Kitten Therapy: The Prescription for Stress

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The secret to stress relief? Tiny kittens! We invited strangers to step inside our big glass "therapy" office and surprised them with kitten playtime. 
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Artist- Saint Motel
Song- To My Enemies
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This video is made possible by sponsorship from our friends at Tidy Cats. The creative belongs to SoulPancake, so if this video induces any ugly crying, you can blame us.

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Rose Anna
I want to eat my phone
Dacts Productions
Where is this?
Crystal Zoblisien
How cute! Hopefully no one went in there being afraid of cats! :)
Trade the kid for a kitten
Tara Eicher
Marg Warren
It wouldn't work.......
Daniel Rust
You could start a business doing this,
muhteşem yaaaa
아...미친.. 너무 귀여워서 아파트 뽑고싶다ㅜㅜㅠㅜ
미쳤다 진짜.. 개부러워..
I need this right now....😂😂😂🖒
I almost cried, I don't know why. It's just too adorable for me to look at.
pete papakeno
This should be in every city worldwide.
Sergio Bollana
Cats are the best
Christine Muga
sooo real
i would just sit there and cry
under swap chara andslfoxy
cool I wanna do that
Now this is what I call paradise!
Ando Kurokaze
i would die in there. cause: cuteness overload
Sam Allen
This is lovely! We adore our black cat Lenny and whenever we go away on holiday I want to rescue all the wild cats! I have started my own poetry channel on YouTube and have included one about a local cat. There will be more to come! :)
lalitha lalitha
omg! where do I sig up!!
Cat Lover
that is a heaven
The mountain would turn into a sandcastle if he was in there.
Louise Yi
I need this!!!!
Slime Shady
yeah pussy always relaxes me
Did they even see the "tidy cats" on the headphones?
Hendy Halim
Ooooh how cute!
Pepper Cini
Does anyone know what song that is?
Reepacheirp firewalker
These should be millions of them everywhere,
Head Squeaker
Sooooooo cccuuuuuuuttttttteeeee
Captain Jaws
THAT ISN'T STRESS. Stress is when you make your day worse on purpose because damn it if one more thing is going to happen to you today, this week, this year, this LIFE, it might as well be you so at least for once you can understand why this has to be your reality. When you wake up feeling that already, then you'll understand stress. Everything else is a "frustration".
PrettyLily101 Gaming
fayaz kim syed
I need this therapy
Dithonias OFFICIAL
Fantastic clip! watch my channel, I'm sure you gonna like it.
Jason Crobar
I honestly cannot relate to any of the people at the start of this video... On my worst, most stressful day, it's about a 2. Still, I want a kitten to bring that down to a -1.5 or so!
Sydney Aldridge
Kittens are the best thing ever. Just watched some creepypasta and it's midnight sooo yeah.
ADV 707
MY DREAM!! 😍😍😍😍
Dithonias OFFICIAL
But What if you don't like cats?
ØddTręę Dråws
i want to do this 😢
Elisabet Juri
hermoso! gracias SoulPancake! abrazos desde Argentina!
Jimbo Hdez
Kittens stress me more
azor ahai
some people should be watch kurt cobain pics with his kitten .. he looked very happey and relaxed
Jo Mas
2016 - you've been a less than stellar year.... Thank god I've always got this kitten therapy vid to come back to. I love you Soulpancake!!
Private Idaho
I wish I buried in squirming kittens about now
My Kitten Addiction
I need this NOWWWWW
Absolute. Heaven.
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