Anonymous - This is going to Change Everything We Know... (CIA Secrets EXPOSED 2017)

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Anonymous - This is going to Change Everything We Know... CIA Secrets EXPOSED 2017 Message
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Anonymous Message CIA Secrets Exposed Wikileaks Vault 7

The “full wrath” of the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) will soon descend upon all of America after the deadliest secret lies of this “Deep State” spy agency currently at war with President Donald Trump, have now been exposed for the entire world to see, and whose next “false flag” terror attack to cover up their crimes may come as soon this coming week...Full Transcript:

Vault 7: CIA Hacking Tools Revealed:

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

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Anonymous Official
Greetings World, We are Anonymous.

The “full wrath” of the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) will soon descend upon all of America after the deadliest secret lies of this “Deep State” spy agency currently at war with President Donald Trump, have now been exposed for the entire world to see, and whose next “false flag” terror attack to cover up their crimes may come as soon this coming week.

The international whistle blowing organization Wikileaks released the largest ever in history publication of over 8,000 CIA top secret documents (Vault 7: CIA Hacking Tools Revealed) revealing that this “Deep State” spy agency has, in fact, created and cast a vast electronic surveillance net around the entire US unrivaled in modern times and that has turned even the most innocuous devices (televisions, phones, computers, smart devices, automobiles, etc.) into illegal spying tools.

Prior to the release by Wikileaks of these CIA top secret documents, this organizations leader, Julian Assange, on the 3rd of March, emailed to President Trump’s National Security Council (NSC) the encrypted key to unlock Vault 7 where these over 8,000 documents were stored, and that caused Trump to explode in anger less than 24 hours later and accuse former President Barack Obama of illegally having him placed under surveillance.

Angering President Trump the most, as well as the FSB, were these top secret CIA documents revealing that this “Deep State” spy agency had created an “exploit” to falsely implicate Russia in hacking crimes it had never committed, and didn’t have to do as these Democrats had already destroyed themselves.

The CIA’s creation of this “exploit” designed to blame Russia for hacking crimes, was co-created by Google engineers who had, at least, 427 meetings at the White House over the course of Obama’s presidency, and that in its final development stage was given to a cybersecurity technology company named CrowdStrike that Google Capital had invested $100 million in.

As to what CrowdStrike did with this CIA-Google “exploit”, one must remember that during last years US presidential election, Wikileaks released what are now called “The Podesta Emails” that roiled the Hillary Clinton campaign due to its many shocking revelations of high crimes and corruption within not only Clinton’s campaign, but, also, the entire Democratic Party (DNC).

To how Wikileaks obtained “The Podesta Emails” in the first place, was through a disgruntled DNC officer named Seth Rich who was angry over the election being manipulated against Senator Bernie Sanders, but who shortly after he had turned over these damning email documents to Wikileaks was assassinated, and that Wikileaks offered a $20,000 reward for to capture his killers, who were never found.

With Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta having previously stated to Seth Richs’ assassination that “I’m definitely for making an example of a suspected leaker whether or not we have any real basis for it.”, and Wikileaks leader Assange himself saying Russia had nothing whatsoever to do with the hacking of “The Podesta Emails”, there was no doubt within the FSB that this DNC leaker had been killed by Clinton and/or Obama forces for his leaking of these damaging documents.

Shockingly, however, on 22 December 2016, barely a month prior to President Trump taking office, CrowdStrike released a report claiming that a tool (exploit) used in the DNC hack of “The Podesta Emails” had also been used, rewritten for Android phones, in malware that appeared in an application used by Ukrainian artillery units, and that this report purported to show that a hacking tool used in the DNC hack had also been used to kill Ukrainians fighting Russian separatists, that they called “Fancy Bear”, and blamed Russia for creating.

In its most simplistic rendering, what CrowdStrike was claiming was that Russian military intelligence (GRU) created the “Fancy Bear” exploit to put on the Android phones of Ukrainian artillery soldiers so that when they used them they could be targeted and killed, and that was also found on the DNC computer hack, with the major problem to this outrageous claim being that it wasn’t true, and that Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense told the world about too.

