Think Trump's Stupid? Get A Load Of This Interview...

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Trump’s recent AP interview was… wow. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

"President Donald Trump lied about his policy accomplishments, interrupted himself, and went off on a series of incoherent rants during a recent interview with The Associated Press’ Julie Pace.

The AP released part of the interview last week, but made a fuller transcript available late Sunday. You can read it in full here, but beware: It’s a doozy. The phrase “Donald Trump is unintelligible” was even a top trending topic on Twitter early Monday ― referring to the 16 instances where the AP marked parts of the transcript “unintelligible.” (Pace later told the Toronto Star that one of Trump’s aides was talking over him at those moments, and that the aide did not want their comments included in the transcript. The Star notes that “this is itself highly unusual.”)

Here are some of the interview’s most bizarre moments:

Shunning reality, Trump said he’s “mostly there” on fulfilling the promises of his first 100 days.

With the 100-day mark looming on April 29, the president has fallen short on every one of the legislative goals he set last year in his “100-day action plan.” Most notably, the Republican health care bill that Trump campaigned extensively for went down in flames. He has also failed to secure funding for the wall he’s hoping to build along the U.S.-Mexico border.”*

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the young turks are so stupid they get mad when donald trump has pride in our damn country. get some pride in your country or leave ass hats
Coco Brown
"Doesn't realize he should know" is the the scariest aspect of PeeOTUS.... how can you expect him to understand NATO when he just learned Lincoln was conservative ? Then...with that dumb ass look on his face suggested no one else knew Lincoln was a republican
Rebecka Snell
Donnie in Wonderland?
Roxanne Gacayan
I love my President Trump......
Bert Esty
Turks....what knobs.
Dennis Choi
Why are you doing this Cenk? Are you stupid enough to report this?? You shut your pile HO! Would You? This is the only way you get click! You should be Thank Trump. Dick.
Gizmo fromPizmo
If we have tremendous borders then why do we need a wall...
Jean Schult
Just PLEASE take him away. As soon as possible. Impeach him, deport him, jail him, or build a wall around him. Just make him go away.
We'll probably go to war with Hawaii, Melania will vacation there and a volcano would erupt, Trump see's that as terrorism so he bomb's Hawaii forgetting to get Melania off first :|
Fang Qu
make a video about the Armenian genocide
full on retard.....buffalo head
Peter McIntyre
It appears that the half wit is the commentator. Selective quotes out of context. Give me a break.
I love how you start off with a lie. The first quote is not Trump genius, it is Cummings. Speaking of idiots, who predicted Trump would never win?
nom d'plume
Cenk, is really a mexican ...
Cuda man
Trump is awesome we are so lucky to have Trump
Sean Kent
Trump might be a word-salad schizophrenic :( In all seriousness... maybe he should seek help from a counselor or something.
A.MuzeM Blackwell
There was to be an AUDIT on the houses after our first of the most vulnerable category. Standards, the MERITOCRACY and so on. HE has to ACCOUNT for his OWN downline since the 70s. The vote was NOT for a candidate, it was for THE TEAM!
How about paying his OWN debts to society AND now his crimes fall under UCMJ.
jensen welch
I cannot believe they are still upset they lost the election!
Cynthia Farris
Gavin is as delusional as trump. I pity you.
John Acobs
That's Shakespherian English.
carlos lopez
Remember he said he would just "print more money" to pay for America's debt. IDI AMIN II
Shani Smith
Trump's ignorance and idiocy never surprised me...with him it's what you see is what you get. It's the ignoramuses that saw how he was and still supported the schmuck that tick me off. They thought he was "amusing" and "blunt", now they all have to suffer wearing a smile, smch!
Concerned American Citizen Howard
Trump is stupid, what does that make his supporters? LOL
Sherry Adams
Trump may not be a smooth talker like Obama, but it's okay for those who voted for him.
Obama is a liar. His policies hurt the middle class people and endangered our country. Trump came into office because there was no other to do the job. Hillary is a crook.
Franky Harris
"Us today and you tomorrow " quoted by H.S. a real Prince. every dog has his day. facts are always support by logic. Have a gooday.
He is loosing his mind funny funny funny. Get therapy cuz going to be a long presidency. HaHaHA
You people ever wonder why the DNC left are getting fired from their Media Position Jobs.
John Sallier
Man, there sure are a lot of loooooosers posting here. GO TRUMP.
TYT are very DNC cry babies which are still in denial about their party lose with Clinton. HAHAHA get over it.
Carole Nash
Mark D.
Well analyzed and summarized but not very difficult for intelligent people to conclude.
Jan Jorissen
the comments here consist of a remarkable amount of double standards, i wonder why
Dianne Hayward
What a load of shite
nonamed _
If there is a third world war under his presidency, I hope the US ends up obliterated.
cheryl wright
Trump is Great !
Well, we're screwed...
fab fab
as Muslims we all like Americans but simply hate the biased zionist media and some lunatics as they are in every community
david simonsson
you can't stop the opium and heroin the govt imports it instead of coke & Iran contra we import opiates from Afghanistan
Michael B.
He's nitpicking Trumps every word....of course he knew these things, clearly Trump he's now reflecting on his tenure. I'm no Trump supporter but i found the commentary guy here a bit pointless and annoying.
sounds like he's unqualified. #impeachtrump
I think I understand what he was saying, but it's the thing. And we are great for the element of itself. Many have tried the job in the place but then something else happened. We must move, in a way, and then go forward but never forget the backwards when there is the time. Also, some thought everything was placed or settled and then the Founding Fathers did it. I'm sure the greatness is near if it is not far, or else the other people could be named and do fine. Got it?
Jeanne Marie
"Were so screwed!" Never said better!
It worries me when the current president makes George W. Bush look like a genius.
Kevin Boynton
Cenk, you are doing a great job, sir! Unfortunately, I don't think anything is going to happen to this idiot. I swear, that the man is untouchable. He said it himself; he could shoot someone in broad daylight in front of 100 witnesses, and could still get re-elected. We're stuck with this guy for 4 years. We can only hope he gets impeached.
Suzanne Stavely
My 4 yr old granddaughter talks more intelligently than this. Does he ever complete a sentence even?
Ima Wright
The Turd can twist, distort, alter, spin, and then attack his newly constructed 'straw man'.
That's why I unsubscribed a while back, long ago.
Trump is fascinatingly stupid. He wouldn't even be any help on politics in a pub quiz, and still he's been elected President. Something must be very wrong with the selection system.
So then, by the sound of that quote, we did get President Sarah Palin after all.
Babak Lavasani
This matha fucker is so retarded. This fuckin bitch must go.
Jay Jackson
Seem like just the other day that the Dishonest media, leftist trash, and worthless democRATS were debating if Saudi Arabia's King would shake President Trump's hand.
Saudi Arabia King Salman bin Abdulaziz not only shook President Trump's hand, he stood waiting on the edge of the Red Carpet at the air port to do so. Then a little later the King again shook the President's hand after presented President Trump with the kingdom's highest civilian honor.
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