Stephanie Finnigan
This is so funny
its not to brush your teeth theyre pregnant
Lt ChugaCast
Years from now when I become a father, there will most definitely be tears when I tell my parents. Because I will be telling two people who took me in from a family who did not want me from day one that the child they raised as their own has started a family just like theirs
Sub Way
Brush your teeth? Lmaaoooo 😂😭
Lmaoooo that first vid, they turned into teenagers.
Ashtyn Simerl
2:13 got me 😂 "ohmygod"
Lucky Sharms
"Where do you put that to find out?"

I'm done man I just can't
Gireesh Aakash
wash your teeth???
Tommy Francis
The Pack of Coors Light at 4:01 makes the whole video 100 times better.
FursOnMyBack Furs
all I saw was the thumbnail and laugh
"I'll be a grandmother in August?"
"Have you heard of that one?"
"I don't get it".

Jocelyn Colleen
T̤̮H̤̮E̤̮ T̤̮H̤̮I̤̮R̤̮D̤̮ O̤̮N̤̮E̤̮ K̤̮I̤̮L̤̮L̤̮E̤̮D̤̮ M̤̮E̤̮!!!!
Christina Casey
i just really wished i had parents who want me and a grandparents for my kids. this is literally got me in tears
Their faces are classic
Jessica Calderon
are they toothbrushes? hahaha
NightPaw Chan
lol where do you have to put that to find out lmao
Candyce P
kmslllll omfg 2:15 😂😂😂
morison andoor
These crazys could scare the babies inside
Kate A.
I died laughing with the grandparents in the third clip lmfaooo.
I don't even know Anymore
I always go for the ones with crazy thumbnails those are the funniest
Grandma -" it's a pregnancy test to see if your pregnant"
Grandpa - "oh my god"
that had me dying😂😂
Cyan Brynda
Daughter: "Open ur presents guyz lol"
Parents: Opens presents
Dad: glares at son in law
gretchen ortner
3:04 "Where do you put that to find out?" AHAHAHAHAHA😂😂😂
Alexandra Concepcion
the first one is just priceless 😂
Melissa Hislop
That face at 1:36 though. 🤣
Alexis Hampton
1:37 the face of realization XD
Evon Williams
to funny
Kari na
Can't wait till i get pregnant fr lol mom wants a baby in the house and shes been giving me baby fever since i was 19 im 21 now lol She Will flip whenever i get prego 😂🙊just getting ideas how to suprise her some day 🙃
1:37 I nearly peed myself XD
Cinthia Phillips
3:47 😂😂😂
Kaelyn Lehr
i want the grandparents from the first clip to be mine
Rob Martin
BWAAAAAAA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants from the first clip!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Great video!!!! LOVED IT!!!!
Pickle Snickelfritz
This is how I'm going to do it
Hopefully t will be a holiday

So it's either thanksgiving,Christmas,easter
Here's what I'm going to do

Me: Mom. Would you go get the pie out of the oven for me?
Mom: Sure. Goes and opens oven
"There's a bun n the oven"
Mom: A bun?
And then she will get it.

I hope that's how it goes 😂😂
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