DaddyOFive LEAKED Video EXPOSING Abuse #DramaAlert Onision is Suing Me!

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Randy Rogers
This channel is cancer
This is the only time I trust killa ratstar
ClipZ Are Bae
Why are we watching this on keemstar😂😂😂😂
MrYorkieLover Fitness
It takes a big man to admit they are wrong and apologize. Good job bro
kkiller miles
I'm glad you told me this and I unsuscibed because there fake
Can I just say I'm glad keemstar is finally out of all that controversy.
Pirnanas Gaming
He was not commanding they were playing a water bottle flip challenge I am a sub to them
ItsMeZookeeper / Minecraft
There was a CroneClan advert on this video! How amazing!!!!
Hungry Apple
onision is a lil bitch
undertale plays
Albert Hernandez
Sigmund Freud
the keemstar strikes again.
Uzi Bla
Everyone that thinks taking kids away from there family is for the better good kys
Traves Brix
I'm subbed to Paul Joseph Watson, Scarce, Philly D, ChaosUnsilenced, Keemstar and James Allsup

Too much news
Uzi Bla
I'm the only who doesn't care about Do5
Brave wings
I usually don't agree with Keem, but its true that DaddyFive is disgusting
Oxiclean bleach
N her thought I'd say this, but I will gladly stand for keem on this one.
Garry Busey
Not a big fan of Keemstar but I want to hear an overview of the whole situation from someone else's point of view.
...He has two houses, yet complains about how he has to sell more shirts, otherwise his life is over. Sigh.
Out of Commision
Court date. Onision is called to the stand. "I'm a banana, I'm a banana! He is a gnome!"
Tom Riddle
Anyone want to name the crime that happened? is it endangerment for a kid to slap a kid way to hard when they were told to play slap them? it was a slap game between boys and the girl wanted to be a part of it from what i remember and the dad said some garbage to make it ok for the kid to slap his sister and still drive home the its not ok to hit girls. do you tell your daughter she is to weak to play with the boys? what is the right parental thing here? the kids wanted to make videos and they came up with a challenge video and the kid took it to far and was punished for it more than likely. their earlier videos show the oldest kid having his xbox thrown out the window and his phone smashed just like smashing cody's tablet and they always got a new one right after. they are acting....while it may be important to make people feel better about the situation those kids a far better off now than they were before because of youtube but if you want to talk about advocates for their kids you have to talk about advocates for all the other youtube kids. whats the difference between making money off a positive or negative reaction esp when its all acting? This is an emotionally driven witch hunt on this family.
Lewis Wants To Vlog
Im a supporter of do5 hes not an abuser fuck all u haters
Jay Mee
fuck onion boy hes got 2 houses and complaining about fucking money som1 needs to slap the lil cunt! and put that on a t-shirt id buy that lol
Jay Mee
hes step father not father lol
Ur not worth life, u deserve hate, go suck ur face aka ur dick-cock and die in a ditch with ur like fucking lying ass
John S
The dad said give her a little tap
george swinfield
Ffs keem your a fucking peado on abowt kids agen get a fucking grip and stop slaging off YouTubes #youtube
lol keemstar you're a dumbass, did you even watch onision's video?
Tiffany Dicks
Keemstar can I lick your dick
Random person
"That's why I am a better human being than you'll ever be"
You sure about this? I'm not saying that Onision is a good person, but rather that there's a reason people call you a rat and a gnome...
Whose a worse person keemstar or Onision? Cancer... They're both horrible.... Keemstar is more relevant though.. Onision is craving to be relevant men.. Both of you are cancerous people, but jezz looking at that prick and then this prick.. Instantly makes me want to shoot him first if I could..
Shia LaBeouf
anyone else know that keemstar is become a better person
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If Boogie can't help them, then DaddyOFIve is fucked.
pussydestroyer 13
i watched do5 for ever fuck u do5
Karlee Kowalchuk
daddyofive in two weeks: why am i still getting hate
Rhonda Hoffman
e r i k a
ooh damn

you go keem
Jodie Smith
daddyofive is my favourite chanel but what he done could be good or bad its probably acting tho
Aidan Fennell
Fuck u Drama Alert 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻
I'm going to do porn then, couldn't last two decades...
mahin ahmed
making the 10 minute mark
I love u keemstar
since me and my Friend were high af i made u in sr3 and now youre a hefty meme xD
he said tap her on the check, and he slapped her. Jesus you guys are controlled. screw you keemstar
the dankest channel
gnome man is savage
How is he abusing his kids? They have a roof above their head, they eat every damn day, and they go to school everyday. They have cloths on their back and they have shoes on their feet. They also have a shit load of toys. Those damn kids are not suffering one bit so all you dumb fucks saying that they're being abused need to shut the hell up, you idiots do not know what the fuck you're talking about.
Half you brain dead stupid fucks in the comments have never even watched daddyofive, He yells at his kids, but that's what every fucking Parent should do, that's how you get a respectful kid. These kids are living a good ass life and they love their Parents so all you ignorant stupid shits need to shut your fucking mouths and stop typing shit when you don't even know what the fuck you're talking about.
Kekistan News
let's dox daddyofaggot
shadilay my friends, shadilay.
Also what pretty much saying is no Child should get a beating? No wonder kids are such disrespectful little brats today, There is Parents with the mind set to not punish their kids for acting inappropriate/disrespectful.
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