Johnny Rotten
This guy is a stupid mother fucker! He won quit crying.....losers!
Cliff Gaskill
This guy is a total douchebag. Your best moment on this useless show was watching your hillary is going to win easy to Hillary was crushed faces the whole night. Keep crying libtards it only shows that you are fragile little babies.
Mindy Hitchcock
Makes me want to puke to know this dipshit is running the country.
Mindy Hitchcock
drumpf...what a schmuck.
David Coleman
An AMORAL BUFFOON is the "MOST POWERFUL MAN ON EARTH" Someone bereft of Intelligence, Decency, Dignity, Integrity, Compassion, Empathy, Diplomacy, Soul, Heart, Class, Eloquence, or Morality. Who's ONLY interest is HIMSELF and how much money He can SCAM the U.S.A. out of.
Sun Daze
Id like to shit in this guys face. Trump is living in all the LIPTARDS heads. I love it.
Moriatte toto
Why has everyone forgot, dump's tax returns??
Beandon Bashford
Trump is stating what's obvious.
Rita Malik
He’s too hard to stand, I had a stroke and I’m pretty sure it’s my fault watching him in the news trying to understand how any person can be so without soul or any human emotions terrifying fit us all
Zipzap Zipzap
Ctenk Uygur
Sandro Bindelli
This idiot Trump succeedes in the almost impossible task to make W.Bush look like an intelligent president.
Joe Buck Coker
when I arrive on a job....I know nothing....the problem will provide clues, evidence that leads to the problem, which ultimately can be corrected.....your experience, training, education, tribal affiliation....will have a bearing on reaching your solution...public is fed the 'media' story...the President has to prioritize, focus on the critical in general are qualified Jerks
Joe Buck Coker
if accustom to negotiation.....on occasion there is a need to speak with no is hard your opposition to mount a response.....
Russel Mack
Yeah, Hillbag Clinton still whining about getting her ass kicked
Joseph Sanzo III
Stop adding your comment chooch, Donald Trump will be ok, so stop with bullshit questions and you won't get bullshit answers, JDS III
Rabbit Snare
Forgive me because I'm not an expert on these things: if Trump is planning a massive tax cut and - at the same time - promising to expand and fortify the military, how does that get paid for?
Arthurine Alford
If he chooses Roy Moore for his next VP it'll make your SKULL wooble.
John San Nicolas
Thanks for laying it on the line with your Trump coverage! You could never change the minds of the zombies supposedly supporting him. The persistent pathological liar does not even realize what comes out of his own mouth! sad.. real sad...
Mary Finizio
Aaron Paschal
This is the best you will ever hear (from a supposedly Haarvard Grad.) Obama referred to the Marine Core as "Marine Corpse."
kim ian tumblod
Wesley Davis
U guys are dumb u can't even speak correctly lol but Donald is going to get us all killed get over it were all gonna die u are embarrassing the United States talking shit about our president. Shame
Mern Iez
.. the latest thing his supporters are now saying (because they have no defense) is.. ' wow, you guys are still complaining.. get over it '
YES, he is still embarrassing so I'm still complaining.. he's still frustrating so I'm still complaining..
he's STILL stupid so I'm not over it !!!!!!
His supporters often decry what is said about him and I understand why anyone would be distrustful of the media, but one has only to listen to him speak unedited and without commentary to see how he digs holes for himself and then doubles down on his mindless comments in an effort to dig himself out, his aimless meandering speech obviously shows a mind without direction or discipline and only the vaguest understanding of the topic at hand. That, along with the blatant narcissism, fear-mongering and ego-driven speech peppered with obvious lies SHOULD be BLATANTLY obvious, yet the supporters don't appear to see any of this. I'm genuinely curious as to how his more intellectual proponents view this man as having a coherent plan to their benefit with all of this evidence to the contrary. How can you defend him when what he says is indefensible? Again, I'm genuinely curious and welcome a coreherent and thoughtful explanation of this apparent paradox from an intelligent supporter, ie not the people who simply use ad-homenim attacks and sadly seem to view that as the be-all and end-all of their 'logical' argument. Feel free to enlighten me!
Chunk is such a freaking idiot!!
Pamela Phillips
The more we get to know Donald Trump, the more I can't believe he is in the white house....small w small h, because donald trump has made the presidency very small....OMG! will this nightmare ever end???
James Beaulieu
Bryce Miller
You are so funny. It just makes me so happy at how you Turks can't let go of the fact that you lost. Please don't stop! You're very entertaining!!
Raymond McNamara, Sr
Donald J. Trump is YOUR President... Now let that sink in for a minute... Ya mad bro?
Aleksander Kamiński
You dude are stupid too.
Scent igor , Islamic turk who poisons his liberal stooges with fake news and hate while taking cash from soros and the Clinton foundation , don't want your zombies to know that do you scent ?
We knew will trump was a fraud... He's never gonna be what he claims to be...I rather have Obama still in office... Trump have no balls of anymore war... If u fight Korea... Your economy will be totally's guaranteed death for America.
Dion Landon
you guys need to vote Cenk for president and kick out that Trump bum!
I like how this title attracts people looking for proof he isn't stupid.
Knowledge Over Assumption
This has to be the worst YouTube channel I’ve ever seen. Literally horrible sources and most of the time none and a lot of cut and editing. Cenyk got a huge loan to suck Bernie’s dick. This guy is retarded. “Google or google it”
Scanning the interview, where does Trump say he watches CNN earlier in the interview? I don't, so I don't know if a name he uses is from CNN.
dave bailey
hey you're showing me you dont understand as president there is details you cant reveal no matter what !! even to a stupid jaskass as you,, grow up watch your self you're ranting !!!!
Alice N
This speaks more of your listening followers than it does of President Trump.
Murray Lee Wilson
Trumps so stupid and yet he built a multy billion empire from a million dollar loan, used to be everyones hero, including democrats but that was more than a day ago so mone of them remembers that, do they? Oh and he keeps winning and out smarting everyone. Wake me up when someone wins against him, Lol.
Danilo Mena
I always say it. It is the fault of red neck republicans you should be hated for everything stupid this man does. It is your fault, for being even more stupid than Donald.
Jinx Palm
Cenk is f***king HILARIOUS!
Viva La Migra
That not so young Turk with the big head isn't very bright. Funny how jealous of Trump he is.
the young turks arent relevant anymore they fell apart and theyve deserved it
Uneducated Intellectual
If you think Trump is a conservative then you may be more of an idiot then what you think of him. It baffles me that people actually think there are differences between the so called Democratics and Republicans
Wesley K.

According to the Media Consortium website, you'll see among the many George Soros-funded outlets, such as "Democracy Now", the Young Turks are actually listed as a TMC (The Media Consortium) member. Under the "About Us / Support" section of their website, you'll find what's called the MEDIA DEMOCRACY FUND. Documents obtained that were hacked from the George Soros's Open Society Foundation (Aug 15th, 2017 - ALL OVER THE WEB, very well known) show $$millions of dollars pouring into media organisations -- among them? The MEDIA DEMOCRACY FUND. $20m BIG ONES, PEOPLE... Let's wake up now. TYT=FAKE PROPEGANDA "NEWS"
Libertarian Agrarian
George Bush-Esque
Seek The Truth
Turks are a joke.
bill hopkins
This nit picking and hate mongering of Trump makes you sound petty. Your better than that.
Star Bright
I had to stop in mid video. Every one let's pray for our once great country. WE are in big Trouble ! ! !
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