When American computer experts began investigating this incredible CrowdStrike claim that Russia created the “Fancy Bear” exploit, they noted that this Google funded cybersecurity company “was apparently doing this work for free (!!)”, didn’t bother to talk to the creator of the Android software, and, at its most basic, created a nearly entirely make believe report designed to fit a narrative and timeline wished for by the Obama regime.

Even more critical to note, was that neither CrowdStrike nor the DNC would allow counterintelligence computer experts from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to even see the servers to confirm that his “Fancy Bear” exploit even existed.

But even as this “fake news” CrowdStrike report blaming Russia for the hacking of the DNC was proved false within hours of its being released, the Obama regime, nevertheless, quickly followed it with and even more fatally flawed “fake news” report that, in essence, was described as: “It merely listed every threat group ever reported on by a commercial cybersecurity company that is suspected of being Russian-made and lumped them under the heading of Russian Intelligence Services (RIS) without providing any supporting evidence that such a connection exists.”

One would logically think, that with two highly flawed Obama regime Russian hacking reports being completely discredited this witch-hunting expedition would end, but one would be wrong in believing such a thing as, instead, the US propaganda mainstream media have been using these two “fake news” reports to bludgeon the reputation of President Trump, while, and as always, telling the American people what to think.

And with Wikileaks now proving that the “Deep State” aligned CIA was, in fact, the creator of this “Fancy Bear” exploit meant to discredit Russia, the Obama-Clinton leftist supporting US mainstream “fake news” propaganda media is, once again, choosing lies over truth, with CNN shockingly not even bothering to inform their viewers of the over 8,000 top secret CIA documents, and whom, also, when “The Podesta Emails” were released, outrageously lied to the American people saying no one but reporters could read them.

We are Anonymous,
We are Legion,
We do not forgive,
We do not forget,
Expect us.

Vault 7: CIA Hacking Tools Revealed:
Mike Schwarzer
Zionist and the cabal installed Trump. They want Russia as an enemy because Putin ejected the cabal there.
RJ Drakon
False flag that week? 2 months and we're still here....
Chilling, deadly facts are the ones you let us know. I just wonder, how many more are still to be uncovered and how many more will never be known?; it seems like a true work from the devil himself!
Mixalis Games
Anonymous is Life....Anonymous is Everything...
Josh Cheever
Fuk Google!!!
I want to join anonymous please help me!!!!
XxAkylaXx Xx
hi anonymous am join you!!!
Irina Ivas
this is a message from the avatars of tla farao: have you tried to get back to the right Internet communications: I mean, use the summarian calendar to see what happens
nikibk18 [GD]
if this guys whants he can have 10000000000 suscribers
Rogue Anonymous
fuck the CIA and the us government join rogue nation
Yes there is collective intelligence that is easily tapped into viva consciousness. I have no doubt that we have created software systems to monitor and record just about everything going on. There probably software searching for certain flag words or identities. I have been following both Wikileaks and Anonymous. I dont know how they are connected or if they are connected but I do not trust Wikileaks or their Russian buddies. I also found no smoking gun in Hillary's emails. I see fear propaganda being pushed and I dont like it..... The time of Fear focus is over. You have no power here, Love wins!!. <3
Axel Rojas
Kathleen Lambert
If I knew Assange and Anonymous were right wing hacks, I would never support them. I hope they go down when they take the CIA, NSA and whatever other spy agency down. I will never share another Anonymous video again. I wonder if they support Trump's policies to destroy the planet through war and pollution, the destruction of science and education? Maybe this is not the real Anonymous. Maybe this is right wing propaganda. If this is a fake Anonymous, the real Anonymous better get busy destroying the fake.
Branded Disco
You know, we dont need the CIA documents. If you hacked something like that, then you would be killed. The CIA is better than hackers. :/ u should have thought of that already. Anonymous is just from a Movie. stop making a fuss about it, the character is fake. Look dude, u gone to far. Exploiting the CIA or Goverment would send you to jail for years, or for life.
"I only know that I know nothing"...

