Anonymous - This is going to Change Everything We Know... (CIA Secrets EXPOSED 2017)

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Anonymous - This is going to Change Everything We Know... CIA Secrets EXPOSED 2017 Message
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Anonymous Message CIA Secrets Exposed Wikileaks Vault 7

The “full wrath” of the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) will soon descend upon all of America after the deadliest secret lies of this “Deep State” spy agency currently at war with President Donald Trump, have now been exposed for the entire world to see, and whose next “false flag” terror attack to cover up their crimes may come as soon this coming week...Full Transcript:

Vault 7: CIA Hacking Tools Revealed:

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

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Anonymous Official
Greetings World, We are Anonymous.

The “full wrath” of the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) will soon descend upon all of America after the deadliest secret lies of this “Deep State” spy agency currently at war with President Donald Trump, have now been exposed for the entire world to see, and whose next “false flag” terror attack to cover up their crimes may come as soon this coming week.

The international whistle blowing organization Wikileaks released the largest ever in history publication of over 8,000 CIA top secret documents (Vault 7: CIA Hacking Tools Revealed) revealing that this “Deep State” spy agency has, in fact, created and cast a vast electronic surveillance net around the entire US unrivaled in modern times and that has turned even the most innocuous devices (televisions, phones, computers, smart devices, automobiles, etc.) into illegal spying tools.

Prior to the release by Wikileaks of these CIA top secret documents, this organizations leader, Julian Assange, on the 3rd of March, emailed to President Trump’s National Security Council (NSC) the encrypted key to unlock Vault 7 where these over 8,000 documents were stored, and that caused Trump to explode in anger less than 24 hours later and accuse former President Barack Obama of illegally having him placed under surveillance.

Angering President Trump the most, as well as the FSB, were these top secret CIA documents revealing that this “Deep State” spy agency had created an “exploit” to falsely implicate Russia in hacking crimes it had never committed, and didn’t have to do as these Democrats had already destroyed themselves.

The CIA’s creation of this “exploit” designed to blame Russia for hacking crimes, was co-created by Google engineers who had, at least, 427 meetings at the White House over the course of Obama’s presidency, and that in its final development stage was given to a cybersecurity technology company named CrowdStrike that Google Capital had invested $100 million in.

As to what CrowdStrike did with this CIA-Google “exploit”, one must remember that during last years US presidential election, Wikileaks released what are now called “The Podesta Emails” that roiled the Hillary Clinton campaign due to its many shocking revelations of high crimes and corruption within not only Clinton’s campaign, but, also, the entire Democratic Party (DNC).

To how Wikileaks obtained “The Podesta Emails” in the first place, was through a disgruntled DNC officer named Seth Rich who was angry over the election being manipulated against Senator Bernie Sanders, but who shortly after he had turned over these damning email documents to Wikileaks was assassinated, and that Wikileaks offered a $20,000 reward for to capture his killers, who were never found.

With Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta having previously stated to Seth Richs’ assassination that “I’m definitely for making an example of a suspected leaker whether or not we have any real basis for it.”, and Wikileaks leader Assange himself saying Russia had nothing whatsoever to do with the hacking of “The Podesta Emails”, there was no doubt within the FSB that this DNC leaker had been killed by Clinton and/or Obama forces for his leaking of these damaging documents.

Shockingly, however, on 22 December 2016, barely a month prior to President Trump taking office, CrowdStrike released a report claiming that a tool (exploit) used in the DNC hack of “The Podesta Emails” had also been used, rewritten for Android phones, in malware that appeared in an application used by Ukrainian artillery units, and that this report purported to show that a hacking tool used in the DNC hack had also been used to kill Ukrainians fighting Russian separatists, that they called “Fancy Bear”, and blamed Russia for creating.

In its most simplistic rendering, what CrowdStrike was claiming was that Russian military intelligence (GRU) created the “Fancy Bear” exploit to put on the Android phones of Ukrainian artillery soldiers so that when they used them they could be targeted and killed, and that was also found on the DNC computer hack, with the major problem to this outrageous claim being that it wasn’t true, and that Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense told the world about too.

When American computer experts began investigating this incredible CrowdStrike claim that Russia created the “Fancy Bear” exploit, they noted that this Google funded cybersecurity company “was apparently doing this work for free (!!)”, didn’t bother to talk to the creator of the Android software, and, at its most basic, created a nearly entirely make believe report designed to fit a narrative and timeline wished for by the Obama regime.

Even more critical to note, was that neither CrowdStrike nor the DNC would allow counterintelligence computer experts from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to even see the servers to confirm that his “Fancy Bear” exploit even existed.

But even as this “fake news” CrowdStrike report blaming Russia for the hacking of the DNC was proved false within hours of its being released, the Obama regime, nevertheless, quickly followed it with and even more fatally flawed “fake news” report that, in essence, was described as: “It merely listed every threat group ever reported on by a commercial cybersecurity company that is suspected of being Russian-made and lumped them under the heading of Russian Intelligence Services (RIS) without providing any supporting evidence that such a connection exists.”

One would logically think, that with two highly flawed Obama regime Russian hacking reports being completely discredited this witch-hunting expedition would end, but one would be wrong in believing such a thing as, instead, the US propaganda mainstream media have been using these two “fake news” reports to bludgeon the reputation of President Trump, while, and as always, telling the American people what to think.

