Inked by a Giant Slug!

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On this episode of Beyond the Tide, Coyote gets inked by a giant Brown Sea Slug!

In addition to the inking from the Brown Sea Hare, this episode also has a fun little twist behind it because we are currently in a friendly competition with our friends over at the BBC Earth Unplugged channel. We’ve all been sharing stories about our bizarre animal encounters for a while now and have decided it’s finally time to bring our audiences in to help judge who truly is champion of the MOST BIZARRE!  

So please do go watch their video after watching ours and let us know in the comment section who won this first challenge! -

Get ready to to witness one epic battle of the bizarre! 

*Special thanks to Aron Sanchez for making this adventure possible. To learn more about Aron's amazing field work please visit his YouTube channel or his Instagram @waterbod

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Mr.awesomesupporter shawn pippin
Brave Wilderness I have a bearded dragon because I love reptiles they are so cool
Bella Gonzalez
my uncle Alex friend found that and it is my uncle pet but he ran away 😲😭
Tide goes Out
I just love this channel I wish I could do more than just subscribe put my notifications on and like every single video☺️
PistonMan 5000 Gaming
this guy basically harms himself for fans
Gina Isnotonfire
Hey I can use that slug to write and draw also that's how u make slime the hard why
lydia mcgrew
Roses are red
Violets are blue
You are here for 5:32
Evripides Oikoutas
Where is the iguana?
that's cool
Did anyone else think that he was gonna get inked by the black one??
top lists
I have always wanted to go exploring the tide pools
Nani Diaz
so brave
J Arvizu
there was a ladybug on your hand
Danielle Eichelberger
why is it so slimy
EMPgamer Ethan
I have a PET bearded dragon named rongo
Killertoxic25 Dabest
He said he was inked, but I bet he got pooped on
Joshua Jarvis
I've cached a brown sea hair
Bjorn Fernandez
its like pink or purple farts hahhah😂😂😂
Chase Harris
"ugh I'm getting totally stained right now"
En Emoji
I love that you don't hurt the animals
So luks to face huger Xenomorph Alien
6:06 wow
Harry Edmund Townsend
I'm watching slugs fart out purple slim at 2:30 Am. idk what I'm doing with my life
Randumbs Sister
I love how when he puts them in the water they get hard looking but when he takes it out it's lots like ooblek
Orion Gaming
This Rocks
ning ding
Near the end of the video there was a green thing at the back of you finger,what was it?
Swag Duck
i love the fact that he releases animals after catching them
Nathan Drake
This guy is the Vsauce version of Jared Leto.
Leathie Swearington
That's disgusting
victoria mitsevich
Katia Garcia
Emily Scheirer
piranhas would be fun
The Chef
You hurt the little puppo
sunny huynh
I think he looks like Matt (the guy with facts)
Josh Mcdermott
wot if in one video you die
jave mortejo
thats how to make a slime just make the giant slug to ink
Emi TV
Who like the Youtuber ''BRAVE WILDERNESS''?
Pard ner
"Dang it Jerry, you said we wouldn't get caught!"
"I know...I know.."
John Winkler
my mom used to live in Arizona
edz sales
Ewww but cool i like ur vids
X x_MacManSoccer_x X
c ( o♦ o)c
Dylan Chew
Breeezy Haxx
4:03 when you want her to orgasm😂
taly Frausto
it look like slime
I like the cassowarry video
Edgar Ruvalcaba
Your ok? 🤕
Yael Aparicio
ink farts
Yoandrys Corvo
its like magic
Marshebya Andrews
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