16 Year Old Girl Saved This Pig's Life 3 Years Ago. Their Reunion Will Touch Your Hearts

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Pig remembers girl who saved her life years ago

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Music by: Incompetech

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Just experimenting on content ideas. Let me know what you think!
Rich Hertz
I'm going Vegan.
Piggy Pig son
I love this video:)
#GirlArmy #NoNeedForBoys
i started crying
The Third Shard
I'm gonna have nightmares this was so terrifying
SayWhat IThink
Tight bastard grandad making her pay
Rainbow Dash is cool and creative
I love piggys!!!
The grandfather made the 16 year old pay for the pig? How very generous and loving of him !!
Charlotte Combe
I love ❤️ people that love animals
Now this is the fern and wilbur in real life from charlottes web
fnafguy fnaffan
Arent you supposed to make scary vids ur terrifive was the dog a serial killer or girl a ghost
Matthew Ledford
Man I would grill tf outta that pig, yum yum yummmm.
Taliah Miller
watches while eating bacon. Slowly puts another piece in mouth
I'm a vegetarian now.
RedThinksBlue !
This Is Why I Dont Eat Pork ..
What a waste of Bacon
"only 4 hours away"
Darken NoShinka
Real Life Charliet's Web
no fucking way this pig was 900 pounds.
Raphael Raheem Kasiga
The background Music makes me burst into tears...
Jose Gonzalez
I lost my cat Sasha after 18 yrs. She's suppose to live for 14 yrs. but I guess the true love and affection we had for each other the Good lord gave her an extra 4 more years.
Sam william
ps i dont eat pigs
Sam william
I feel awful
bagsik buto
I am touched...
Things like this makes me want to be a vegetarian. Cant we all just stop killing animals foe useless things like for clothing, accessories, etc.
Ashlyn Blair
This was a brave thing she did.
Huang Alec
Chris p bacon
love you for the way you see animals:) MaxDK
Damn Boi
this reminds me of Charlotte web
M8 its just like charlottes web
Katies Corner
Pumpkin_ Pie
0:52 so cute
Kelly marie
aww winnie.is.adorable lil.girl..
I don't mind the diffrent content, but you come off as preachy,
Charlottes Web
DAVID veilleux
Her grandfather is heartless. Something is wrong with that man.
Hercules Theban
She had to pay her grandfather for the pig? What a greedy old bastard....
Luna Phantomhive
What a horrible grandfather! Having to pay for a sick pick!
Clorox Bleach
Pigs eat their own shit
Clorox Bleach
Why you trynna make me a vegan
Someone you dont know
(unsubscribes) this is terrifive not cutest videos of reunions ugh if I wanted to watch a sappy story I would watch someone else I came to this channel to be scared now im just bored.
Elevate Your Mind
Damn that Grandpa is a dick .. didn't he give her the pig then he charges her for it ...Grandpa should get dropped off at the sanctuary instead
The Stuport
Can't believe Lindsey had to pay her Grandfather the $350 to "Free" Winnie....that guy is a Dolt
Tegan Robertson
awww.... still love bacon tho
eh say
Just lik the movie chartlotte webs
The title and the video basically describes Charlotte's Web
Grandpa's a ass*
Amandeep Singh
If we really find love in our heart for our fellow earthlings, we would stop breeding them for the purpose of keeping a pet.
DawnThe LoneWolf
it does not matter wat animal it is if u save their lives they will save urs too and not only that if u visit them they will see ur trying to be friends and one day it will happen bc I believe I would be friends with a wild wolf🐺wolves are my fav but I want to stop ppl from killing horses I don't think it's right and ik we need the food but rlly wat have they done to u nothin so give all animals respect and pls just remember this anyone or any animal is a part of the world it's not just u💖💖pls like if u agree 💖💖
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