Thodoris Themelis
i would bang them all
Ka Wei Ng
How bout despacito
simion kachiosy
my name is lydia
Mai Ali
Today is my sister's BD
Emma Barrera
Since Logan paul got a new assistant Ayla hasn't been in the vlogs latley
فراس البهنسي
Mark looks similar to miniminter like if you agree
Island Laurendine
If you be nice to your brother and give 800 dollars to team 10 I will get all my friends 100 to support and subscribe
why are you being so awkward "HARHARhar"
angel moyos
I love the way Ayla was like "Don't eat that! Your so stupid!" She cares so much 😂😂😂😂
Lydia Arreola
My name is Lydia😁😁😁
Oscar ThePoodle
The shirt is awsome yah YEET
Fantastic Ella
izzy Zeal
I love u logan
Jessica Lazare
I didn't even realize Logan was wearing makeup
Methusari Batapola
Can someone plsss tell me what happened with ayla
Yasmin Kais
He did not say o hi mark i was waiting for it 😥
marxa. mxlls
I miss Ayla
Kat De la Cruz
I'm 5'1 this vlog just makes me feel shorter.
We need ayla!
the dark nations // roblox & more
logans worst nightmare: plastic plates
Nancy lps and Animal jam
I think he got a wrong dog!?
Charis Tan
Ke Vin
Those are some beautiful girls
Karen Spinelli
When are u going to meet alissa violet
Miss MuffinTop
i miss ayla i want ayla
Unicorns And Rainbows
Ayla is 4"11
Sheila García
Amo que tengas los títulos en español
Frank Plop
What breed is kong
Sheena Joseph
R.i.p headphones
Unicorn World 27
I'm 4'8 .......
Hannah B
I saw the cancer part on Jake's vlog but now I'm watching on this vlog
Kyruo Playz
Im jake pauler 20% logangster 80%
Ashley Morgan
Bring Ayla back!😭
Addison Ford
I subscribed
Elizabeth Elwood
You are just as cool as your brother.
James Harris
Vinayakjeet Singh
Logang for life
Egyptian Lover
Does anyone know who the short Mexican Girl in the kitchen is? She is INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUlLL.
Call me Vasanth
U guys are hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂
Shatha Haidar
I wanna see Logan get a very tall assistant 😂
Doshlynn Morales
Alex White
I honestly love the whole plate breaking gag. Please don't stop hahahah
2024 Racquel CARRILLO
Plz give me a Maverick hoodie
Plot twist: my short assistant got assaulted
Wizard wizard wizard wizard 😂😂😂😂
Christian Howe
She's shorter but fuckes u in the ass
Michael Mounixay
I miss when he puts o hi mark when mark comes
nikeboy 311
Loga and jake right guys the compare letters are. Lake and jogan
Dreams MSP
I'm only 9 and I'm 58 inches
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