Inked by a Giant Slug!

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On this episode of Beyond the Tide, Coyote gets inked by a giant Brown Sea Slug!

In addition to the inking from the Brown Sea Hare, this episode also has a fun little twist behind it because we are currently in a friendly competition with our friends over at the BBC Earth Unplugged channel. We’ve all been sharing stories about our bizarre animal encounters for a while now and have decided it’s finally time to bring our audiences in to help judge who truly is champion of the MOST BIZARRE!  

So please do go watch their video after watching ours and let us know in the comment section who won this first challenge! -

Get ready to to witness one epic battle of the bizarre! 

*Special thanks to Aron Sanchez for making this adventure possible. To learn more about Aron's amazing field work please visit his YouTube channel or his Instagram @waterbod

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Denise Labita
go brave wilderness
Evan Williams
the ink looks like grape Kool-Aid
Nick White
Your epic and so brave your my fav youtuber you found a octopus😅
Jeannique Francis
Purple ink!
TheHomeless Hotdog's
Im coyote peterson and today I will be drinking an espresso without creamer and sugar.
GTA Brennan
Mmmm I support the BBC too
Lillie Minor
How can sea hares make ink????
el canal de ese weon
Viva chile conchetumaréeeeeee
low zhan qin
Coyote are awesome and cool!!
red rose
3:59-4:05 pause
Amazing start lizard have a engine
he always has a car in his pocket ,I knew it,
I always called them horney-toads. I was told that's what they were called
Alexandra Gagnon
Are horn lizards related to bearded dragons in anyway, I know bearded dragons are originally from Australia but they look very similar
Sleepers _Yt
i have a pet horned toad!!
Chocolate Milk
"two right next to each other" come on, we all know why there were two slugs..
What if the tow slugs were on honeymoon
tfw when the slime looks like my precum
Savage Twins
I love the be brave and wild at the ending that part really inspires me and tells me how many creatures live in this world.I hope I can be like him, I love animals especially horses and wolves.Horses are so beautiful to me and all the tipes of horses are just amazing I always imagine what it would be like to ride a horse, the breeze you,le feel and to experience me on a horse just gliding throw the world tall grass. I Always have loved wolves because how big and beautiful and majestic they are I would love to be best friends with it especially a horse.
Charlie Ho
I want to know how the slugs live in the slime
Firesma Gt
New way to make slime lol
Dominus Guy
At the end f the year You should be biten by a snake
Chuck Master
6:57 the new ooze baff!
Chuck Master
hopefully you dont explore the bermuda triangle or a volcano
What is the chemical composition of that ink? and is it only the color that is confusing for preditors or does it also taste very bad (bitter, peppery, burning or something)?
And I have to say.. If I would found this creatures, the color wouldnt scare me xD I would paint my whole body xD big flaw in the evolution maybe,, and lucky for them I dont think I will ever find them in the wild:p
Mya Devine
will you marry me cyote Peterson
Shane Asher
Easy way to make slime
craig baggett
you are the best
Nick Toman
Was it hard to hold on to
sonali bhatia
This is crazy !! It was just yesterday that i was studying about this animal .....
shell shock
ima firing my INK!
Sarah X
these eyes are not like an actual eye they can't see they can only sense light and darkness! Like a snail :)
Pebisnis Internet
This gross
Pebisnis Internet
This slug jelly
Elly Cookiez
does he always have so something in his Pocket? so cute
green jaguir
I've been to that desert and that is my fav lizard XD Funny right?
Andrew Sorley
you go me on the click bate vid
CesarGaming9012 _YT
powerful cousins
o m g i love that animal
Legendary gaming
Katherine Huang
He probably got bitten so many times by snakes that he is immune to the bite. Not yet the poison(if bitten by a venomous one), but just the bite.
Graycee Scott
I'm a huge huge huge fan cayote
Did anyone else catch that he said BBC in the beginning 😂
lol its going thru puberty....😅
The slug look like it just fart when it shoot ink out.
thats all natural slime : D
xXbruhitzemmyXx MSP
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