Top 10 Pixar Shorts

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They may only be a couple of minutes long, but their genius knows no end. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Pixar Shorts. Suggestion Tool►► Subscribe►► Facebook►► Twitter►► Instagram►► Channel Page►►

For this list, we're taking a look at the best short subject animations from the Pixar library. 

Special thanks to our users Nicholas Zarach or submitting the idea using our interactive suggestion tool at 

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Rock Head
lava has always been my favorite
Skodwarde Gameing
Adventures of wally b and Andre should be some where on the list or honorable mentions since it started pixars animation
Kidfury Videos and stuff
Sorry number 8 is presto
Kidfury Videos and stuff
My top ten
10.knick nack
9.reds dream
7.mikes new car
6.for the birds
4.luxo jr
3.geri’s game
2.tin toy
I hate "Lava". Don't kill me for this.
Ben Mohnkern
But... lava
The improv masters
Jack jack attack was always my favorite
stupid lava and boundin are the two best Pixar shorts
Asma & Kara
fox has no friends
One Man Band should have at least been on the list, if not #1.
seo youngho is my appa
Nick knack is my favorite it is the one that goes straight for the laughs and succeeds.
how is lava not im top ten and luxo jn 3rd
lifted is my favorite
kai crenshaw
In the presto short: what if he put one hat in the other?
Daniel Dobbins
For me:
#5 Lifted
#4 Blue Umbrella
#3 Partly Cloudy
#2 Geri's game
#1 Lava
nyroc friddle
Presto is what happens when you don't feed your star assistant. Has anyone noticed that in day and night, the drive in theater has the cast of cars (I see Flo)
Josealdo Tonholo
You guys suck
Martin Fomin
Knick Knack should be number one
Mads Whisker
Tin Toy was honestly the most scariest Pixar short films I've ever seen. Like jeez us. Especially the baby.
Madiii j
Boundin is by far my favourite 😂
Sam Weaver
Geri's game the best
Mark Braley Can you please stop saying the word "Hell-bent" in front of the kids? 😠😡 >:-(

I'm so sorry! 😩😔 <:-(
Fun Fact!

the original version of Knick Knack, the lady Had REALLY BIG BOOBS
Terence Andrei Calma
Now do top ten Disney animation studios shorts
Waffy Cubes
The fact that lava is an honorable mention trrigers me
Sam B
chelsie davis
2017 and still waiting on the disney shorts video
That one alien in lifted made me die
William Kogoi
I'm sad Piper wasn't in there somewhere
Riley Swenson
Boundin only an honorable mention? Unacceptable!
Brock Elkins
hey WatchMojo will you please do the top ten ESPN 30 for 30 films?
KNICK KNACK ROCKS!!!!! I always LOVED that one.... after all, you gotta LOVE a Snowman!!! 💚⛄💖⛄💚
Vince Hoffman
Luxo jr =the best
Michael Castro
top 10? dude there are only so many fucking shorts you should have brought it down to maybe top 5
angel omar soto
Gery's game, For the birds, and Luxo jr. was better. Others: Piper and Borrowed time(It was not from Pixar, but was created by a Pixar Director).
Rebecca Marcott
Lyne M
I know I'll get no credit for this and someone will take the idea and run but that's fine because I don't have the time to write the script. I love them that much that I'm willing to give up my idea...I think Les Twins should be animated. Pixar will make a lot of money and Les Twins will become even more famous. I have great ideas in case anyone likes this one.
Geri´s game has a nice message and is my favourite Pixar short movie.... Partly cloudy is also nice... i wished it would have a sequel...
Janet Aldrich
Jack Jack Attack is my favorite, but this was a great list because it brought a lot of Pixar shorts to my attention.
Lava is my fave
Liam Sturgill
The blue umbrella was really confusing to me at the time
La Luna was beautifully made
One man band is so intriguing
I never really saw knick knack at the time but I thought it was goofy when I did later on
Lifted was hilarious
For the birds is amazing
Partly cloudy is adorable
Jerry's game is just cute and funny
Luxo jr is adorable, goofy, and iconic
Presto is one of my funniest favorites
Day and night was so adorable and hilarious
Cant believe Geri's game is 20 years old. Wow I feel ancient. I saw it when it came out in 1997....
Stephanos Sfirtsis
My favorite is presto but THE best one by story animation And funnieness is defenetly geruis game
Morgellons MN
This earth is screwed
Andrew Oconnor
I love the video. I love PIXAR shorts. I love the Volume 1. 1984-2007.I like The Adventures of Andre & Wally B.
I can't think of a name
there's a old man with a balloon house looking for some company no
Kandy Cane
Y'know, I kinda wish Alma was an actual pixar short, cause I TOTALLY would have put it on for the fact that someone had the balls to make it.
Geri's game is my favorite Pixar short.
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