Roger Najjar
Guess who really got destroyed...

Fook the McGregors !!!
All that talking and he lost
Gaming Vlogs
Tonights gonna be 49-2 for ya bitch ass
Gaming Vlogs
I can read conners lips he just saying "doin it then"
[4SQD] PhourSt4R
Pdot got fucked
[4SQD] PhourSt4R
"Do what your told bitch" lmao
Colossians 3:1-16 Daily
Conor is a beast in the mma circles but there is no way in hell Floyd loses to this guy even at 40. Just like Floyd wouldn't stand a chance if the fight was mma.
Im wearing Toronto gear.........Boooooooooooo
Tsukahara Musashi
Two sugars, Two sugars bitch lol
Canis Majoris
Mayweather bought theTitle and pays generously to keep it.. Its a win, win for all those involved..Disgrace to the sport of boxing😠😠
Canis Majoris
It really disappoints me to see that "Boxing" has became the "new wrestling"... None of it is genuine... Just "promotional hype" leading to a "synced" title bout that has already determined its winner..πŸ™
"Yew fookin weasel"
Love conna 4 talkin shit
Gravity Fortnite
Fuck the mayweathers conor is going whoooop that bitch ass in 4 rounds i believe in conor mcgregor
This is pathetic.
Lori Rhew
I like McGregor and I guess when you are at the top you can talk that shit.However all the people in the audience booing Mayweather need the taste knocked outta their mouth. That man didn't make it to where hes at without a lot of hard work and sacrifice. You don't have to love him but I would say hes earned his keep. People need to stop dick riding and show some respect.
Stone Harper
I absolutely love that Dana White is slowly turning his promotion into the WWE!
Common Sense
Anyone remember Ricky Hatton? Talked trash and had massive support. Still got his ass handed to him in the ring. Mayweather can't be beat in a boxing match this fight is a joke.
Jim Jim
just want to build it up in trash talk like tyson did with lennox lewis and Ali vs Frazier!
Evil Eyes
Even if he loses I'm happy with Connors win on stage here he got that Irish flag and threw it at him him right on his head that's fucking hilarious he's a winner already
I feel a little bit bad for Floyd... at 49-0, he should not be needing to go on a "talking shit" tour where Conor just disrespects the hell out of him. It's also a little sad to see that Floyd might be a bit punch drunk, where he doesn't have the wit for banter and he thinks his rap music narrative of talking about money is all he needs to do.

But at the end of the day, these guys are getting paid huge sums of cash, so it's hard to pitty either of them. Foock good sportsmanships right?

And finally, it'd be all kinds of fun to watch Floyd have one last good fight and beat the shit out of shit-talking Conor!
Mitchell Boucher
1 2 tree how the fuck is he going to fight if the retard can barley speak
What's up with Ellerbe's nose? Looks like a dick!
$ on mcgregor fuck mayweather he made me waste my tine and $ on his fight with Pacquia
Dallas Anderson
Well no doubt Conner has a sharper wit , be a passionate fight now
Ieva P
Conor my man πŸ’“πŸ’ͺ
Light Yagami
2:45 "Shut ur fooking mouth"
Conor is so funny
Alex St John
Connor is a little bitch
s Tabz jr.
My 8 year old nephew has better comebacks than floyd.
The Popular Libertarian Movement
This was a cringe show the UFC should have handled the press conference
Lol cool. Why only get money during the fight when they can cash even before the ring. That's how u make more money bitches πŸ‘ŠπŸ’ͺ
Erik Coulombe
I really hope he knockes out mayweather
Michael Eccles
Connor is absolutely hilarious. Stop taking this serious all you purists out there and enjoy the banter........'You can't even READ!'
poor mayweather he's nervous right now...Conor will Fffoookk you up Floyd hahaha he didnt even want to stay infront of Conor....i see fear in Mayweather
Matts Gaming Lounge
Dana white is enjoying this so much it ain't even funny lol.
Caitlynn Davis
Is it safe to say Mayweather is the kanye of UFC?
Jayden Palestina
let's go!!!!!!!
Don't do anything to that flag, then proceeds to take it from him and throw it on the ground lolololol
Knjpaypal Knj
conor is done
Mary Davis
Conor McGregor is ruthless πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
John Scott
lmao @ Dana saying "DEFENDING!!!"
Emerson OS
Steven Reeves
I felt sorry for Mayweather at one point...lmao. You gotta give Connor credit...he dont back down from anyone. He completely destroyed Mayweather on stage. It was almost like he was picking on a special ed or something. Not even close.
Deluxe Johnson
bout to go to Ireland or Scotland
Jackson Martinez
I know floyed is gonna outbox mcgregor l.but I would like to see mcgregor snap and choke mayweather out. that would be epic. but I like floyed
kylo trader
dana white is a reptilian with reptilian eyes or that is quality cocaine
Bill Larrimore
so if Muhammed Ali wasn't a real fighter why did he pay so much respect? el oh el
Bill Larrimore
Conor on Muhammed Ali, greatest boxer of all time: "Nobody will ever come close to this mans greatness. And if they do, they better wake up and apologise. #RipAli" but suddenly has no respect for boxing and it's not 'real fighting'? so Muhammed Ali was not a real fighter? k.
Kristen Richardson
You can't even read πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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