And with Wikileaks now proving that the “Deep State” aligned CIA was, in fact, the creator of this “Fancy Bear” exploit meant to discredit Russia, the Obama-Clinton leftist supporting US mainstream “fake news” propaganda media is, once again, choosing lies over truth, with CNN shockingly not even bothering to inform their viewers of the over 8,000 top secret CIA documents, and whom, also, when “The Podesta Emails” were released, outrageously lied to the American people saying no one but reporters could read them.

We are Anonymous,
We are Legion,
We do not forgive,
We do not forget,
Expect us.

Vault 7: CIA Hacking Tools Revealed:
Nice chan. I like politics also!
Why can't the Government be honest with us! I've had enough with my own government in Canada! Why can't I trust anybody in this world!
Esteem You
Danny Devito
need a good hacker for a work.. contact me
Santos Escoto
Trump is exposing these people one by one.
1234 1234
even there click here to subscribe is hacked GOD
You truly do want to see the world burn, don't you?
Kaylee Connally
Omg that mask and voice scares the shot out of me!!! Also, go Anonymous!!! Fucking bringing the truth again!
i refuse to live in a country so insecure it has to spy on its own people ...moving to spain see ya
Jack Reddevil
fake fake? lol liberals ur life that clown news network you ignorant cunts watch is fake stop being blinded you are part of the elites obama hillary defines the word elites not us great video
Riju Mondal
fuck you clinton!!!
Cathie HPN
You have the gift for exposing the truth, do you have the means to suggest what custodians of earth can do to right the wrongs?
Mat Nicholson
So since everyone here seems to think that Anonymous is legit, let me ask you. Anonymous consistently says that they will create a better world for everyone, but how do you know that they will live up to these "promises"? How do you know they won't just turn around and do the opposite? It's happened before, and in fact it happened in America just a few days ago when the Trump Administration released their health care plan. Why not Anonymous too? Or even how do you know that they aren't fake?
anonymous member 106
the cia is invading our privacy and we need to do something about it! im blocking off my camera :p
Lesley J.T.
You are not Anonymous
Juan morales
anonymous vs C.I.A. who is the best hacks 👈
Ande siva prakash rao
Will you tell how this is done in India ? (I don't want to do but to know how the enemies are having any such accessibility).
Adult vines and pranks
we r legion
we do not forgive
we do not forget
love anonymous
how to join u !
I like you guys. but I wonder. are you good enough to bring America down
The news released recently by WiKi leaks was nothing new, it was public knowledge that phones etc, could and were being used by security agencies to illegally spy on Americans. No new information or revelations there. Was this non information released to appear to be a wiki leak exposure release, and does wikileak still exist

Hadiff Daniel
rebecca sargissian
your group is a really good hacker team but there's one problem I don't think you guys are getting along with each other and I have a friend in your group find HER or I will get what I want hack I don't care I'll make as much accounts as I can and keep messaging you
Martin Hermansen
Anonymous Official What about the Flat Earth? And stop deleting my comment!
We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.
Crazy Jay the Gamer
I'm covering my phones camera and all of my devices cameras📵
anonymous is dope
ozgur jahn
dear Anonymous ,you guys are great but americans are not going to wake up ,so dont waste your energy
Hey anonymous​ my dream is to become like u and be a part of ANONYMOUS GROUP....THANKS!!
Curtis Ware
This is so fake lol
awsomedrift AR15
you can't join anonymous it a not like it's a club or something
anita sampieri
my dear anon i have been without work for 5 years now germany will not give me a chance their excuse is i dont know the language well i cant even afford to buy an anon mask please help me thank you 1 love 1 humanity 1 nature and 1 universe all to share no matter what race or religion you all anon are my family
Evelyne Simon
Seth Rich's family are having to raise money for an investigation to take place.
Martin Hermansen
Space is a hoax. Search on YouTube NASA SCIENTIST ARE ACTORS.!
Martin Hermansen
The Earth is flat!!!
Cynthia Lynn Valerino
I asked Google if Michelle Obama was a man. they say YES! 😉
mary weinzetl
can't understand a thing your saying .
u Khepkpjfdxxcvl9an
please destroy u.s.a. and donald trump
Wikileaks is a government controlled site built to please the idiot conspiracist
Alexander Reid
They are still selling these spying devices as phones down at the mall??? and not alerting us except some fine print way down in the terms and conditions that hardly any read. If spying on your privacy is illegal then they cant sell these devices even if they have told you they are spying. No one can say I will allow the cia to use your phone as a secret spy microphone and camera lawfully because it is illegal.
If you see a smart phone or smart device for sale call the police.
It's only right that we should be able to have access to secrets if those secrets reveal crimes against Americans. If we are being illegally put under surveillance and our movements and conversations recorded then at the very least we have a right to know how they are doing it.
so all this from WikiLeaks? I'm sorry I'm having problems trusting that source.
Nancy Sudol
I just had a beer, I gotta take a wiki leak
Isaiah Ramirez
please don't hack me
oh wait im ANONYMOUS
robert Robles
Donald could go suck it he is a racist
Makhi Eugene
this keep it real
Makhi Eugene
this got real fast
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