Patrick Kane
Ducking Yeshole
/ \
anas alkhofi
7:10 XD POOP
9:15 the best 1
Bryan Quinto
8====D{()}😂alien getting in a ufo
Killed By Marsus
Red Hood
Who the fuck would have sex at the age 15? 😂😂
these are all fake and gay
Christopher Prosser
I like how the narrator is Siri
Josuke Higashita
I feel sad on whoever the person is at 2:17
Gaming Fever
Censors "fuck"

Shows "shit"

_ Drake
Why can't the people who make up this shit come up with anything better than accidental parent messages?
Asma & Kara
I don't think this is working out.. (other) y bby? :other ; CAUSE U CANT FUCKING SPEAK ENGLISH
サイコ Slaughterer
He hates her fat ass? XOX.
Toaster in SpaceTM
This is all from either r/goodfaketexts or r/badfaketexts
Mr Hate
oh you mean that little tic tac omfg I'm dead
Rainbowpaw 9000
2:39 that shit had me dying
Mob Now
Your parents have sex. She wants 50$ because her mom wanted a vib? Then she calls her disgusting? Someone beat the retard out of that kid please
These texts remind me of the time I accidentally sent kiss emojis and this slightly inappropiate text message to my drum teacher. Those texts were meant for my boyfriend. I am a nearly 18 year old female while my drum teacher is a middle aged man. It was very awkward, yet funny. Somehow, I still have the same drum teacher
Selim_ Shady
fake af but still funny
Are these fake?
Dat Troll 911
I thought it was Cowbelly
Lourenço Vieira
That sex conversations are way to awkward , i cant feel it.
UnTamed_ Gaming
I'm in love with ( . )( . )
chance c
At 4:45 really
7:51 fuck off
Lithos Yuuki
"fair enough bye"
LynxBeef - Gaming Videos
LOL this is cool
LynxBeef - Gaming Videos
do u know how to do this?
LynxBeef - Gaming Videos
Sith Illenafets
Most of them are obviously fake
Cullen Lad56
The victim's anorexic unwashed mother proceeded to marinate his rock hard
slippery oiled black fat cock with pungent whitish yellow cloudy smegma
with bits in, the stench so extreme you could pass out, slobbering
spittle and sputum all over her stinky wet drizzled dripping crispy
black hard boiled deep fried slow roasted pressure cooked cunt then
impaled it with such force bending the transgender erectile penis
causing a stress crack to form and eventually causing the ligaments of
the penis to fail, resulting in severe skin tearing and ripping, labia
rupture, cervix perforation, athlete's foot up the arse, and copious
amounts of blood and sweat, with strands of seminal fluid and stagnant
smegma seeping. The remains of the penis were then shoved viciously into
the mutilated and ravaged butter clogged deteriorating vagina, various
bodily fluids being propelled the opposite direction. Did you know,
shoving a deep oily sticky slimy fat black hard bendy wiggly veiny
magnificent drained cock in a fat red irritated creased wrinkled old
wetted juicy anus can result in critical ligament stretching, tendon
slashing, muscle wasting, skin puffiness and redness, bone bending to
the point of snapping and popping leaving a gaping opening, bone marrow
shrivelling, organ leakage, foaming, and flaking, extreme flesh
blistering and bruising, burns, stains, boils, abscesses, multiple
critical lesions, gashes, genital fatigue, scarring, pus surge, labia
tarnishing, rectal blotching and discolouration, multiple sores, whole
body splitting, rupture and breakage, long term bodily decay, corrosion,
dissolution and dilapidation, nerve buckling, crumbling and failing,
and brain rot, fragmentation, misshaping, slanting, trauma, hollowing
out and mincing. But introducing it into a wide painful bleeding
incision in the crumpled scrotal sack can cause violent testicular
ravaging, sudden infertility syndrome, urethral bulging, spilling, and
blockage, seminal overflow and critical penile bursting, so instead of
stealing someone’s virginity, you will have stolen their FERtility. Anal
leakage can be a dilemma for those who possess a mushy, slushy,
squashy, squishy, splashy, fleshy, fishy, sloppy, smudgy, spunky, murky,
muddy, lumpy rectum, but can be easily rectified by anal sand blasting,
anal sewing shut, anal hot glue gunning, a session of anal vacuum
forming, a generous dose of anal anti-scuffing lubricant, fitting of an
anal filtration system, and the installation of an anal dual-temperature
recirculating water system. However if you suffer violent peeling away
of the rectal wall and death of anal tissue on a regular basis each
morning, the only treatment is blasting of the anal opening with an
abrasive propelled by compressed air. Inserting hot rods past the
cervical lips and into the central vagina can incur agonising uterine
singeing, scalding of the inside layer of the fallopian tube, ovarian
barbecuing, clitoral grilling, tissue soldering, vaginal fluid
vaporising, and in the case of pregnant females, amniotic sac expansion
and distension, foetal killing off by scorching of epidermis and dermis,
3rd degree foetal burns, violent destruction of the womb, skin
charring, placenta roasting, bodily oil sizzling, and inadvertent
internal pressure-cooking of the young foetus........ Sorry for spelling mistakes
Bubblez z
(∩❍Д❍)⊃━☆゚.* Free Condoms
Kagamine Rin
u > sqrt(-1)/3 => sqrt(-1) < 3u => i <3 u
Sakura Sena
6:57 LMFAO!!!
If only these were real
Galactic Scizor
30 bucks this never happened
Dad Is Rad
Why does everyone in the comment section think random is funny
Was that Jake Paul???
totomush dogs
And smile more 8=====D
totomush dogs
totomush dogs
( . )( . )
chiggie beeze
i need a 🅱low🅱o🅱
dZ Clips
Xavier Xavier

Hot Sauce
Every like this gets is one rock I'll throw at a moving car
Logan Cisneroz
6:12 That's my mom she's so awkward in text
the names kamil
Kalida Alnajjar
he can't pronounced the wordsss
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