We Trained To Shoot Guns Like John Wick

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Regular people train like John Wick!

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Created by https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/11576

Laurence Gurule
Jade Victoria Struck
Jennifer Irene
Taran Butler
Sherial McKinney

Dang That woman is fine and can handle a weapon- Ah America.
2:07 im i the only one thinking of the clock candy apple
Salvador Martinez
I don't believe in men and women equality. Women birth the great men and women of today. They are the fuel to the fire that men call life.
One solid fluid action he said
Madani Gaming
three gun challenge is from sucide sauad i beleive
yonkers blah
guys just pause it at 6:24
Jeremy H.
Can you say Keanu's name correctly please? lol
Benji Price
Anyone know the handgun holster they are using?
N&A Productions
women be like: we want to prove that we are equal and can do the same stuff men do. WE didnt say u cant, then she gets 15seconds more time then she did...... women logic
N&A Productions
the title should be : only two people that are for guns shoot fast, buzzfeed.
I thought you hated guns.
Good on buzzfeed for showing firearms as more than just "child killers". They've earned a little bit of respect from me.
Laurenz luis
wow a feminist on buzzfeedblue....
Ofc she lost shes black and a woman.
Frick Fruck
She says women are superior, and the guy wins
i'm sorry but is it just me, or does he look like Eli's dad????
Keiichi Hentai Club
Don't Try This at Home it more dangerous
Octavio fang
buzzfeed ruined it with the girl in the beginning
Lyx Malfunction
Girl power? haha
wants to be equal to men. guy does 24:77 she does 36:22
Dustin Knight
Wouldn't be a BuzzFeed video without a Feminist
Adrianno Shenah
lol she had to say she was a feminist. blaaah
Keep in mind Keanu has had much more time and experience! Great video! Very insightful.
Ofc the woman was shite
John Wick 2 is such a good movie
Nothing Gamer
Wait BuzzFeed is liberal. why are they shooting guns!?!?
John Browning
buzzfeed, do you really get it. your learning guns aren't bad? praise Armalight, liberals can be saved lol.
Reason Speak
I hope these folks at BuzzFeed will spread the word; appreciate our unique Republic and its guarantees to protect our individual freedoms and natural rights. Most countries historically and currently could care less about your ability to protect yourself, let alone use, own or become proficient with a firearm. Plus, 3 gun is super serious fun.
JP jp
out of nowhere and barely relevant to video. "im here to prove women can also b badass". finishes last by almost 20 seconds
JP jp
out of nowhere and barely relevant to video. "im here to prove women can also b badass". finishes last by almost 20 seconds
Tim van der Baan
when your sport only involves your arms so ur still fat
Netsu Heat
Take that guy and Keanu Reeves himself if there's zombie outbreak. That girl? Hey not bad but better keep up.
"Im here to prove that women are in fact just as strong and capable as men"

proceeds to get completely shown up by a man
Kind of an unfair contest; Reeve has been doing 3-gun for many years now - he got hooked on it after training for the Matrix series. You aren't going to beat him with just a single day's experience. Also, it is almost axiomatic that women tend to shoot more accurately than men. There are a lot of theories behind why this is so, but most of them boil down to the idea that they have less to "unlearn" about what to do than men who grew up playing with toy guns and believe they know it all until they get to the range. Lacking pre-concieved notions, women actually pay attention to the lessons and take in what is really required to do it right.
Im sorry but the guys' way of saying Keanu... The end of me
Yeah, women seem to be much more accurate than us, but generally we are better shooters. True for my sister and I at least.
michael phillips
forget learning to shoot it is better idea to just buy a bullet proof jacket only around £500 mines on its way
U guys just need pencils
Devious Doggo
Anyone see the glock candy apple?
Wants to show how woman are powerful takes nearly 4 times longer than the guy
Honestly thought it was gonna it wasn't gonna be those two. Thought it would've been like the try guys
they did pretty good for beginners
Jonathan Quilon
baba yega
John Wick
I shoot better
Elliott T
That chick wouldve been dead 7 times before she finished
Glad to see libtards enjoying firearms.
"So, technically I was just three seconds slower."
Yeah, technically you were dead.
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