Foreigner or Not?


Visitors from all over the world walk by our studio on Hollywood Blvd every day. Over the course of our years working here, Jimmy has developed a knack for determining who is a foreigner and who is not so Cousin Sal grabs pedestrians off the street and Jimmy guesses based solely on their appearance.

Jimmy Kimmel Pranks Guillermo

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Foreigner or Not?

Katie Guerra
jay son
Foriegn or not?
What a bunch of racists.
This is why Trump was elected.
Keep your delusional BS in California and New York.
da boss
Why is no one commenting on the boy within the crowd that was helping to close the rotating apple pie (heating???) thingy.
Evan Stewart
I could tell the first guy was French just by looking at him, Americans aren't very perceptive are they
That girl has some massive calves!
Nicole Couture
When he said fake news 😭😂
ptdr j'étais sur qu'il était fr le premier
Never ceases to amaze me how every German they get on tv completely fits the stereotype.
When the frenchman calls the flag of france: paris 😂😂
Sacred Tree
>french flag
That Lyric Guy
3:11 where were You Looking little boy in the background😏

That Lyric Guy
I could tell the first Guy was french
I like that the German guy made the two-sign with his thumb and forefinger.
Joan Marc R.
this is kinda cringe
I am sure he knew what flag it was. A host will say or ask things even if they actually know so that those watching who don't know can hear the correct answer. Maybe a young kid who hasn't learned all the flags yet is watching or someone with bad eyesight. Hosts have to keep things simple and obvious to cover everyone that could be watching. I'm more bothered by the kid who reached over and shut the glass case with the pies lol 😹
Tim Engelbrecht
I knew the last guy was German when I saw his shorts. My dad has the same lol
love the way you lie
Woooooah my home city Stuttgart :D
Alex Sabate
Les claquettes c'était forcément un français. Merci Brian!
So he makes fun of people on his show for not knowing where North Korea is but doesn't know what the French flag is?
Konstantin Grace
I thought that bryan was Italian 😂! Anyone?
GroApe Xds
Left ...
Jon Warburton
Jimmy Kimmel pokes fun at people on the street who don't know basic world geography and politics but he doesn't even recognize the French and German flags.
Extinct Eddie
Okay i see the blue now
Extinct Eddie
In my defense the flag looked black instead of blue
Crazy K
It's gross how that dude giving out pies actually has his thumb on the pies! No one wants your nasty germs on their pies!
Nada Awad
I would actually speak because I have an American accent but Im actually from Egypt
Sans déconner le Français tu fais honte à ton pays avec ta banane et tes sandales déguelasses
Pearl Perry
and people say all Asians look the same smh
I actually guessed from the first guy's nose and hair colour that he's French 😂 I know too much
How do not know the flags of Germany and France..... I'm baffled.
John Smith
I guessed the first guy was French. Ima genius
Landhawk 96
Funny video Jimmy!!
Wait I didn’t know Apple made pies??)?
Maggie Burt
My lord stop hating on him for not knowing the French flag there are a lot of flags we can't memorize then all🤦🏽‍♀️ it was one mistake
Grendel Sloth
They just roasted the poor guy
blurryfaceson -
the German guy at the end was awesome 😂😂🇩🇪
Jose Luis Cortez Marquez
Deborah Ann Woll doppelgänger in the back
I'd watch a show like this for hours
Negative Minded
Brian ma chéwie tou es magnifaïque!
Non, sérieusement tu déconnes, c'est quoi ce short??
He's standing on a stage and looking at a screen far away.
Thats why he couldn't tell what flag that was, couldn't tell what was written on her shirt, couldn't tell what kind of shoes she was wearing.

By the way we all know France isn't a country. Europe is.... duh
Brie Brie
when jimmy kimmel thinks hes smart enough to talk about politics and test people about where north korea is and then doesnt even know the french or german flag 👏👏👏👏 top notch stupidity.
Why are you guys so on jimmy just because he didn't know it was France. Lol do you know how many flags looks like France
Ck Vk
he said M-A "double T." your not from America if you spell it that way. I find that very interesting.
Ozz Abdi
1:23 seen flag ⛳️
scott S
Wow you are able to criticize trump but you don't know a French flag
sorin calub
Jimmy Kimmel makes fun of people for not knowing where North Korea is, yet can't recognize one of the most revolutionary (pun intended) flags of history!
Marko Ghiraldo
"Paris used to be the fashion capital of the world a few years ago" now there are too many immigrants hahahaahah
Marko Ghiraldo
They put an African flag in the "flag circle" ahahahaha cuz if not then Black Lives Matter would hate you hahahaha
how did i know the last guy was from germany
Cleveland Rock
Listen, France. Our flag has a star for every state and a stripe for every colony. It has a meaning that is personal to us, and is therefore easy to recognize. Your flag is three boring stripes, just like a lot of European countries. If you want your flag to be memorable, personalize it. Put something meaningful to France on it. Maybe put a shield with a Gallic rooster on it like your rugby team. Your naval flag is pretty unique as well.
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