Inked by a Giant Slug!

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On this episode of Beyond the Tide, Coyote gets inked by a giant Brown Sea Slug!

In addition to the inking from the Brown Sea Hare, this episode also has a fun little twist behind it because we are currently in a friendly competition with our friends over at the BBC Earth Unplugged channel. We’ve all been sharing stories about our bizarre animal encounters for a while now and have decided it’s finally time to bring our audiences in to help judge who truly is champion of the MOST BIZARRE!  

So please do go watch their video after watching ours and let us know in the comment section who won this first challenge! -

Get ready to to witness one epic battle of the bizarre! 

*Special thanks to Aron Sanchez for making this adventure possible. To learn more about Aron's amazing field work please visit his YouTube channel or his Instagram @waterbod

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Nevaeh Jackson
Marissa vlogs
Work at Home
Well hey at peast he doesn't do click bait right?
dank harambe
madison weatherly
madison weatherly
madison weatherly
madison weatherly
Come. over
madison weatherly
Come. over
madison weatherly
Come. over to. my hose
Hamad FM
balls of kryptonite.. man i get scared over stepping on seaweed
S. Sanchez
That ink looked like lean lol
Cynthia Heiden
If you look closely at 0:00 you can see the video starts. (Pls no hate here. If so, I'll call my homie PinkSheep.)
Jasmin Lona
encounter a turtle.keep it in the museum.
Charlize Q
I ❤️ slugs
Maria Valdez obispo
Nicole Nicole
gross 😓😝
Ryan: Vlogs and more!!!
3:55 my mind is twisted......
Camryn Dunn
"GUYYYYYSSSSS you made me inkkkk" -finding nemo
ur da best
Husky Hugger
Coyote is the best
like if you agree
Speed Fire
How many lizards or Iguanas do you have in your pockets!?!?!
gaby pernudi
am i the only adult here? xD
Aaron Ly
he just gave the slugs diarrhea
Faith Xavier
Josey is a Nut
And I'm sitting here, wondering if I could paint with that ink 🤔
christopher gonzalez
what's a doctors favorite instrument
You'r so cool dude!
Haileyvaine Danting
the slug ink works like a borax
Lucy Ellis
i love horn lizards because there horny :)
Najma Kharadi, Administrative Assistant
why do you like animals so much
Rad Chad
Fun fact: Ancient Romans used to harvest the ink from these creatures to make the purple dye for the Emperor's regalia.
dr. Jordan
youre Hot Cayote..😍
Not a poo tooinbee
El Rash Minecraft & More!
I love you love yuan
Devante Turnt
when your pen busted​ on your hand
Ivory Mantis
These guys were probably trying to mate. You effectively just barged into their room and started playing with them like dolls. Lol
Cindy Prokop
The bottom of the slug looks like a 🐱
I live in Phoenix Arizona
the slug is me when I'm on my period. wows.
leo viravong
When it inked in the water it looked like it farted😂
matthew Round
Laiyton Swanepoel
Gabe the great Mundo
How do you do that
Aaron Abbas
Is the ink toxic in anyway?
Emrald Lake
the brown slug really farted that ink out that's y there's bubble's
Cookie Seller And More
Hey little guy how are ya today"
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