Top 10 Pixar Shorts

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They may only be a couple of minutes long, but their genius knows no end. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Pixar Shorts. Suggestion Tool►► Subscribe►► Facebook►► Twitter►► Instagram►► Channel Page►►

For this list, we're taking a look at the best short subject animations from the Pixar library. 

Special thanks to our users Nicholas Zarach or submitting the idea using our interactive suggestion tool at 

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Random Scope13
Wtf the baby at 9:00
Yami Dokusei
I gotta say, my favorites are For the Birds, Luxo Jr., and Knick Knack xD
But all of them on this list are good too :3
Why do I feel like I've seen these before...
Carter Shute
My favorite one is Day & Night!
Ryan's toys review 2
you miss mater and the ghost light and the at enters of Andre and 🐝
Gamerzim64 AFV Full Episodes
when will you do a list on disney short films.
Kitty Universe115
I remember watching most of these in school. Apparently my school loves Pixar XD
Jacob Trinh
I have a dream. I hope will come true. That Mojo will a good list! Seriously, Mike's new car is an honorable mention?!
cookielurpies cuppysprinkle84
You forgot PIPER
The bunny in the short film name presto the bunny's name is Alec
Cliff Curtis
"The Passenger" is best Pixar short of all time.
Logan Brewer
I like shorts, they're comfy and easy to wear!
PumpkinMan Entertainment
I just realized the toy in Tin Toy plays Toreador March.

Mind officially blown.
I loved One Man Band, but preferred Knick Knacks way better
Jojo Siwa Fan girl
I love the lava clip 💖💖💖💖😆👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Jake Stueckle
without even watching a minute of this, I can tell "lava" is going to be in there somewhere
Super Adamska 64
The baby from tin toy was satan incarnate
Dylan Smith
I never heard of number one.
Kitty Girl54321
I haven't seen a lot of these shorts, but my personal favorite is Norman TV from The Secret Life of Pets.
Deyanna C
The tin toy one stopped me from wanting children, I gotta keep my toys and teddy bears safe out of harms way.
Why isn't adventures of Wally b on here
The Geoko Girl
I love paper man
Partly Cloudy predicted storks
That Coffee Guy
geri's game is my personal favorite
Timothy Torres #7 had The Wilhelm Scream in it.
Sarah Lilly
Lava came out in 2015. Come on you guys need to know these dates!
i loved this one. La Luna is my favorite
Tankengine 95
i like mater's tall tales
Kyle Raney
My favorite was for the birds. The ending was so funny.
Winston Li
Funny Happy Studios
My favorite is on man band
Coolminerkid 25
Melon Squid Gaming
999,333 views, 999-333=666
Levi Reeves!
While everyone's complaining about their favorite's not being on the list, I'm just happy this is a list! Pixar just gives me good feels!
Christopher Taylor
WatchMojo, thank you so so much for the nostalgia!
miguel gomez
that what I do when I have no one to play in chess
Annabelle An
When I was a little kid I loved watching Pixar shorts with my family and one of my favorites is either "Day & Night" or "La Luna"
49ers fan For dayz
Did anyone else hear the Wilhelm scream In number 1
Charles Layrock
Knick knack is my favorite one and it was the first Pixar short I have ever saw
XxTip SombreroxX
i can't find any comments saying day and night looked wrong, which I shouldve
Estevan Hernandez
My favorite short is Mater and the ghostlight
Jason Voorhees
The rabbit from the magician might be the one from Secret Life Of Pets? That might be why the rabbit. I can't remember his name.
Octo Daddy
The Blue Umbrella should've been a bit higher on this list. It's a thrilling story, I was blown away when It first played.
Nathan Blalock
My top ten (in order of release) are: Luxo Jr., Knick Knack, Geri's Game, For the Birds, Boundin', Jack Jack Attack, One Man Band, Presto, Burn-E, & Day and Night.
Skeleton NyanCat
I really like piper, the bird
My favorite is Nick Knack. I just find it really funny!
dizzy rascal
Jerry's Game, Partly Cloudy, Presto and Day and Night are the best
Jonah Wendt
I like to think the man in Lifted, is Remy's friend
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