GIANT Life Size Raptor Attacks LB, Dinosaur Surprise Egg w/ Dino Kid Family Game, Toys & Gummy Candy

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Park Ranger LB is playing in the park when he's suddenly chased by a giant life-size Raptor Dinosaur! He manages to escape with the help of his Nerf Blaster, and then discovers some surprise toy Dino eggs! In his egg hunt, LB tracks the eggs to Park Ranger Aaron, who has a Giant Triceratops Dinosaur Surprise Egg. Together they play the Dino Meal kids game with a T-Rex that attacks! The winner gets to open the toys in the giant egg surprise. The loser gets to open the small Dinosaur Easter Eggs that Park Ranger LB found. The surprise toys in this fun kid family video include: The Exo Terra T-Rex Skull Terrarium Decor, The Jurassic World Alpha Raptor Pack with Owen "Alpha" and Velociraptor "Blue", The Dino Meal Steal the Eggs Game, The 3D Dinosaur Puzzle in Jurassic Egg Educational Assembly Kit, and some Haribo Dinosaurs Gummy Candy. Can you spot the hidden egg LB missed and tell us what color it is?

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Jurassic World is called mundo jurásico in Spanish, Jurawelt in German, monde jurassique in French and mondo giurassico. Dinosaurs are called dinosaurio, Dinosaurier, dinosaure and dinosauro. Toys are called juguetes, spielzeug, jouets and giocattoli.

Suzy Hyde
sipnosaurs, gigantasauris, brontersauris and a yellow egg
Iqbaal Mohamed
The third one is ceratosaurus
Iqbaal Mohamed
The second one is the brachiosaurus
Iqbaal Mohamed
The blue one is spinosaurus
Joshua Camacho
The hidden egg is yellow
Iffah Azman
Iffah Azman
EggFinal: Raptor
Iffah Azman
Egg 2: Bruntosaurus or Apatosaurus
Angela Pease
Angela Pease
Jurassic park.
Leah Wilkinson
Ayan Sardar Khan
Did someone saw the yellow egg
Linda Mccrea
Spin as or is
Foxy 7
Esperanza Arias
Esperanza Arias
Eduardo Herrera
Dylan Toler
Leonie Aberneithie
The yellow egg
Khaled Saad
It was the yellow egg
Danny Miskov
ibrahim Miah
Julian Quezada
it is a yellow egg.
Adam Kytlica
sacha ally
River Tanada
Zach Mueller
Yes I saw the egg it was yellow.
Janet Mesecher
In the 2ed egg was a brontosaurus
Janet Mesecher
Savannah Hughes
Jamie Peri
Barry Kidz
Robert Lerma
T x
Camrin De Sousa
The big egg was yellow
Chea San
gunnar harrell
gunnar harrell
Sarie W
i love your chanel
Sarie W
the second one is branchisuaraus
Joseph Wendell
Salman Ahmed
yellow egg
the last dino was a allasaur
I liked the vidio and subscribed
that dino egg was my favorite dino the spin or the spinosaur
Lawrence Adger
Seth Cooley
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