Top 10 Pixar Shorts

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They may only be a couple of minutes long, but their genius knows no end. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Pixar Shorts. Suggestion Tool►► Subscribe►► Facebook►► Twitter►► Instagram►► Channel Page►►

For this list, we're taking a look at the best short subject animations from the Pixar library. 

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10: This is a weak short imo I still like it

9: Possibly the most underrated Pixar short I thought it was absolutely hilarious and it was great seeing this with finding Nemo on DVD

8: Great short and very beautiful, it's also very cool looking, but it's not amazing imo

7: Another hilarious Pixar short, great animation, hilarious jokes, and funny characters in it. Its also weird this was with Ratatouille

6: I love it, it was very enjoyable and somewhat funny, it was great with monsters inc, and it was great that the birds got what they deserved

5: Really? Honestly this short is a little weak to me, it's not bad, it's actually enjoyable but I don't find it great but it is somewhat funny

4: This one is good and it was funny how Geri appeared in this short and played against himself before Toy Story 2. I felt like there were 2 people in it

3: Made Pixar what it was, it may not be funny but it brought pixar to life and gave us its mascot.

2: Amazing, probably my favorite Pixar short, it was very fun to see this short along with WALLE, not to mention how funny this short was, Pixar did a great job on this.

Honorable mentions

- Okay short not that great it was boring tho

- Creepy but fun

- Boring short one of my least favorites For some reason

- Loved this one hilarious short

- I didn't love this one too much but it was entertaining

1: Awesome Short that combined 2D and 3D animation it was great to see this with toy story 3 and I loved how funny it was. One of my favorites
Bluie Plays
My favourite is boundin
Yvette Masterson
too many good puns!😂
Probably the best list on WatchMojo. I remembered watched pixar movies on DvD when I was little and we always got to watch these shorts before the movie started. I absolutely LOVED watching For The Birds, Boundin, Geri's Game, Jack-Jack Attack, Mikes New Car, Knick Knack, The Blue Umbrella, and Partly Cloudy
The Two Gamers
The dad from la Luna was the dad from cloudy with the chance of meatballs
minsugagenius jjangjjangmanbongbong
I've always thought La Luna was such a soothing and adorable short film.
The Lucky Ducky
I knew lifted was going to be on this list XD
Lorenzo shelby
My favorite short is boundin and presto
piotr szczepanek
I'm sure I watched most of these shorts
I saw the luxo ball
I love Presto so much, almost died laughing when I saw it in theaters.
mianne sciacqua
i love lifted
Karsten Schoenberg
i liked the very first short the adventures of Andre and wally B just gotta say the graphics were awesome
Elizabeth Gardiner
The bunny show
I don't like "Boundin", "Lava", "Day&night" and "Red's dream". Cause there aren't funny.

And "Lava" doesn't stand a chance against "La Luna".
gaming rookies
The birds in For The Birds have the South Park eyes xD
NotWhat HeSeems10
Lina Al-Jarallah
OMG I wanted Lava to be on the list - not a s honarable mentions but on the actual list :)
C Nichols
I like fat.
Pug Loaf
Piper was the best.
Film Toppings
Personally, I don't think La Luna or Day and Night were top 10-worthy, and I wish Lifted, Tin Toy and Boundin' were higher. Also, I missed seeing One Man Band on here.
blazemaster 77
Lava deserves #1
Vrinda Agarwal
my favorite is piper
Marcus Mellqvist
I watched la luna in 4d!
Robin Gorrilla
I like a good laugh, so my favourite is Presto!
Ayden Garcia
i like the one called piper
A swedish Potato
La luna is so adorable and genius it hurts
Literally where the fuck is Paperman???
Logan McCormick
I think lava should have won
Ryan Friedman
I think Geri's friends are all deceased
Bob Madison
i like tin toy
lol idk why
Badger Man
"Several years before Pixar made talking toys" but wasn't that the first movie they made?
ajay mob
Nice. But what is with background track ..
Katherine S
i love the day and night refrenc reminds me so much of me and my sister
Liam Mensah
Boundin 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
RandOmSandw1ch _
Why Lava isn't number one or two on this list in confusing.
Nevaeh Beal
Partly Cloudy Is The Perfect Short To Tell Your Kids Where Babies Come From.
Efrén Guzmán
fucking Lady you talk all the video...dislike bitch
Is that the rabbit from The Secret Life of Pets? Wow, no wonder the magician left it.
Celeste Moreno
I totally remember me watching Geri's Game before a bug's life started
crazy4bricks the brick brothers
Wait, how is the sun rising and setting in the same location in number one?
crazy4bricks the brick brothers
Day pees using a flowing creek? I wonder how he takes a dump.
boo you ruin everything i wanted shorts not your stupid information
Spiro27 Oscar
When I first watch Geri game I thought that the one with the black was his twin
Fried Fangirl
Fried Fangirl
"There's an old man in a balloon house who could use some company."

Carl: No.
I can relate to Geri, A LOT, since I don't have much friends.
Josiah Voorhees
1:52 it look like sexy when she doing with her hand
The Hungry Panda
What about that dog one
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