Filling FOOTBALLS with HELIUM!! - Does it make a Difference??

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So today, we filled Football’s with helium to see if it actually has any effect…



Football experiment to see if filling up a football with helium myth actually has any effect on the ball. 

We did a power 
1) shot test and
2) Free kick shooting test.

Kieran Brown.

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young keaney
Come on Mayo is any one supporting Mayo
Food Trip
Basketball in helium
Just n1n
idc call them soccerballs
Miguel Jasso
Dude cant keep the ball down. I mean my shots arent the best but i can atleast keep them down.
ola izzati
I like how they make this video, like the angle, music and sound track and also the using of go pro
Micah Reed
Those are soccer balls
Hacks Yim Studios
It's soccer ball are you 1
unbelievable RD
Any one want to support
Small footballer
Vegita MSU
I used A helium Soccer ball in Soccer 15 goals🙃
What is that song called at the end
Tyler Sweat
Song at 0.41
You should put that helium in your butt until you start inflating like a balloon and see you if you float
How this aplication called
Talal Badareen
What is the name of the app that is used to measure the speed of the ball
Enej Robek
keiran whats its app??
Jasmyne Jokiel
those are not footballs
Josniel Velez
FOOTBALL its is a soccer ball
What is this app?
Nicholas Fiore
What's the app they used to determine shot speed
bobby jansen
what are ALL the songs
YidKids _
0:58 his knees though
lasha baramidze
the ball boys were really tired ..they hate helium balls :D
DJ Khaled.
Smiles For Everyone
I like the f2 also
Nathan Killick
pls sub to me guys and girl x I will sub back to u. so basically its free subscribers x
my name
whats that app on ur phone measuring the ball's speed
what is the program that u are using to see how many is the speed of the ball ?
LachD_Youtube gamer
Put slime in the football and plz cheek out my YouTube channel as well
Amir CR7
keelan pinson
omg ed sheeran lol
Finn strauss
Helium makes thing light and float so I wasn't to surprised
Kaushik Karmakar
can i get like cuz my pet fish drowned.......
Pro Pineapple
Whats the name om the app u used when u shot?
the amazing J
what do English people call American football
please tell me the name of the app you were using for detecting speed.
Luka Games
name music 0:37
Hillary Scare
they got socker balls wrong
Random Videos
What is the remix for cold water plz
you should fill them with hexa flourid
Secretmoomooteam 1
It soccer balls
those are soccer balls
The foot balls will fly off
Jack Septic knight
They should fill it with a dogeball
dont they understand that helium is lighter
mimo Man
what is the name of this application for speed shot?
Destiny Rodriguez
What app is that?
Creeper Crew2.0
There soccer balls ⚽️⚽️
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