Just take the L little Jackie Chan Faggot
September Doll
Almost double dislikes XD you're doing the exact shit you're being dissed for…
Benjamin Roberts
U sniffing rice
Prejudice Wolffe
So materialistic
What a prick.
Prejudice Wolffe
Your song is trash xD
Prejudice Wolffe
This is trash
Thijs van den Berg
Jesus I hate ricegum so much. that little bitch thinks he is everything. This predictable piece of fuck stands not a single chance against idubbbz
aijaun Williams
stop saying sex
aijaun Williams
stop saying sex
aijaun Williams
stop saying sex
Hapenis _
More dislikes than likes
The MagicSchoolBus
Ricegum career is simply ended.
One dislike=you will have good luck
One unsubscribtion=you will get a hot girl Tommorow and win the lottery as well.
Unsubscribe+dislike=you will always be happy never sad ever
Michael Leeson
The dislikes tho
Rian Stutley
every single one of his diss tracks has the flow do something different you basic bitch
(Watches idubbz’s disstrack) (Perpetual death)
Emma Jane Sixx
What the fuck is this cancer 😂
Ricegum not even that good at roasting people get mad fast and it's their response that makes him seem good
Like come on this dude sound like he has his nose is stuffed but it isn't though it's just his voice....sad....and he always has the same flow getting bored of Asian Jake Paul over here idubbz still roasted him too and he can't get on his level he's just talking about stuff hes done and everyone knows about which is lame and then just saying stuff he don't know like him having sex with his sister but beat still fire but can we get future instead of some pretend Jake Paul
Charlie Kelly
He does sound like he's eating paste. Very annoying, nasal voice. Urgh.
exactly what lil wolfie said..
mr. dofka
Also how does he even flex , because when i look at him he reminds me of a talking toothpick
Rian Stutley
idubbz diss track was good yours is so shit ricegum you asian wankstain
mr. dofka
When he's i think singing, it sounds like hes trying to talk while hes eating
2KBrotherHood The brothers
Your trash get off YouTube
Luke A
all you're doing is commenting on how he looks... Can you come up with something more than his appearence?
this sucks shit
The_G_ Gamer
IDubbbz was right you are a little bitch who is a prick
Colins Channel
U are the worst xd
Salami Fury
Arbaaz Khan
How can i be mad?
B*tch i sleep in a mansion!
Cindy Otaku
F u c k that shit gum
HailErza Scarlet
yoooo this still sounds like ass??? What happened there? OOoooo was Ian right?? I'm thinkin so
Foivos Tube
IDDUBZ DISS TRACK IS LIT👍👍 STOP TALKING SHIT even Bart said that in his diss track on you "you will have no career" it is true I regret to tell you that you are over
It's Your Conscience Speaking!
He tried
Martin Nowikow
31 minutes jake paul... 31 minutes
Fussion 360
I dub did it better
L00k at the dislikes
Nope. Not FLEXIN. Provin’ idubbbz points.
Caetano Wahnon
if i was u i wish i'd be me
lol first of all are you really saying you made up lol and I think my ears are bleeding now
Sir Dildo
Dude I dubbz despawned you, also anyone wanna join my Christian minecraft server?
Alton Gradson
Ricegum’s channel will die if idubbbz gets joji on his side. Joji has good fuckin music and if Rice says no then except shit
Natalie Evenson
it sucks you are horible
This is literally proving everything that idubbbz said about him
James Walker
Did this make you feel good tho?
This Is Trash iDubbz To The W
Sumo Art
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