Passenger Screams as Plane Takes Off for Barcelona

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She has a fear of flying, so this African woman began screaming as the Vueling Airbus 320 begins to taxi and takes off from London's Gatwick Airport. Some passengers thought she was joking. But as we were both seated on the aisle seat across from each other, I could see her face turned pale. She was truly frightened, and told me once the plane had stabilized.

Anselmo Chiong
Is this the new trailer for the upcoming new Exorcist movie?
Brenda Gonzalez
Poor lady. I feel for her but commend her for going through with something she’s terrified of. I would have taken a Xanax !
Douglas Rodrigues
Flying was maybe an orgasmic experience for her.😂
Dk Ny
I'm fucking done with thes screaming hurts my ears
Naaman Simeon
why is the fear of flying more prevalent with pommy women.
K Family
Christine Newhouse
My heart goes out to her...wish I was there to comfort her and talk her through it..Everyone has FEARS...and how they deal with it.God bless.
Daniel Oconnell
Flying is not bad at all
Swede Potato Pie
I feel so bad but I couldn't stop laughing especially given the leaflet in the seat pocket saying "Keep Calm & Breathe" 😂
Jeff Mendez
JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA no paro de reír
the phandøm phamily with a løve for drama
before watching the video I am that one person who would scream 😂

Edit: after watching video still me but internally
if you are scared of flying dont fly
Boominator Dog
What a coward who screams during takeoff as an adult
Christy Anderson
Why does her race have to be brought up. A woman screaming on plane. There.
Alex Harrison
If you can't handle a plane then don't get on it
Apppy the muzzle....
Don Ceballos
Love takeoff's and landing's, wish this poor lady shared my enthusiasm. Also, too bad the video didn't get a shot of her...wanted to see what she looked like.
crasshh Fern
open the cargo bay door
i dont mean any disrespect - but, wouldn't be sorta hard to tell if a black person were 'pale'......???
Jynx Jynx
Flying is somewhat of a white knuckle experience for me. That is why I take Amtrak or Cunard when possible. If I have to fly, I dope myself up with Demerol.
Mama Funk Groove Junky
You always get the one
I just love that it say keep calm and breath on the paper
cansın çakır
Şu Boeing in zırıltısından nefret ediyorum
Funnyshow HD
If You Playing Somthing then jumpscares you that screaming sounds like jumpscare sound
Is that sound fear or climaxing
I'm like this women, I can understand her. I want to meet with my boyfriend during winter break, plane is so much cheaper than bus and it's 3 hours not 38. But I'm afraid of high, afraid of flying (I'm afraid of almost everything) so I'll be crying during whole journey or I'll just pass out. But I really prefer travel faster. Any advices?
Joshy Boy
She sounds like a monkey
ian silo
poor woman,scared of the unknown.
Chris Bayno
I felt bad for laughing
Absolute fucking autism
Montero Entertainment
I'm laughing my ass off at this!!!
mellow m
do airplane feel scary? like on fair rides when you feel that weird feeling when you go up?
Original Triniboy
She's singing at the beginning lol
Gulab jamun Master
Shut up!!!
The Small Spot
That woohoo sounded like my dad's 😂
Partycoola The Memer
i have been to gambia
Andrew Asik
I hate the buzzing noise that Airbus's engines make...
Andrew Asik
LOL that bag: "keep calm and breath,"... clearly what some people on that flight weren't doing
Powersave Airlines
What's the issue?
Eduardo G.B.
was an orgasm!!!
I love plane take offs I smile and look out the window I dont like heights so I dont do rollercoasters and stuff but anything high that has walls and stuff thats high is ok I feel safe and not so exposed
Sound like James Brown
north shore
This is the best part of flying live it...
north shore
She should have gone to the doctor and got medication. I do when l get in a mri....
Had a similar thing flying out of Dubai last year. As soon as we took our first bank right a girl in a seat immediately in front started with "Oh my god...oh my god..oh my god..oh my god oh my god OH MY GOD" Pissed me right off if I'm honest.
Julian Losekoot
Shut the fuck up
I mean im scared of planes, but this lady made me feel like the bravest person in the world, although i do feel bad for becuz a olane takeoff is basically like an elevator accelerating at crazy speeds while propeling farward, u guys cant lie, that is scary
Through the Telescope!
Poor woman. Imagine if she was flying supersonic.
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