Passenger Screams as Plane Takes Off for Barcelona

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She has a fear of flying, so this African woman began screaming as the Vueling Airbus 320 begins to taxi and takes off from London's Gatwick Airport. Some passengers thought she was joking. But as we were both seated on the aisle seat across from each other, I could see her face turned pale. She was truly frightened, and told me once the plane had stabilized.

Gaurav Kalra
Its more like someone is fucking you from behind.. 😐
Haha omg.....The plane hadn't even taken off!
Poppa Bear
This is absolutely mental. This woman, should have taken a handful of Ativan before getting on the flight. Ridiculous.
If I had to fly with this woman near me, sounding like she's takin it in the rear from Ron Jeremy the entire flight, I'd have opened up the emergency exit and tossed her screaming ass out.
If you're that scared of flying.. take a damn bus or a ship. I couldn't deal with that. I'd likely order her about 3 x XOs and liqueur her ass up really good. Nobody should be flying with Aerophobia that bad, and making everyone else miserable. It's happened before though.
I've been in 3 very close calls in airplanes, starting off with a double bird strike when I was a kid, as well a total propeller disintegration on a small plane and losing complete power on another small plane, on the south side of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range with low cloud ceiling.. if anyone should be scared of flying, it's me.. but it's the risk you take, to be up in the amazing sky. Flying a plane, and holding the yoke, is one of the best feelings on earth.
Fking weak ass human
Lacey McMahon
Im going to Bali in 6 days
Class 395
the first time i travelled on an Airbus a319, was the first time i travelled by plane. it was kinda scary hearing the engines rev up, but i oddly enjoyed it because the feeling of lift was so trippy :D
Straw Hat
when i'm scared i don't act like that i just look normal but deep inside my heart is pounding lol
Abu Lahab
I'm so glad I dont' have fear of flying. I get a little anxious sometimes but I've been to 49 countries and don't it would've been possible if i had this kind of reaction.
Mel Ellis
This is so funny! What were those noises she was making? What was she doing? X
Tony Kenyon
She left her love eggs on max setting!
Dank Vengeance
Who else loves flying on planes
Anonymous 2016
I was really scared on the first time but I was too little to understand anything
Joaquin G
only way I'm getting on a plane is if i got a parachute lol
the noise reminds me of World War Z
Xaviar Ston
Shut the fuck up u sad ignorant bitch ! These types shouldn't be allowed to fly
Even the kids are saying 'someone shut this bitch up'
tt tt
Ad Dajjal
she screamed because she knew she was in the wrong plane
She finally had her first orgazam.
Mariene McCormick
Can Anyone Stuck a Big Needle of HORSE TRANQUILIZER in this woman's Throat!
Maximus Khan
Zombie on board
Dante Mckimmey
lmao πŸ˜‚ I was really trying not to laugh
Darius Wynn
jose nogales
Ratchet as fuck negro
jose nogales
Flying is cool.
Richard Pouzyr
this is funny
Alonzo Odom
I love when the plane takes off but my mom gets scared
Smoldering Pain
Jo Bloggs
Ridiculous to fly if your that scared, it upsets others around you!
Ava Louise
I love how she started to scream when the plane wasn't even going fast enough to take off
jerold perkins
wonder what her orgasms sound like
jerold perkins
needs to spend more time with her plane whisperer
JacktheG4m3r//ROBLOX and more!
Well, that's why pigeons aren't aloud in plane cabins.
Harald Lindohf
Feel so bad laughing at this but it's honestly extremely funny!
Kenya Irene
Honestly this lady would've pissed me off.
Josh Brown
sounds like she had way too much hot sauce on her taco .
i like planes because when you take off you can feel the g forces pushing you back like you are in a drag car
And this is why we never get on planes.
Jeff N
lol flying makes me a little nervous but that lady needs some Xanax.
Jon M
Erm dont fly if your so fucking scared morooooonnnggg
Dirk Diggler
shut the fuck up
Sutton Ward
I lové opéra 😍😍
thanks why you should take valium
Ik it is beautiful to takeoff
OMFG I'm 9 years old and I'm not scared of flying
that's funnyπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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