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Official April the Giraffe Apparel

Post pregnancy nutrition is important, so Mazuri is gifting 100s of pounds of food to keep April on her A-Game!   The Official Feed Company of Animal Adventure!

Inspired to sponsor our Giraffes? We have a safe platform form gifting linked below:

April is 15   - her 4th calf  
April has never lost a calf nor had a stillborn 
Oliver is 5  - his 1st calf

They have some of the largest indoor stalls in the nation (sq ft per animal).  We take pride in our indoor housing and the level of enrichment and care to keep them happy and healthy.  Unsafe weather and yard conditions may limit their yard access.

The calf will weigh around 150lb and will be about 6' tall at birth.
The front hooves will come out first followed by the snout.

Mom will naturally raise the calf, with weaning could take between 6-10 months, maybe longer.  We will not rush this process – it is just a documented range of captive weaning. 

Once the calf is born, we will have a contest to name it.

The keepers will go in with April, clean her pen, give her treats (but not Oliver).  He is a bull - and a bull is a bull is a bull!

Giraffes are pregnant for 15 months on average

Upon naturally weaning, the calf will move on to another facility to start a breeding program there.  We cannot retain offspring, as it would lead to incestuous mating and undermine the genetics of the program and species.  

Those "things" on their heads are called ossicones.

Bulls (male giraffes) only really care about two things- fighting and the unmentionable....
Oliver may share space with April, but for short periods.  Bulls take no part in rearing young. 

They eat hay and specialized giraffe diet but love romaine lettuce and carrot treats. 

April's water source, enrichment, and solo hay feeder are out of sight of the camera view.

This is Animal Adventure's first giraffe calf.

HEY It's Annika!!!
Good bye April and Oliver and Allysa and Cory and baby I will miss you all sooo very much I love you April and I'm so glad I got to watch you live every day you are so cute and funny when you eat in front of the camera it made me laugh your my favorite Graff and I will still watch you wen you are not live love you April so much😚 I will miss you
Sandra Jollie
Almost 2 months watching April ..and now they want to put the cam down... I will miss watching them and the relaxing time it brings with it..
Doris Anderson
Congratulations to all on the birth of April's little boy :-)
Stephanie Sandelier
Why don't you sweep Aprils room in the morning while she is out sunning? I wouldn't think it is good for her to breath in powder from floor!
Oly Ulias
мало тут места как мне кажется для отдыха, хотя стандарты есть и я думаю что они его придерживаются
Joy Gipson
Watching and waiting sweet April! It's been amazing being able to have this opportunity to keep an eye on you and wait on your sweet calf! <3
I took it to the end and it took me to the dallas zoo giraffe birth....Is the live stream OFF??? When I go to that link takes me to a video stating the live stream is off for the past 104 minutes. :-( Hope everything is okay with April
fraud site
Donna Wilkey
Could it be possible she could have twins as big as she is?
Brandon Harrington
this is a huge exploit of curious people. there is no way "professional vets" and keepers could ever be this far off from a gestation timeline. great way to sucker people into subscribing and watching your feeds. im sure this zoo raked in the cash from all this publicity.
Tamara Jeter
I love 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💘💘💘💘💘💘💘
Sammie Beer Sanchez
How is it possible yall were so far off on her gestation? This has been going on for over a month now, if I'm not mistaken?
Miguel Angel Verdera
A streaming of an animal prison. Thanks for make me cry
Pamela Hernandez
She has a heart on her neck
Dianne Rossman Rossman
Why does April throw hay over her back so often?
Peyton Langille
Peyton Langille
My teacher ms teal shows this to us all the time I like it
Pamela Hernandez
She is beautuful
what is wrong with you World ?
Jake de Medeiros
this should be illegal
Alexendra Jessi
love. only deserbe love.
Cari Schumann
I want to see a sonogram.
Ashlynn Paugh
its name should be shayla
Michael Swaine
Does anything interesting even happen on here
Bud Fisher
my question with regards to april sbe will continue to get treats etc because she w ill be feeding her calf ..... will oliver go on to another c.giraffe to mate? the article said treats for april not oluve r
Stacy Mcwhorter
Hope she has it soon. I am getting ancy lol
linda smith
Can you please tell me why April is always poking her nose to her stomach? Been wondering why she keeps doing that .. Would love to know why ?
Lauren Branson
Thanks for telling me
Gracie Barber
Is she ever gonna have her baby?? Ive been waiting for over a month!!
Sadia Biswas
Ann Pfeffer
I know people are not sure if the video they are watching is live or not, as I am. What about hanging a clock with the time and date on the back wall? High enough so April can not reach it, if that is possible. Not sure if that would help or not. Everyone would just have to adjust the hour to their time zone. Just a thought. You guys from Animal Adventure Park are great!
my favorite animals, majestic and cute at the same time <3 <3
My questions (and I have a lot! lol) may have been answered before but as I said I have just tuned in :)
And another question, why can't she be with the Daddy-to-be, is he aggressive?
I have just tuned in for the first time (it is all everyone is talking about lol) my question is, does she get to go outside or is this an open pen and we just can't see the outside?
Glenna Wigginton
So there is talk that the Live Feed was stopped yet again. I fall asleep at night watching her. So silly that they would stop this one feed, but you can YouTube and Google search and find thousands of video of Giraffes giving birth. People just knock it off already.
aj jonasson
Hang in there beautiful April I'd be so honored if you have your baby on my birthday the 8th :o)
Cupquake Productions
Saddest story ever.....

My ...Brother....he....ate....the...last...OREO😢😱😱😱😭
anthony puailoa
stop explpiting lives. toys r us gets to sell their product by advertiseing their logo. profiting off the exploitations of living beings is not right!
Rob Serraga
No, this is not a fake feed.This is a previously recorded feed from 16hours ago. If you let it run, or drag the video to the end, it will automatically take you right into the live stream. Go to the upper right drop down arrow and expand the page. It says that this was streamed 16hrs ago. The best way to make certain that you're not viewing a fake stream is to go to their FB page and then use the direct link or expand this page and use the links here.
Princess Diana Kim
I am looking for new friends! Let's go to my channel))
Fedup Pudef
Give birth already!
Susan Battersby
This is a fake stolen feed
Dog lover 99
I love April
Deborah Mullins
why is it dark?
Worraporn Sukhchaung
Dj Minecart
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