We Trained To Shoot Guns Like John Wick

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Regular people train like John Wick!

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Created by https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/11576

Laurence Gurule
Jade Victoria Struck
Jennifer Irene
Taran Butler
Sherial McKinney

thisoneisforcommenting ok
so here we go i have another problem with cancerous buzzfeed
are you trying to shoot like john wicK
or trying to shoot like keanu
since there is a fucking difference you libtard honeycunts
My Music
Trevor E
" to shoot guns like "

Off to a bad start .
David Johnson
Beta males try to shoot...
Packhorse Triumph
these two are pathetic
considering its buzzfeed im surprised no one got ptsd
Okay, can I just ask why it is that suddenly they make a huge deal about a woman shooting a gun, and why she has to talk about her being for "equality" and shit?
I mean, I don't mind her talking but come on.
Мартовский Кролик
"Tough as nails" gal not even capable of following basic safety rules, jesus fucking christ...
5:31 She supposed to be insta-banned for carrying the pistol like this. Not even talking about how she's carrying the rifle and the shotgun.
Good! It's about time Liberals and the Main Stream Media stop demonizing guns and realizing that guns can be used for many legitimate purposes... not only crime.

Also, the women in this video looked even better than the guns did, lol! ;)
Grumpymalisc faf
You're the good buzzfeed
"You're learning all these steps individually that you then have to put together to be one solid fluid action."

What? You mean like... a martial art? Like the art of the gun is a legit martial art?

Tell me something I didn't already know.
Tnt Gp
sheeeiiit shes hot!!!
KMS, buzz feed hates guns, demonises guns. wants them banned. then makes a gun video to make profit. do me a favour take that gun stick it in your mouth, safety off, a bullet in a chamber then shoot yourself buzzfeed.
dosdadio siapa
Guns equalizes gender disparity of force capability. Whether you are Tyson like with a gun or one who is bear-like in physique and strength, a frail woman with a gun who know how to use it and have the courage to press the trigger against an aggressor is relatively equal to that Tyson or bear-like human in being dangerous. It is the gun that makes them dangerous not their physical stature already.
dosdadio siapa
I noticed that the american soldiers who came here in the Philippines for combat exercises do not use those kind of pistol holsters. Even in many pictures of american servicemen in Afghanistan, Iraq, wars do not use those kind of pistol holsters. It is always the traditional one with retention on top of the holster to prevent the pistol from coming out from the holster's opening. Those holsters are for the firing range only. Why should they not learn to draw from a holster really for rough and tumble situation. They should not expect that they will always be standing or in upright position when they will be in a real gun fight they might dive in prone and run and drop for cover; and their pistol should fall out from the holster.
Kai Gaming
0:34 U were seen as equals until you said this...why do women always do this smh
0:35 okay where the bleach at
Dave H
Having someone standing right behind u is a distraction
evi popov
The woman was bad... At shooting
Last Jinx
Wheres the pencil
Using guns is toxic masculinity promotion.
Edward Delatorre
GUNS ARE COOL except when they dont give us ad revenue/box office moneys :^)))) - libtards
When i saw the red glock i was like Glock-18 Candy Apple CS:GO
กิจจา โพธิ์หอมศิริ
ชอบดีจังนะจ๊ะ หน้าฝึก จังนะจ๊ะ
Kenneth Hildebrand
Not bad for libos
Phames xd
You can't beat the boogeyman...
David Taylor
I thought all of the people at buzzfeed were liberals
Jerry C
Yeah you got within 5 seconds, but almost every target you hit would have resulted in a non-fatal injury and had those been real people, they would have survived and made your life a living hell. Watch Keanu's run through the course again, not only is he that fast, but his accuracy is amazing.
looks like buzzfeed final grew a pair
Taylor Benson
keyon hooper
Somehow someway buzzfeed still found a way still slide something feminist into a John Wick video😂😂
Rusty Shackleford
They trained to shoot guns....not john wick at all. Also buzzfeed I am completely triggered. Please take this obscene video down. So insensitive... how could you...?
Max Struna
A feminist with a gun god y
They shoot pretty good, but I didnt see the John Wick combo... 1 to the body, 1 to the head.
BMO studios
That boys seemd liked they know what they were doing
I thought they were going to strugle to the ar15 recoil (which is none existance)
Red Wolf Rider
0:35 Because it's still a fucking Buzzfeed video
kelvin urena
What is this liberal media agenda, where are the feminized men at !?!?!?
If God's willing and I get rich. I'm getting this training.
Rodrigo Becker
The womam wt the purple hair <3
Oh cool a video about guns and Keanu...who is it made by? BuzzFeed? Let's play spot the feminist! 0:33 seconds in? Good job BuzzFeed. What was her time? Almost double, kill yourself
{ Spino}
That moment you realise its a feminist
"I'm a big advocate for women being seen as equals" ... Ends up being over 10 seconds slower than the guy.
Both had the same amount of training. How you like that for equality?
leo r
Fucking feminist
STriKER_ 1120
Glock Candy Apple
00:35-00:40 no one cares
Jovin Law
The moment i reached 0:33 and heard that feminist dumbfuck talk i clicked away
Justin Kalman
Man...being a lefty f*cking sucks...
Pavlos Pavlakos
"Women are just as equal as men"
Shobhit Mishra
John wick is a boogie man.(BABA YOGA )
Aegon Targaryen
Why are women inherently worse at shooting, driving and all hand eye coordination activities? I honestly want to know, why are they so fucking clumsy?
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