We Trained To Shoot Guns Like John Wick

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Regular people train like John Wick!

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Laurence Gurule
Jade Victoria Struck
Jennifer Irene
Taran Butler
Sherial McKinney

Sexy Savage
So no one gonna talk about that hot lady with a purple hair?
"I'm a big advocate of womyn being seen as equals just to show that we got what it takes to have power and be dangerous"

How about you just go to bloody range and shoot because it's fun, you fucking LARPing feminist ideologue.
Dude, you and your buds are below average.
Stop thinking your special. You are not even close.
Hollywood type wanna be's
Mason D.
"Technically" only 3 seconds off lol. I think we're old enough to not play the technically card. You were 5 seconds off buddy. Still, not bad timing for 1 day of training.
Pagan Pilgrim
She is a babe
Ro Cayas
4:45 moving/running with your finger on the trigger with safety off i would not recommend.
will walker
so much for gender equality. she sucks.
is this a fuckin buzzfeed video i can finally enjoy?? i never thought that would happen.
Alfonso Boglio
Why there's a feminist there... left a bad taste in the video.
fucking running with your finger on the trigger...
The Dank Memerino
That lady looks like crap holding a shotgun
chad wright
wait a buzzfeed video where guns aren't evil? ok you earned a like this time buzzfeed
Amado Herreros
They ran with the gun in the air....... I'm not sure that how you should run with a loaded pistol
Andreas Batsilas
The 11 years record is masssssssive but i wanted to see if anyone beats it so, internet there you go, i did some research for ya. Julio César Chávez (Boxer) Unbeaten for 13 years
Streak started February 5, 1980 (defeated Andres Felix)
Streak ended September 10, 1993
Buzzfed is garbage
D. Tyler
Sherial......... makes a man want to move to the west coast!
Alll nasty😂😂😂😂
Joshua Andersen
"Technically I was only three seconds off" um no, turning the safety off was part of it lmao what kind of logic is that. "I messed up but it doesn't count"
Mr. Tactical
of course they had to make it about feminism
0:35 fucking kill you self
that guy probably could be better after shaving some weight..
Adam Hensel
13k up vote to 1k down and it's about guns on a libtard site. Maybe they can be taught. 95% of their problem is they never have seen a gun let alone handled one, but they know everything because Hollywood showed it in a movie
Leon Springs Boys TV
Jerry Michulek > John Wick...
2:19 "This FaZe"
ville p
Tori att the background, awesome girl!👍
I dont think most people understand how hard it is to 2 tap a target with a pistol..
she can shoot but she just slow
Marco Perez
This video is fake. Everyone knows guns kill people and no one died so this is BS
Brandon Chan
If I were a robber I would watch out for Taran's house😂😂
Shawn waters
The people jerking the hell out of the triggers make me cringe
No, "technically" you were 5 sec. off.
in real life this entertainment style shooting will get you killed in a few seconds !!!!
3:38 Glock-18 | Candy Apple Factory New
Taran Butler is on the money! Wyatt Earp: "Speed is fine but accuracy is final."
Jacqueline Arce
He's so goddamn fine
Gee Tee
Women being seen as equals means being dangerous? In the video she did look badass but sounded sillyass at the start.
Anthony Owens
No jerry michulec is the mj of competition shooting
SRT Mitchell
All things considered they both did fairly well. Times weren't too bad! Keanu definitely was considerably better than both of them combined, by time and ACCURACY on his part. Hitting a target and making it ring is completely different than hitting the same target accurately! Practice would change that for them! Don't discount Keanu!!!
Ronin Williams
you guys did great I've been in a gunfight and it's a little more adrenaline than you will probably feeling but I believe that you would survive an engagement
Freedom's Life
I will say this though and I'm glad others have said it too: good on ya for leaving that leftist Stalin-Maoist doctrine of disarmament behind and embracing real American culture. Three gun is alright but we need 2GAC more popular!!!
Naj Kraemer
who was the chick with the purple hair???
Hey pretty lady what kind of punch was that?
Seiji Miyamoto
Super awesome!!!!
When two people shoot two shots at the same time,

Futurama theme starts playing
I don't think that a rifle would be that scary.
Also that woman is so bad at shooting that gun, she needs to learn how to do it properly.
Grubbs Grady
what does shooting guns do with women being equal as men???
Prime Time
Loved it.... Love her even more!
Waldemar Rachwał
super :)
Technically only 3 sec.? :))))))))))))))) Whole practice was about 20,. Pride goes before fall...
technically you were still 5 seconds behind Keanu
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