuse #DramaAlert Onision is Suing Me!

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Pleb Squad 452
Why is boogie even talking he doesn't have kids
•MC c o p e l a n d•
You guys won't believe this but Ksi has Cancer! Wanna join my free gift card giveaway???
Zoey Hunter
Why is KidBehindeTheCamera saying that it's real when his videos aren't even real? Don't back something up when you can't even back yourself up.
Harley Harrison
Keemstar shut up you look like FaZe Apex on CRACK Bro Shut the ** UP!!
Ethan Rickards
Do you think every time he has sex he's like,"Let's get ruuuiiiiiiigggghhhhhhtt into the pussy!"
Zarko Rajakovic
noooo kemstar pussy
Leonardo Bocanegra
why does he never eat popcorn
PoisonedWhileYoung :3
I'm Cody.........
Don't swat ppl keem
Heidi And Jessie
This is so stupid
Allen Wright
Take down the video
Edit out Onion-boy's part
Put it back up again.
KingOf Clubz
Onision's a cock sucker
Dusty Director
I live right near him
Il Dual lI
Plz just quit YT your the most hated person on the world
Evan Gaming
Evan was here
ben the hyena
3:35 / 10:06
Aiden Castell
Jayden Keeling
SsyncC Edits
Moon MaAnn
daddy o 5 sigh more like daddy o3 pretty soon it will be daddy o nothing XD u cant take care of shit
;-; ;-;
Fucking gnome
Tuna 156
show the video the link? you pice of shit your only doing this cuz how many dislikes you got
packogaming 72
keemstars beard is legit af
Low Resolution Vault Boy
You Have A Daughter?
Low Resolution Vault Boy
Keemstar Please Do A Video About The Drama Between Sonic & Knuckles In The Special Stages of Sonic 3 & Knuckles
Your Favorite Snorlax
Wait u just put him into a corner and then called yourself the good person??? What u did is a douche move yo said that he was a bad person if he didn't respond but why would he your wrong if ur wrong and he is wrong if he is wrong if he admits he has been manipulating his audience he loses if he doesn't he loses because he didn't respond like a jerkhole... douche move.
His hairline goes so far back that i could fly to the other side of the planet before it grew back
Marlow Giesecke
The kids are not acting
golden dog
this is a false statement of hate to the d05 channel for abuse. as I think this is rediculis statement of abuse over on the d05 channel I have been watching the channel for years and I feel as if this case is the most stupid thing I ever herd
Sierra Freeman
Boogie is great ❤
raven the bold
Your not a bad youtuber
sUus floofyer
damn boogies a amazing guy
2nd best looking nome nomeo look s better by a small bit
why are you still alive
AMiranda 87494
daddy o 5 didn't tell the kid to slap the girl they were doing a water bottle flip challenge and the one who failed had to get slapped and well the girl joined and well she lost and got slapped so it was her fault
Just saying that clip the girl keeps a white face it doesn't turn red and she just acts look closer.
The Everything guy
I've watched daddy 05 and he's not as good as you FOR SURE AFTER THIS, you were even better before this happened
Leonard Church
Keemstar, I know abuse and he didn't do shit
Poniesforlife AJ
This was uploaded on my birthday.
Ghost Killer
Ghost Killer
Anthoni Valseca
look I know that people won't read this comment but here is the thing the video of emia getting slapped by ailex is because they made a vid of them playing a bottle flip game wich the other person who won got to slap the other person like a tap in the face but when ailex slapped emia if you watched the rereat of the video you can see the father yelling at ailex "What Did You DO!!!" at him and the reason he said slap her is because it was part of a little game so I hope you now understand
Tom Par
I want my fidget spinner I subbed and liked the vid
Dat gaming2017
When is drama alert going to shut up about drama this is how he make money he doesn't even care about these people he only cares about views
Crazy Cartoon
Landon Funny Skits and More!
Keemstar? More like Memestar
Major Matt
Yeah keem is expert at suing people for slander
Jessica Shanahan
Why am I watching keemstar
Keemstar is and always will be the hott st gnome
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