We Trained To Shoot Guns Like John Wick

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Regular people train like John Wick!

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Created by https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/11576

Laurence Gurule
Jade Victoria Struck
Jennifer Irene
Taran Butler
Sherial McKinney

Val FkCommies
Leftist shitbags @ BuzzFeed trying to hip and "badass" but also being anti-gun.

Leftists' motto: Do as we say, not as we do.
James Eddleston
It's another world, we wouldn't be allowed to do this with a pea shooter here in the UK. I think I need to take a holiday in the US and learn to shoot.
Da Realist
Looks like fun
Drew Landeza
Doing the “bowling” draw stroke
Zelie Garcia
Attend climate travel inside free establish eliminate comprehensive score document until out
Patrick Carty
What a feminist
David Joseph
She is really good looking
Andrew Andrew
Id say they're lucky someone didnt blow a toe off.
Jebac Krle
I don't bring gun to school I bring one pencil...
the punisher
Where in simi valley was this?????
baudellio charles
The bt1000 didn't hit the dummy hard enough
Isaiah Bamburg
hahahaha you can tell by the way she twitches her head will she talks. she is probably her own worst enemy. I don't think I have ever heard anyone say women can't learn how to shoot guns as accurately as a man.
Hii Tze Siang
I hate the big mouthed black women
Frosty Object
He can't even say his name right
Those fay guy have nice Glock-18 Skins Minimal wear.
Remigio Duran
I have a 12 year win streak for most breathes taken
Da Beast
DOUBLE TAP!!! 😂😂😂😂😂🔫
David Fye II
Sorry woman, you're to rigid.
And need alot of practice to look nature, more easy flowing with stepping up.And you need to practice pushing out more with your pistol.Instead of bringing it up with stiff arms.And bring your shoulder down more when shouldering a rifle.You looked like you was shooting with a stiff neck. Lol
Sorry honey,us men make it look alot easier & more tactically natural. Lol
I need this, I've never even fired s Gun at all!!
Matt Patton
Only buzzfeed could take something cool like guns and ruin it.
Ryan Jack
Fucking feminist
brain briggs
I love target shooting. It makes me sad when people wanna restrict certain guns and features because it affects my hobby😢. Please no tred
Mangos 4life
I was excited till I saw the feminist girl in the beginning? God dam it why buzz feed
Caleb May
Excellent trigger discipline at 4:44 👍👍
Angel Aung san htay
Oh I love John
faizan romail
I like the Boom Boom thing, He says :D
Sarcalogos Tortolero
Next training is how to kill 3 men with a pencil
Anthony Giroux
3:40 Candy Apple
Gage Andrist
I stopped watching the video when it turned into an ad piece for feminism
that girl is fine as hell, just had to say it cause none of these other commenters did, wonder why?
Khun Mor Pop
Yes maybe 3-5 seconds slower and no accuracy taken into account opposite to Keanu. You win ✌🏻
Filipp Bavelsky
2:14 - Glock Red Apple, Minimal Wear
Friendly T-60 armor
Feminist in the video... you deserve my dislike
Eric Barbaric
Anyone else notice they just cheered for the chick more then the dude... Sexists
Alex Cantlow
Shes hot ngl
Nick van de Peppel
And again, the woman is the slowest😂😂😂😂😂
Tennessee Williams
Geez I hate buzzfeed as much as the next guy, but do you really have to criticize a woman for getting out on the range? Women usually shoot better than man. They don't wrap up their egos in their weapons.
Spencer Smith
I'm just about to watch john wick 2
Jordan Fire Star
A normal video like this and buzfeed has to throw in some feminist.
Mr & Mrs K
Sebastien L
Very nice! Love it
Chris Knezevich
So i love how all gun laws are broken at tarans place standard capacity mags stanard mag release in the ar rifle
CHoPPa 15
WANnA Be EQUAL to US??? DONT CRAMP UP every month😎AND stop SHAVING your LEGS!!!
Women can never beat men it's just a fact it's science and like Bill Nye Science rules.
Zach Snyder
"Taran allowed us to come to his range" ie. Y'all paid some money lol
Lol have you heard of Jerry Miculek
0:35 kill me
maan pink hair girl is so fucking hot,i'd love to get my trigger pulled by her ;)
DeVon Ny
If i didt forget the safety, i would've had two more seconds. In that 2 seconds, he could've been dead
Kleist Heinrich
The lest liberal video BuzzFeed had ever made!
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