Alisha Khan
Yea haha
tvd bxnnie
A lot of his pranks seem really dickish...
At 0:31 the water bottle moves on the couch to the left! Like if you saw it.
Miranda Jaime
in 00:30 a bottle moved
trinity thomas
When you face time bay on Halloween
lauryn higgins
0:30 was i the only one to see the water bottle
Awesome Aubrey
0:30 in the far bottom left corner of the screen a water bottle rolled onto the couch
he needs to put FAIL in the title!
Aidan's Random Videos
who else is here when she is with Tyler?
It's. Jayla
Did anyone see that water bottle roll down to the couch
Bella Ayala
are you guys still dating
alexa hernandez
Hahahah i miss thats boyfriend.....
Michelle Galvan
svetvad svetvadov
Rachel is cool!
brianne dawkins
At the bigganing the water bottle in the back moved
Emma Bennett
Lol my dad accidentally emergency dialed the police
Amazing Sunshine
He has pink underwear
Aidan Sweeney
Love it
Sugar hearts Love
0:31 seconds a random bottle moves in😬
chantell Xx
I prefer her new boyfriend js
Its sad they broke up
Did anyone see the water bottle at 0:30 (look in left side)
Nazmin Member
I wish you guys get back together
Seren Bellamy
He just HAD to take his top off. It was TOTALLY necessary 🙄
Izzy Brooman
I have the painting behind him at the start lol
Sarah Booth
did u see the water bottle in 0:30
Andrius Janisius
Kenedy Schummer
nur anneesa
are they broke up...i miss them so muchh😓😭
Rylee Floyd
hi love your videos
wi ka
you r awesome
Where the hell did the water bottle come from?
Marie Clifford
Check out Jake Paul's YouTube
Emily Reyes
Derick Rodriguez
Why did you guys break up
Am I the only one who laughed when he said "It's gonna be LIT" BADUM TSHHH
When he gets his phone and goes I am nurvos right now a whater bottel role ed in the left Conor
Vyonee Person
So nobody seen the bottle move by its self
Heriberto Sauza
what is his youtube channel
sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yeah
Queen Kay
The water bottle at 0:30 made me laugh so hard and idk why😂
gamer girly
a look the video
gamer girly
asaac is that you a thing rcl boy ftiend os tyler
wadha khoory
Why did they broke up?
Rylan Parker
did you see that random water bottle rolling on the couch
Maritza Severino
miss uu
Naomi Peterson
I am a very nice girl
Kaila Ethan
why she got so scared
do a vidio of the eat it or wear it challined
Ana Gutiérrez
he cute
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