We Trained To Shoot Guns Like John Wick

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Regular people train like John Wick!

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Created by https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/11576

Laurence Gurule
Jade Victoria Struck
Jennifer Irene
Taran Butler
Sherial McKinney

Daryl Weston
Technically you're dead.
Sachin Nikam
With A Fucking Pencil !
From the beginning of the video til the the end; I was not able to stop thinking about threesome with that Blur hair instructor girl and the Black (Afro) Host (She looks sort of African and Caucasian mix, just perfect) girl.
this was pretty cool, and a good looking lady with a gun is a thumbs up... good job
Jace Schindler
This is the least SJW vid I have seen from Buzzfeed
CHill TACtics
CHill TACtics
Kevin M
WTF? Looks like BuzzFeed is gonna bite the hand that feeds them. Guess they misplaced the " guns are bad and they kill people/ they don't have any other purpose " memo.
Its BuzzFeed Blue the Good Umbrella?
Coltyn Becker
wow buzzfeed isnt anti gun? wow I'm shocked.
chris lincoln
psh nice try scrubs
Kerry Flynn
She ain't equal lol.
Wiht Deva
Everyone in the gun scene knows women can be badass shooters, so please shutup.
Spoiler Alert: Woman failed to be equal.
also the donut eating champion.
I have the video paused. I guarantee someone is going to complain about guns or try to bring in sexism if some sort
Joshua TenEyck
Women will never be equal in the sense of performance to men. Generally speaking.
Stfu ebony..
I clicked off after she said something feminist
Danny Hall
I'm glad to see women that carry, and also go through training like Keanu Reeves. Most women I've been around, and dated didn't like the fact I had handguns, and even open, and conceal carried. Needless to say.....I need to find a woman that's into handguns, rifles, semi automatic rifles(I won't call them assault rifles as they aren't full auto), and shotguns! Then I'll be good to go!!
I thought Jerry Miculek is the best.
Tato Batz
omg this was yestarday
The real question I have to ask, in an actual firefight exchange when does this account for someone returning fire? or is the main focus to gain fire superiority as fast as possible?
Bob Danniel
It's easy when nobody is firing back at you. Shooting paper isn't that hard. yes it's a different challenge but I'm sure if an normal person had as much training has Keanu Reeves, they too would be a great shooter.
john w
This is choreography with firearms.
Stona Raptor
i thought you buzzfeed people were scared to death of guns?
Yeah, forcing novices to quickly reholster a striker fired gun under stress is such a good idea.
As a recently single 50 yr old, I just posted this as my "dream date" on Facebook.
I figure if I too can find a beautiful young lady that enjoys competitive shooting and room clearing- I'm sold!
Wade Wilson
If you think Taran's strict imagine Costa shouting while teaching
Martial Civi
men shoot better
Big AK
That is badass! This would be the best thing ever. Especially with Keanu.
neville grech
Went to prove that women are not only equal but better; gets beaten by both by a totally ridiculous margin....sigh....
Why guns should only be allowed for military and law enforcement (and even some of THOSE people shouldn't have access!)
John Hunter
Sherial did the worst
John Jackson
This would be so awesome to try.
Dark Horse
I see a lot of pulling of the trigger. 🤔
Bruce Wayne
jerry miculek is the michael jordan of the competitive shooting world.
josh major
His name is Keanu! Not Kaonu haha
Chill out people. The lady mentioned once that she feels strongly for equality. That doesn't make the whole video about feminism...
She did a downright horrible job lol. Almost twice as ling!
Hans Blitz
Women should not be combat troops.
Meme Star
Just watching this makes my hands sore, because I was shooting with a rifle and in less than 15 minutes my hands were on fire because the gun was so heavy
Rusty Shackleford
kee an oo hahaha you fuckwit!!
Jakob Strömberg
Yes ofc even if the woman loses you have to show her that she is atleast as good as a man. Aint that wonderful
what kind of shot gun are they using very nice
Reese Issel
Arlington National Cemetery.... leveraging techniques .... tho I believe the technique transfer requires them to pay Vatican for using its techniques
Carter Rodriguez
why couldnt she just shoot why did she have to bring women empowerment into this i mean come on
Daniel Webster-hall
i know im probably not the only one whos thinking this but the woman goes on about 'women are equal' which is already an irrelevant comment to make but the course took you longer so therefore you're not equal
Strix Gaming
but guys are still more badass she was too scared
This Guy
I have an lifetime win streak at losing.
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