DIY Slime Stress Ball— 5 Ideas

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In today's master class we will share with you the ideas of stress balls creating! We'll make the real looking Oreo cookie with the incredible stretchy filling, the tasty looking cheeseburger with the secret ketchup, the space stress balls and cute pink kitten stress reliever.

Supplies and tools:

• Modeling dough
• Modeling clay
• White glue
• Pastel 
• Cornstarch
• Persil Color Gel 
• Foam plastic ball
• Foam rubber
• Parchment paper
• Sesame seeds
• Baking soda
• Food coloring
• Acrylic paints
• Clear school glue
• Glitter of different colors and particles size
• Borax
• Water
• Plastic bottle
• Balloons of different color, size and shape
• Body milk or cream
• Dish soap
• Glass or another round cutting shape
• Needle
• Empty ballpoint pen
• Flat brush
• Bowl, cups or glasses for mixing
• Tea- and tablespoons
• Wooden sticks
• Craft knife
• Scissors
• Grater 
• Closed containers 
• Iron 
• Wooden board
• Hot glue gun
• Pencil
• Black permanent marker

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Celia Rivera
Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh love it
ANNA Oliveira
Who here is brasilian because you know what patsel is and not the one from this video
Dalbir Singh
very nice
Numfon Kohang
I want to love you
Jing 刘
i was waching wile playing with my slime
Divya Ganapathy
Question: What can I substitute instead of Borax? I dont have Borax and I dont plan on buying some, so can someone please tell me what i can use instead of borax?
Mới Nguyễn
I’ve seen the one in the before..... I forgot where I saw her
Oreos are actually DARK brown if u look close
Sienna Papasavva
Do yo,u have to use borax
Bailey Coy
I don't need a kitty squishy because I already have a fat squishy cat anywise
Dog Hero
I love when y'all do diys, I liked the galaxy and kitten stress relievers the most
Dawn Shuster
I LOVE THE KITTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (because cats are my favorite animal)
Shenae Riley
Borax is bad for agerry like
lele bee 09
Borex is bad for you skin
belen napoleon
Ava Campbell
What about the meat in the burger?
Amena Khatun
What is this
Tinka Sijerkovic
Song decpacito
Luiz Felipe
Sou o unico br aqui 😢😢
Seven Two
I like the rainbow slime stress ball and the kitty stress ball
Sophie Boswell
it's not kawaii
kaylee hock
James Doan
i love slime its so fun
zoexhyde 1359
They say kawati but I say kawii
Flash Pikachu
I like the galaxy stress realever
Hanna Love
Orion Farley
I don't like the scary kitten stress ball
Pong Lio
Melanie Martenez 4 life
Keith Crowder
I hate the blond won
Ash C
"Kawaie"... just stop before I rip my hair out of my head.
Jahin Chowdhury
I like stress ball
Hrvoje Acimovic
Evriting is so cool🍟
Meenakshi Kancharla
where do I get borax
sharky شاركي
. IOS9
Aradhyula Subbaiah
Ewa Cześć
Its my Uncle's birthday. Can i get 5 likes?💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Hoàng Nguyễn
Kristin Chrisman
Lady Isabella193
i love the kitten it's so kawaii
Mahffoza Suratwala Mahffoza Suratwala
I am also an artist but i can't make like that slime
kelsey young
is the slim edubul.
Firkha Kurnia Irvana
mathew ornillo
You said kawaii wrong
Jane Patterson
Kitty is so so cute it's my fave one
Emma H
Can you use white glue
الزهره الحمراء
I like slime
الزهره الحمراء
I love troom troom
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