"Never Confuse The Wrong With The Right One"...
Isaak Callahan
I respect and appreciate what you do
Nobody cares about the CIA. The only thing people care about is peace, money, health and loving beautiful people
50-shades-of-abuse Annastasia
I know being part of Anonymous since conception, Anonymous has no official sites, pages, youtube channels, and i also know the CIA have now infiltrated ANON, set up over 1,000 fake Anon accounts. That makes your account very sketchy.
And you would also know Wikileaks are CIA and they were running a massive Psyop on people. And they have never ever exposed the Illuminati. The Real ANONYMOUS does not support or promote Wikileaks.
And the real Vault 7 has nothing to do with the crap Wikileaks pushed out. They were fake, set up. So that makes your account fake and CIA.
Edgy Lemon
Here's how to not get spied on,
1. Don't buy a smart TV.

2. Remove your phones battery whenever you aren't using it.

3. Don't get one of those Seri or Cortana devices.

4. Place tape over your webcam, and make sure you have the type of computer that needs a microphone accessory and doesn't come with one pre made.

5. Get a VPN.

6. Don't buy a coffee maker that can link up to the WiFi.

7. Unplug your Xboxs camera and microphone (if you have it) and unplug your microphone from your PS3/4 if you have one.

8. Don't buy WiFi based security cameras.

9. If you have a smart TV, disconnect it from the internet and unplug it when you are not using it.

10. Go outside more.
MyPoint ofView
the US is a country made up of terrorists, criminals, liars and murderers. It is time to boycott the US and all its products. This is how to show our displeasure at their behaviour
Shivank Srivastava
why is Julian assange not dead yet?
michael Dang
I find it very suspicious that anonymous post this video is march stating that " what false flag terror attack will be next" and a month later. Syria gas attack their own people. 🤔
art smith
if you all are such great hackers why not release a viable way to get around and iCloud locked device
Sherlock holmes Vs Anonymous
It is so boooring, isnt it dear anonymous?
Atrian Coomings
B.S. tell me something new! Russia, Trump, The CIA, etc. are all ruled by the Rothschild's, the cabal and Israel! They control the US Government which acts as it's enforcement arm! These governments, these governments police and military and intelligence personnel and infrastructure needs to be eradicated and killed by global guerilla warfare by the determined minority of the 3_5% of the people of value!
The Ooobeme regiiiime
Silvya Nunez
James Jones
I missed the vid on this Syrian shit..
Emo Hajime
Weirdest thing is that this video is still up. If this was true then this video would have been taken down and their channel banned.
Nick Boronda
anon doesn't have anything official....this is fake half truths to tarnish the name of anon
Liam Dulude
Hello anonymous I'm 10 and I am a fan of you I love your mask I have it anywase I love to hack to I'm wanting to join anonymous p.s I hate Donald trump ruin him
Gabriele Francioni
Realize THIS: millennials playing "the Dumb Masons At Kindergarten" aim at being NATURAL BORN SLAVES. 4 GOOD. 44 goods
ashdonnorrad140141 roblox
ashdonnorrad140141 roblox
do u live in canada
Anonymous you are awesome
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It's Real!
Julia Berry
i thinck that all mres should be desingned with elagency to mond that they will doe for us we should show are appreciateion 7
David Dragon
Tell the Truth. Funny how comments from 3 weeks ago are shown
We need to...expose!
Catlover21 Vannatta
Start operation free the children Hack the IRS There are many of us everywhere Clear the debtFight the Federal reserve Fight the banks
Lisa young
So US funds pay for cockroach infestation into the world. Why?
i want to join u
Ibrahim Erden
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armaan thind
please help me
armaan thind
every time ilets idp given me 4 band in reading but in speaking i acheive 6 band and if any person speaking is good so the person easily acheive 6 band but idp can not give proper score
carolyn ross
wow another BS story! you really know nothing! lol
Gavin Taylor
... mother fuckers
Công Tử Tiến
Anonymous <#
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