Children Interrupt BBC News Interview - Interview Gatecrashed Live

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Watch the video of two children, son and daughter, interrupting their fathers interview live on BBC News before being caught in the act by their mother. Interview gatecrashed!

There was an unexpected distraction for Professor Robert Kelly when he was being interviewed live on BBC News about South Korea his children burst into the room.

He managed to keep his composure and complete the interview successfully after his kids were taken out by their mum.
Children Interrupt BBC News Interview Live

Prof Robert E Kelly keeps his cool during an interview about South Korean politics when his two children interrupt him, live on air, on BBC World News. Kelly’s daughter first lets herself into his office and is shortly followed by a baby in a rambler. He smiles and apologises for the interruption while his wife rushes into the room to take the children out

During an interview with a guest on webcam, a child hilariously comes in and interrupts the interview, as well as a baby and a woman quickly tries to usher them away.

Daddy’s working! Brilliant moment a BBC expert’s live interview is gatecrashed by his curious children and a VERY stressed woman

Live television always leaves room for hilarious gaffes - which is exactly what happened when a debate on South Korea was interrupted by the interviewee's children. 
The hilarious footage shows expert Robert Kelly being interviewed, handling serious questions on the county's president, Park Geun-hye, being ousted from power.
But suddenly, a toddler bursts into the room in a bright yellow top and performs a comical dance behind him.

His focus remains entirely on the camera as he attempts to blindly hand off his child, who is clearly curious as to who Mr Kelly is talking with.
And his parental problems soon double as a baby also excitedly makes his way into the room in a stroller.
To complete the farce, a female figure - either their mother of a nanny - comes skidding through the threshold. 

She grabs the two youngsters and attempts to drag them out of the door, but one of them can be heard wailing and the baby's stroller suddenly won't fit back through the door.
Eventually, she manages to get them both out, and the interview continues.
The hilarious footage was tweeted by BBC producer Julia MacFarlane

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Jason H
0:15 HEY WHATS UP!!! :D LMAO!!!
Su Chaparro
This is the parody
Omigod the way that kid struts into the room!
Michael Schmitz
The nanny is very fast LOL
CarsReviews165 Productions
at 0:28 you can hear the beginning of the Thomas theme and one of the kids say "Thomas"
masatoshi saitama
So funny
太空頻道 Space Channel
Check my remix version of this news
For those of you who questioned the lady as their nanny, and for those of you who tried to justify that question because of the kids looks, or used the fact that the video was not ultra HD or something ridiculous...

When you become a parent...
I hope you would be totally okay with strangers asking in daily basis if you are their nanny, Every day, when you are taking a walk around the park, buying your groceries...with your baby.

Just imagine.

And don't tell me the nanny question is justified because the kid does not look like the kid looks is totally irrelevant and that is the whole point.

Would you ask a white lady carrying an Asian kid or African kid this question? Are you their nanny? and then tried to tell her that it is is okay to ask her the question because the kid looks different than her?

When a white woman walks around with a baby with a different skin color, people assume she is the mother. When a minority person walks around with a baby with a different skin color, people question if she is their nanny. And when you call up on that, they still do not come to their senses and tries to justify...oooh but you don't look like her. Double standard!
Anaiya Ghazali
so sad
Henry Hou
check the remix version
Dobrescu Dragos
iral internet
Enkhtuulzb E
Am Bam
I died when the baby comes bobbing in 😂😂
Jn Gato
lol 😍😘🤡❤
This Gen Last Gen
Get that fucking owl out of here.
Grey Spears
This women is the nanny. Fake news is now trying to convince you that she is her wife to further there liberal agenda
The laughing Charmander
Hahahahahahaha funny 😂 poor guy
E. Michelle
How human is this?? I will take news like this anyday. Props to mom for the slide through the door.
Miss Gee
haaaaa awesome!!'so cute!!
Bechay Ramos
No other words can describe this interview. the scene was really funny. It made me laugh to the fullest hahaha
I bet he's wearing nothing but underwear
alzauri fatahillah
omg. that's quite harsh!
they are so cute
Kook Guy
Made my day... Lovely
Brandy wine
Just love this!! Hats off to the mom! I have so been there.
Lisa B
Would've been better if you didn't place thumbnails of other videos over what was happening. So annoying
Bobby Bellingham
Ah some real news for a change.........real normal day to day life. Mom runs after the kids and dad is trying to get some work done. Quite refreshing and made me smile.....which is not something the mainstream media does frequently.
Solidus Shockryn
LEgendary Wife.
Elisa Day
That is so cute. Such a human event - new life intruding on the old.
joonho park
아이가 한국말을 하네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 아왜그래 ~~~~~~
Cosmo Kim
Unluckily Kelly's daughter and baby were impeached by her mom from the BBC TV. We korean pple totally welcome impeaching the president Park, but strongly hope that the cute daughter n baby should be reinstated soon.....and You know what the little daughter said to mom? "Mom why do you treat me like this"...sorry Im not good at English as a Korean.
There are some truly retarded people in these comments. Seriously, lighten up and stop finding issue with everything.

It was a funny situation and the wife handled it like a boss.
Conspiracy: It was all planned. Look how confident is that girl when she enetrs the room xD
Emma Davis
Love it...this is real life
Paper Bag
I lost it when the stroller came in
I pray he does not beat his wife and kids after this.
John Johnson
Greg McArthur
How about you not put giant obstructing links to other videos in the center of your video before the video is over.
arjun vimal
the baby drove the walker like jermy clarkson
Bryn Art
That kid in the roller is the best lol
This is a typical type of family Just think of your father and mother. Don't be superior for innocent family people !!
e y e k n e e
This girl said "mommy why?? Why?? No~ :(" in korean. She wanna be with her dad. :D
azizam azizan
Haha lesson learned. Lock the door 😊😊
Lester Kok
In my younger cynical days, I would naturally begrudge the Professor his ingenious masterminding the world's most comely publicity-eager stunt on the Internet (in hopes of selling more books of course:-) effected by the agency of an exotic cast of cameo characters incorporating even the tenderest of the unweaned.

Allow me here though to be serious for a moment to pose this sober question: for those 'unprejudiced' viewers i.e., being fully unconscious of any background intro to the video at all, who initially came to the subconscious assumption that she was the 'foreign domestic maid/babysitter' -- a dutifully diligent one no less, clambering on all fours just to do right by her master -- are these viewers (I was one of them, had to come clean) deserving to be labeled 'ethnic chauvinist' or worse, 'racist', guilty of the sins of racial stereotyping???
Susan Huy
Anyone thinking Dad is being "brutal" to the kids, obviously missed where he is fighting to keep a straight face...which clearly shows he appreciates the humor of the situation. Mom was kind of funny -like watching a goalie trying to do a last minute "save".All in all, a lovely family, and a moment they will all remember for a very long time!(Personally, I am visualizing the Mom in the living room watching the hubby's interview on TV just a few feet away, maybe sipping on a well deserved cup of coffee, when she suddenly sees the kids have gone AWOL when she sees them on screen....)
Walt Pinkerton
Fucking hilarious, savage mate lol the wife drags the kids out crying
Michael Cox
Why is the assumption this is the mother? I'm not seeing him married to this Asian woman. The better presumption is it's the nanny. I think it's fair to say that most politicians do not self-parent because they are so busy controlling their piece of the political pie.
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