Passenger Screams as Plane Takes Off for Barcelona

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She has a fear of flying, so this African woman began screaming as the Vueling Airbus 320 begins to taxi and takes off from London's Gatwick Airport. Some passengers thought she was joking. But as we were both seated on the aisle seat across from each other, I could see her face turned pale. She was truly frightened, and told me once the plane had stabilized.

why he is screaming the pilots are not stupid some passengers are stupids im a pilot of american airlines
Eder Batalhao
You sure that wasn't James Brown?
Mette Haargaard
What da fuck😂
Don't call me a terrible person, I was mocking her the whole time XD
Dante Mckimmey
Sounds like she was getting dicked down haha
Ernest Jay
You should record her not record the plane.
The best part about flying is take off and the landing. The rest of the trip is so boring, when you look out of the window it looks like you're not even moving lol.
DE Kickz
Fucking moron causing panic for no reason
Aviation Monster
Dam if this was turbulence they would have to bloody put her in a straight jacket and duct tape her mouth.
My friend, who was an uncle of Barbara Mandrell, was scared to death of flying. He witnessed an accident at Palmdale California's USAF Plant 42, where he worked as a firefighter. A T-38 crashed inverted, killing the crew. He was among the first responders, and the horrible scene would affect him for years afterward. He would never fly again. After a couple of years of cajoling, he reluctantly agreed to fly with me around our home town. I flew as smoothly as I could, and he became less panicky as we soared over the homes and businesses. I guess this finally broke the spell, because he resumed flying on airliners.
That wasnt a scream......... get into one of my daughters' cars !!!!!! a white knuckle ride, guaranteed you'll find religion, and possibly kiss the tarmac when you arrive back home....... not for the feint hearted.
And I 'm not calling female drivers bad............ well not all of them
Juho Oravainen
did anyone have a shotgun
One of my biggest fears is that theres a bomb on board. More then anything else. With a terrorist attack every other week, how can you not think that eventually they will start blowing up planes??
from opera to parrot in a matter of seconds
People that have never flown before should not watch Twilight Zone the Movie
Andrew Huxley
This should be viral
Philip Mahoney
Do not laugh at people's fears. We all have one or some.
Алексей Лисицын
Будто в забой вели ее
Batphink Reg
She should have been given medication from her doctor or not allowed on board it could frighten others. I hope she settled down ok? I remember how scared I was on a few flights in the past.
Alex Robinson
I can't lmfao. ommmgg
Young Meteorologist
if she got in trouble because of her fear, i would have helped her tp calm down and tell the staff to go somewhere
Subhrangshu Chakraborty
She is being fingered-lol
Alanay Serter
That ain't no lady that's a Tasmanian devil
Michael Collier
She had a lovely baby girl.
Erkica Platz
those where screams of pleasure....her son was on his knees licking her clit like a champ!
Liza Flores
don't fly then...
mojo jojo
WHY wouldn't you get her on video??
Phillippe Richwin
Why are they screaming?!
1:54 She came
And? Let her scream.
Someone should've slapped her in the face. That's what one does to hysterical people.
That wasn't a scream that was like if she was going to die or faint
Hf H
I feel sorry for the poor lady. She is suffering with panic attack alone and no one to calm her down or stay with her telling that everything is gonna be fine.
Frank Perkins
Some people may find this amusing, but the poor woman was clearly in distress. Perhaps she has not flown a lot in her life, and is unaware of how aircraft function and how safe it is. The funny part is that some people mocking her for fear of flying are people that in turn fear going to the doctors, swimming with sharks, going to the dentist or closed spaces for example. Everybody has one fear or another. I personally love flying, even though at the start I was a very nervous flier.
Bitch, take the bus!
Class 465
When the plane reaches takeoff thrust: Quire singer
When the plane lifts from the ground: Opera solo
In the air: PARROT SCREECH!!
Richard Davies
Triple vodka for her please waiter lol
"is it all right now??"
"OH we are getting higher"
Mario Doni
behind the scene of lala land. lol
Abdullahi Mustafa
Maybe she was "special"
all of you would be horrible detectives. it's pretty obvious from the noise that she had just turned on a really huge vibrator.
basant vimal sharma
throw the hysterical bitch out from the pilots window
3 hours flight, more like 1 hour 50
Ross Alexii
who let her leave negro village?
i n
I hate flying but I can fly the plane
is she fucking retadred?
the rain falls on the plane in spain
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