Golf Stereotypes

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Golf Stereotypes: The golfers we all love to hate. 

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Nick Molina
stereo types swumming
Awalnoor Brar
Soccer stereotypes
Zachary Gentry
Carson Vecera
Ethan Plays
What about the guy who always try's to his an eagle.
Chewie Gecko
Estevan Garcia
rage monster never gets old
The Bright Man
Airplane stereotypes
Jessie Lerma
Y'all should do Football Stereotypes
Sann Fam
I'm a rage monster
Vince Mero
I'm the "That's playable" Guy
Vince Mero
Do beach stereotypes
Sania Chaudhry
My dad is the ball hunter lol
Bruce Farley
there is a dog in the background at the end of the video
A. Karreman
The shank guy how bout that
Aidan Williams
Golf video game stereotypes
Keegan Ottery
awesome video
Noa Fttrff
you should do baseball stereotypes
C Fall
Shopping mall steyotypes
Gus Murray Gaming
Im the rage monster
Parison 02
I'm the mood swing, the that's playable guy and the guy that likes to drive the cart.
Emma Johnston
I like the magically finds his ball every time guy; That totally seems like Cody
Darren Scott
Do roadtrip stereotypes
Jonathan Jones
were's tues goty
Mustapha Muhammad
how about the guy who doesn't know the rules and wants to play (me)
richard alvarado
is there any less physically challenging rich white male alleged activity? the late chet forte said a few years before he died that the main reason golf is on tv every weekend is because it's cheap and easy to produce compared to football, basketball and baseball. also since tiger woods freefall into the abyss the sport has lost its cash cow. also notice that the women's side of the sport has virtually gone away except on the golf channel because that side of the sport is asian dominated since the retirement of annika sorenstam and lorena ochoa.
Ian Pellett
Pool, bowling, hockey. These 3 are pretty good ideas.😎
logan miller
your next one should be hockey
Gaming With the Bros
can you subscribe to my channel gaming with the bros
Neymar112017 pro
you should do ''AIRPLANE STEREOTYPES''
Da _turtle
football stereotypes
i'm find the ball guy
I am the sand trapped guy
Maya Radawski
i saw the dog in the background
Jackson Ashley
all sports stereotypes
Fist Body
Is the old guy Tyler's dad
The Monkees
In some golf course, there is a drive in a water hazard, and I want it
I am the rule enforcer
"Uh your head is on my ball"😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jason Enstad
Stereotypes cooking
This rage monster was essentially tiger woods.
zeegamez 4life
thats a sloppy joe
Goalie Tube
Do hockey
Ryan phillips Ryan phillips
I have watched every one of your
Randy James
Do a blitz ball stereotypes
Mood swing
Oh, and what about the Person Who Randomly Brakes
In the thumbnail, it looks like Garrett is about to kill Cory. xD
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