AMERICAN ASSASSIN - Official Trailer - Reaction & Review

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JTE and Billy Patterson check out the latest trailer for American Assassin! It's a plot we've seen before in recent films like, Bourne, The Accountant and The American but this time it's with Michael Keaton.

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Why is everyone reacting to the first teaser trailer only & but not the latest RED BAND trailer? That one you'll know that it's definitely an action movie for sure. 10xs better than this teaser trailer.
AJ Volpe
Guys, This is based on a character named Mitch Rapp (Dylan O'Brien)...he is in training with Stan Hurley (Michael Keaton) Black Ops CIA operative. (Sana'a Lathan is Dr Irene Kennedy Deputy Director of the CIA and Mitch's handler.) based on the 15 novels by Vince Flynn...Mitch Rapp is Jason Bourne, James Bond, Jack Bauer, The Punisher all rolled into one. I'm not joking either. You should read at least one of the Books...Then you'll understand..But this is your backstory..These are legitimate people who are in the CIA today and who are just like this character.
Sandra Schmidt
regarding your first comments in this vid, dylan is anything but mediocre, if you look at anything he did, not just the maze runner, he out-acts everyone, and he's the best of his generation. just sayin
Tom Dill
American Assassin is a best selling book by the Late Vince Flynn. It's about a man named Mitch Rapp, who's girlfriend died in a plane terrorist attack. After that, he spent 8 months vowing to hunt and kill everyone who plotted the attack. This movie better have O'Brian show character traits of a badass killer who will do whatever it takes to win. And Michael Keaton will play Mitch's mentor, Stan Hurley who is one of the biggest asshole trainers ever. So for the book fans out there, these two have a huge role on their hands to avoid backlash. Read the book, American Assassin. It'll prep you for the movie.
Tom Walker
wenger out
Lionel Lynch
Punisher + John Wick + Jason Borne = American Assassin
astri rahadiputri
and to think Dylan filmed this just months after he got nearly fatal accident on The Death Cure set that make him needed a facial reconstruction surgery
The Tragic Master
Taylor was never the reason why many of the things he was in, were bad. The guy is a legit actor and "John Carter" was actually a pretty good film. He can't seem to catch a break. I don't know exactly what the problem is but I hope it is figured out. I'm rooting for him and won't give up on him being in more good movies. I hope this film is as good as the trailer.
Read the freaking books people - BEFORE - you go to see it at the theater. Action - fast paced action with a credible back story of the Black Op's interactions in the story. The author's name is Vince Flynn. American Assassin is the first of the series regarding Mitch Rapp (Dylan O'Brien's character) Micheal Keaton's character and Sanaa Lathan characters are all essential characters in this Mitch Rapp espionage story. Vince Flynn (RIP) died in 2016 from cancer. If you enjoy watching high quality action drama movies - then you will most certainly enjoy the Vince Flynn/ Mitch Rapp stories. As you can see - I am thrilled to see this story being put on the big screen and I hope that many of you decide to read the books.
Kevin Murphy
Stop calling it the Punisher. His family was killed in a park, except for the worst part of the Tom Jane film.
Zane Z
Great reaction and review as always JTE!!
Greennorth Pine
Michael Keaton is awesome , one of the best , why the hell they dont give him great movies ???
James Navarro
I'm a sucker for these type of films. Brings me back to the golden days of revenge films. Ala Any 90's B Action Movies. Verdict; I'll RedBox it 👍🏿
Jason Creed
I have read the book American Assassin by the late Vince Flynn. This trailer is close to the book ONLY when Mitch meets Michael Keaton. The rest...creative license. The book is awesome...not sure of this movie yet.
Shane St.laurent
Stiles JTE Stiles
Shane St.laurent
I saw a Seth Rollins shirt on the thumbnail.....I was lied too
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