Billy Connolly Introduces Bob, Jo and Margaret

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Billy Connolly introduces Comic Relief beneficiaries Bob, Jo and Margaret - and explains how your donations help projects across the UK  provide support for those who are faced with loss, loneliness and dementia.

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Gordon M
Loneliness is horrible feeling. Go out laughing!

Look through your photo albums.

Death is an illusion...
martin coulson
to the 14 people that disliked this your heartless cruel shites , Billy Connelly is a brave out spoken man a working man made good . Long Live Sir Billy
Jack Russell
Billy Connolly = The Guvnor . The best stand up comic to ever walk shoe leather !
Joey Morrison
hello Billy
My dad has his autograph on the back of a raffle ticket
Nathan Edwards
You are a great man BIlly Connolly.Funny too.
Guilio McEwan's Space
An amazing man this was such a heart felt clip when I saw it.
Billy is a true lendgend and I am so proud of him for his nighthood.
Just amazing
When Billy dies there better be a day called Connolly day where we all get naked and run about George square!
Didn't know Billy had cancer :'(
never ever idolised anyone, our anything ,, no religion in my life,,
I have bin asked, ,can you name 5 people who influenced your life in a positive way ?
first one popped in my head is billy ,, he is everything I want to be ,,
second place george carlin ,,bill hicks,, doug stanhope, jimm jefferies, ,
I love these guys ,, saying like it is ,,
Bless him... such a great man.
Stewart Nicol
When I die, if I get to the Pearly Gates and am lucky enough to be invited in....I will ask one question..."Is Billy Connolly in there?" If the answer is no, I will be taking my business elsewhere!
a true comedy legend and inspirational sad to see him like this and wish him all the you big yin
dean smith
Any one who dislike this video has now heart or soul
Thomas Shelby
Ask the rich for money 💰
For me, he is the greatest uk standup ever to walk on stage and story tell and make all of us laugh out loud, The king of standup, But so sad to see the great man in this way, and it's only get worse for him 😞
He may be physically ill but you can tell the windswept and interesting is still there. actually looked better than i was expecting after last time i saw him at the BAFTA's (i think it was that). that shocked me.

Theres a lesson to be learned here about people with illnesses and disabilities (like me, spina bifida)

We may not be physically the same, but theres still a person in there.
Bless him. Billy you legend :)
jason mcardle
1 of the best comedians ever such a shame a brilliant man
benny fyfe
Ach Billy. Love you man.
harry bhoy
Conor Klose
wheres the laundry basket •
This has got to be the only guy I know who can make you laugh and cry at the same time, when he dies, he shall go down in history.
terence barrett
all of his Schmaltz's of candy floss,syrupy sadness, ahh man billy would not like this, and this is all for charitable money,did he get paid,or his family or like the rest ,if you want to see suffering, look at the Yemen,irac libya india etc BABIES born with horrific deformities, caused by bombs'' our bombs ''etc, and caused by our western governments corruption illegal wars, on innocent peoples ,bloody wake up great Britain and all of Europe'. to what our governments are involved with,' your head is in the sand '
terence barrett
a great entertainer, if you like this kind of comedy I do ,right back before Parkinson show stories jokes ,acting etc,,but he's not to everyone's taste,just like Sinatra,Jones dean martin etc etc, but all of this syrupy ,candy floss of sadness and emotions ,on someone you don't know,this country gets to be like america everyday,over the top plastic sadness,if its not TV shows ,flashing lights,graphics,tears ,oh we are so happy to have won, honestly what as our governments put in the water,if you compere people in war years, and up to 1970 + the country as went bloody barmy,childish, and juvenile,yes we all feel for a neighbour,friend etc sufferring from cancers, heart,strokes etc etc,but its inevitable as we get older,even young,children,but come on ,a lot go to these concerts,they can hardly here a thing ,pissed,and then say oh we had a great time,not knowing who they went to see,just to be seen to be there' this man as his faults like all of us,and they have there principals,political beliefs etc etc ,but they soon change when they have made it to the top,and also there political ideals as they join the establishment, royalty,MPs friends ,which they had been against when they were younger,just like all of the rest,yesterday simply red mick Hucknal ,celebrating with very good friends ''lying warmonger Alistair Campbell + tony Chilcot Blair, 2 people who should be arrested for war crimes,and our British governments, foreign country's developed etc absolutely ruined and devastated smashed to bits ( rebels paid to kill) ,refugees driven from there homeland etc in to flooding Europe, yes I feel sorry for billy ,but also the man+ woman who lives in the corner house etc who does not get sympathy help or care ,imagine billy collapsing, he would have government MPs etc getting him the best of medical help, of we all must stick together esp the establishment ,
Bobby Woopy
You can see his eyes reading of the auto queue it's heartbreaking
David Gray
he should be sir billy connolly absolute gem of a guy
...Where's Brucey? Here's Brucey--Noice to seeya to seeya noice!
Ty Cetto
Over half a million view and only 760 likes????
Either YT is seriously broken or people are seriously broken...
I beg you, PLEASE give this video a thumbs up!
Billy looks like he wants to be a wizard in the next lord of the rings.
Obviously reading, almost no genuine emotion. Just getting paid I guess.
Only one word can come close to describing Billy Connolly...

Sean Griffith
8 people don't have a heart 😢
Woodrow Wobbles
For the good of humanity and for your own good Billy ...... Help us legalise cannabis worldwide. It is your answer.
Bob for Bob.
Billy is the best!
The day bully Connolly leaves this world is the day my heart will crack a bit
Reality Gaming
Sean Griffith
Even though it will be late for Billy am tempted to do a Destiny raidathon and twitch it for Billy and comic relief he made me laugh so much when I was feeling down also for my adoptive granny Helen who also had Dementia 😢 RIP Granny Helen 😔
Please pray for Billy; he does not know Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Saviour. God bless
So where the heck do we donate! I clicked on the "donate" link but it seems like it's for a wide variety of things (which is great,but ...) How I can I donate to THIS specific cause?
LØRD نار
Don't read my name...
Woodenhouses Nick
Billy stick rocks!! good work mate
god bless you billy.. you are a legend
Dan dan
fin griffin
Billys a great man whos zest for life is amazing as for red nose ermm
Mad Penguin
Connolly seems noticeably affected with Parkinsons.
Thankfully his own demise will be lessened by the $20 million worth he has, giving the best medicine, health care, in a setting of his choice surrounded by secure family.

Imagine being a sufferer, with no friends, no family, no large cash sum and at the hand of the unmerciful NHS, you would be in serious trouble.

I'm concerned how much of the given money actually makes it intact to these organisations though, how much commision if taken, how much goes on wages and admin. The UK gives Lottery money to the Royal Ballet / Opera House for refurbishments for example - which imho is not a good cause and should be paid for by the rich sectors of society who can afford the £100+ ticket for a seat in a show.

I dread being old, poor and at the mercy of tight budgetted hospitals when I get old, I am sure they accelerate your own demise behind closed doors, out of sight. If you are alone at the end of your life, you are in peril.

It's better to have money than none that's for sure. Money can't buy you love, they say, but it can give you a dignified and humane exit.
The NHS should worry people. The level of UK healthcare other than private should worry people.
May all suffers be healed some how.
What a GREAT man. GOD BLESS Billy Connolly
No Thanks
Very moving.
James Beast
Is this the guy from the garfield movie?
Lewis Jones
Watching elderly people cry is heartbreaking.
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