Passenger Screams as Plane Takes Off for Barcelona

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She has a fear of flying, so this African woman began screaming as the Vueling Airbus 320 begins to taxi and takes off from London's Gatwick Airport. Some passengers thought she was joking. But as we were both seated on the aisle seat across from each other, I could see her face turned pale. She was truly frightened, and told me once the plane had stabilized.

Mike the Macaroni
40...30.....20......10..... Retard.... butter-air force proud 95
blacks ruin absolutely everything
shes just practicing her screamo/ opera performance
I'm always like "Holy shit we're gonna stall" whenever we bank.
I'm sorry, I'm scared if flying too, but she sounded like she was getting fucked and constipated.
Brian Carpenter
Krystal Owusu
I take back my com don't this is priceless
Krystal Owusu
This could be touture for her imagin that is you
beentga 757
Niggers always seeking attention
carleton morris
did she have a bone across her nose?
Smitty Werbenjaegermanjensen
I would have been pointing at her and laughing like Nelson from The Simpsons.
Denise Green
I dont like airplanes either
Sofia Diaz
1.39 omg😂😂
Swiffy Pig
You alright love arrrggghhh
Lian Po
sounds weird 😅
Edward Lo
African woman's face turning pile.
wow ya then, she's really scared. lol
Planes are fun. Minus the often screaming babies.
Her Şeyden Biraz
Ananın amı ne var bağırıp duruyorsun. Cehennemin dibi. Siktir git trene bin korkuyorsan. Anasını siktiğim. Nefret ediyorum böyle insanlardan.
Lilly-mae Lawton
This was really funny but i do feel sorry for her 😂😂❤❤
I see a funny side of it and a sad side. What's not funny is that woman has probably never flown before or has a disability. What is funny is how she screamed.
TBH, I'd do the same thing lol
Tell that stupid bitch to shut the fuck up
Why fly if ur that scared of flying....
3 hour flight? Wtf 😂. It's not even 2 hours man
David Murphy
Wow what a stupid ignorant woman knowing how scared of flying she is the ignorant moron should have stayed home scaring children on the plane it's a joke .
lol. her scream is hilarious. its not a scary cream its a comical scream
Charlotte Lawson
Poor woman. You can tell she is terrified
My Friends and me 2
Well once I went on an plane and and when we landed it was so rough but fun the cap in said I'm so sorry i say I'm so sorry about this I'm so so so sorry it felt like a
Rock hit the wheel
Wildlife / supernanny fan 1355848
Welcome aboard this airbus 320 from Gatwick to Barcelona.
The Mariam
Last year I was on a 1988 plane it looked like it will crash in any minute the engine voice was so freaking unusually loud and the plane didn't took of like the other planes I was on before ( it took of like a rocket ) I cried while my sister laughed and my dad was trying to calm me down it was a terrifying experience
D Just D
Must be related to James Brown.
Oh, bless her heart, she sounds like she was trying to keep herself from screaming really loud. It's cruel to laugh at people who are afraid of flying-- especially after 9/11.
yaya monroe
This bitch is so annoying
Ken Dufresne
I'd be the one to turn around and say: will you shut the f...k up?lol
Swiffy Pig
1:24 for first scream
Daniel OConnell
LADIES and we will be boarding southwest airlines flight 1704 with non stop service to Boston
Jad Assaad
im scared of planes even though its the safest way of travel, you just cant control it
MonJava Coffee Roasters
Flying is best when the door is open at 12K ft. and your jumpmaster says "go!"
Molly Malone
Inconsiderate, selfish cow. There are courses you can go on to remedy the fear of flying. I can no longer fly because of a medical condition, which would annoy others on a plane, so I take responsibility, so why does she not? Few want to take responsibility for themselves. It is one of the greatest experiences ever to taxi and to hurtle down the run way and to feel the pull back and the ground go to one side. I miss this!
I remember throwing up after take-off and once after turbulence :-;
not fun...
Yellow Cake with octopus
I feel bad for laughing
Free Bleach
I cracked up when the kid said "Who's doing that?!" XD
call the exorcist!
TTC transit Fan 7411
nice opera and nice parrot speech shes exprienced
I understand being afraid of flying, but there is no need to scream like a fucking banshee. I just want to punch this fucking bitch in the face to shut her ass up
aleX NG
That kid saying "Whos doing that" with an angry tone killed me lmao
hassaan zahid
Airbus powerrr
John Wilkinson
@1:54 she's screaming because she couldn't get a signal on the phone for five seconds.
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