Charlie Puth - We Don't Talk Anymore (feat. Selena Gomez) [Official Video]

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Director: Phil Pinto

Quân Khánh
bản gốc của Chúng ta không thuộc về nhau (Thánh đạo Sơn Tùng MTP)
goku ozado
Voz linda da merda vei minha voz ta chegando a esse ponto
ping pong
a Vietnamese song is almost similar to this song
Sunav Ghimire
the song is awesomeeee
but the video is perfect
catalina garcia ponce
Me encanta
Giải Trí TV
Yes, Good
who is watching july 2017?
Roasted Rat
if only i had someone special to think about when this song plays ;(
Patricia Mercado
Sakr Mohamed
we don t talk anymore .......oh
alo bautister
i love song 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Sr Jitter
cade os br dessa porra?
nerdgamer 00
Memphis Rama
We Don't Talk Anymore
Davi Cardoso Serigatto
Valeu Charlie Puth vc é meu idulo meu irmão😎😎😎
Mari Videos
loveeeeeeee you Charlie Puth
Manueldgamer 123
Chi Nguyễn
Victor Viel
Im brasiliam fan of Charlie puth good song
Vanesa Serrano
esta cancion es muy bonita me gusta la letra
Hazal Khan
This song izz sooo good 😍😍
Mariana Garcia
Essa música canta em # gabinato
Harley quinn
love you😘😍💖💗
Lara Oliveira
Gamingmaster1x_X XD
I love this song I hireded it and it remined me about my gf...
сука откуда попал сучка селена гомез (гавно) ?
AsMaa'h DZz
my favorite song 💙
Os Fora Do Normal
amo essa musica 😍😍
песня нормаль но когда по попадает selene вот ето ванучий Дрен
Maryorith Hernandez
linda canción
Such Art.
Nly Lopez
Eril Cavalcanti
Anime Hulksta
My baby let my hand go 6 days ago. And it feels like death in my mind. And all i think is her kissing another guy :
Shit sucks!!!
ica septiana
We Don't Talk Anymore
Nicol Ramirez
soy el uinico comentario en español
noemi ferreiradossantos
Vim pelo winderssom
Rockstar Monster
We don't talk anymore......Starting NOW
Awesom3 Pl3ys
이 노래는 그녀에 대해 어떤 의미를 지니고 있기 때문에 이것은 (Christina Grimmie와 같은) 죽은 사람에 관한 것입니까?
Shirin Hossain
I love Charlie puth
puedes hacer una de hollywood undead believer o pour me en español por fa
despacito bibidro
Cadê os brasileiros desse negócio?
신 하 민
jungkook and jimin are better
Paola Troya F.
( 위 돈 톡 애니 모얼 ) 😅
Paola Troya F.
ai espik inglich
Paola Troya F.
du yu spik inglich''''''0''''''
Manahil Fatima
i am sorry and i am still missing u n waiting for just one message n I'll tell all my feelings. ilysfn
Paulo Cesar
Eu amo **
موضي s
Nice song here from KSA
موضي s
Nice song here from KSA
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