Bartolo Hernadez
Give me a shout out
Patricia Kelly
whoever jumped out the window they are sooooooooooo savage
mariama Dampha
oh my god
Laura Schmitt
omgicracked up when i saw jakes face hahahhahahs
Laura Schmitt
why the f u callin amercans loco dood
I love you
Sandra Vazquez
I know Spanish too
Nevaeh Vignalo
Annur Qaseh
Ariana Ari
i wish i could sleep on giant teddy bears
Ariana Ari
i need no subtitles im hispanic :D
Jeralynn Flores
you guys are fun
Tyra States
Omg. When Ivan woke up he was soooooooo cuteeeeee😍😍 and like at the end, when Jake was about to get mad Ivan said "I love you" so he wouldn't get mad 😂😂😂👏🏻👏🏻🌙
Addisen Cannoy
Brian Booker
your ad are spanse
Hadassa Ravalliere
I loved the fashion show
Ronald Vermette
I'm still cannot believe he jumped!
Destiny Rosado
this was funny do it to more people
Kaylee Tovar
Now jake knows how it feels to be waken up at 6am
Tallat Ghafoor
senior class of 2014 xD
One Direction lover
The f*ck.....why am I walking slowly in my kitchen even tho I am alone😑😑
Catgames -MC
I will be so annoyed if you snuck in my room
Yo! its lena
i lobe that intro
Chloe Savage
Thats so cute that Emilio went to Ivan because he couldn't sleep ♥️♥️♥️
wheelie biker494
Emilo- jumps out the window
Leonardo Ortiz
did he fell for real
Kyilaha Green
How do you turn on the English subtitles??
Christian Caudillo
Ostedes son savevge
Anson Akiuo
I love you guys
Michelle Aleman
Lo siento se escribe algo mal tengo 12 anos
Michelle Aleman
Yo hablo español tambien los entiendo muy bien y tambien son de España ustedes
I Am Katrina505
Ivannn iss soo cuttee😂😂
Austin Jones
hi my name is keirrrah and i love you martinez and twins
Ca'Nya and Life
Jake:What are you doing
Ivan: I love you
Kersting Lopez
hola como estan
Dawn Dabbs
I almost thought Emilio miss the pool and it was soo cute how Ivan woke up
"Sorry Jake, I love U, Bai!"
Wertly GT
Apa Bansa Sea Nul akse opa bank bahe poal nab aha LOL
Aws Eljarah
yo emilio woke early
Mia-Leigh Hunter
I thought emilo died dude what the funk
dulce Perez
God jake got so mad
izz martina
Omg looking back martinez were right look at Jake's face after he says its 5 am then he rememvers there is a camera so he like tries to fake smile a little
Glitterliliilana Gl
Do you like Tessa as your girlfriend
Jordan Dyer
Maggie is about to sign to team 10
Leslie Cruz evil pure evil
Major link
Gaming With Alissa
Hola martinez twins porce saimpre ésta con Iván
PopularMMOs GamingWithJen Cloud Lover
Who else noticed that every cute hot or sexy guy speaks a different language its so maddening
Deandra Marrero
that was LIT
asome watermelon
why did he jump XD
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