Guys n gals, I have one simple request:
If all IGN comments could contain Simpsons quotes from now on, that would be faaaaaantastic.
Mr Chin
Brings two super talented actors in hollywood in studio. Makes them read lame comments on YouTube. Wtf?
Planet of the apes was cool :)
Sam Keeting
Those two are so funny XD
Everytime i look at andy serkis i see Caesar obv after the movie.
Sagi Dash
i feel like i sped the video to 0.5
Haha! I love this
Alistair Forsyth
lol they missed so many Simpsons references!
Songfulabyus143 From Xbox one
Woody and Andy , why it sound like from animated movie
Cuddle fish
Giacomo Delfin
Woody Harrelson is such a great actor that even though he's so slow speaking, and all of he's characters are super fast and witty.
Black Reaper
Serkis' voice is just beatiful
Afro Monkey
them reading the names are the best part
Steven O'Brien
Who chose these terribly boring comments?
Oh Woody, U so Drunk.
Dave Crehan
woody harrelson howard stern interview is a good watch
Nonviolent Legend
You could cut into the sexual tension in the video with a katana sword
Several times haha
Traudl J. Jung
"lol" XD love this part
É Caoimhe
Woody Harrelson talks like he was repeatedly dropped on his head as a newborn.
Also, I can't believe that anyone involved in the Planet Of The Apes franchise could be so culturally unaware as to not know the chimpan-a to chimpan-zee Simpsons line.
Kim Crydashian

Edit: This franchise needs awards.
Panda sesma
go monkeys
Shaun White
There are no monkeys in War for the Planet of the Apes
Marsonal Carrey
0:30 I'm sorry, could anyone please tell me what's Andy questioning here?
MC 35
I can do Cesar's voice and blue eyes Maurice koba and bad ape
Apes I hate: koba winter donkey and others
Woody? LOL you high as f*ck, man...
Fatian Berisha
My question is: How apes know how to use guns? they never seen one they even hold them with one hand and their aim is pretty good.
Varmando Varuso
Piccadilly Serkis
Jan St.
Woody always seems kinda drunk or high.
Esau Soto
Saca la mota Woody!
"Ceaser"? Can you spell, IGN?
Fernando Iraira
2:59 middle finger from Andy Circuit
Racist White Boy
Toy story in real life Andy and Woofydy
Help me dr seuss!
Simpsons joke theft...
King Josiah
"There are no winners in war, just survivors."
Natalie Lampman
This video is so funny, but the movie is so sad.
Maximus Alexis
2:59 no one noticed the middle finger !
David Ross
is woody wasted?
deni sherlock
woody was drunk, i can tell
Yeah Bee
Woody is doing a reverse Matthew "can I take my shirt of" Mcconaughey
he is doing more and more mainstream regular roles
wonder if they have the same agent and he/she just mixed up the adresses
Kieran Jones
Does IGN use a Red-Screen, Instead of a Green or Blue-Screen?
OK, just to clarify: the comment at 1:34 is from an episode of The Simpsons. So is the one at 3:15.
Woody sounds like he's drunk! :D
Maria Vitale
Andy and Woody. Just about everyone on the Planet knows what LOL means. I'll bet even the Apes know that one. 😄😃😀😊☺😉
doombox3000 Was best XD
Gregory Frowendown
i know i'm a monkey but i want the humans to win lol
Ryan Cochran
Woody is hiiiiiiiigh in this!
Woodys definitely not stoned. At all. Like not even close
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