JUSTICE LEAGUE - Official Trailer 1

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In theaters November 2017


Fueled by his restored faith in humanity and inspired by Superman’s selfless act, Bruce Wayne enlists the help of his newfound ally, Diana Prince, to face an even greater enemy. Together, Batman and Wonder Woman work quickly to find and recruit a team of metahumans to stand against this newly awakened threat. But despite the formation of this unprecedented league of heroes—Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash—it may already be too late to save the planet from an assault of catastrophic proportions.

“Come Together” by Junkie XL and Gary Clark Jr.
With additional production by Ninja Tracks.

Berke Doğruyol
where is the superman?
Reymundo Cortez
this is gonna be as crappy as all the other dc movies
Kathryn Lade
I can't be the only one who's here for Rick and Morty right? 😂😂
moh amine
@Mushfiq Saikat and Dc is owned by Warner Brothers basically bugs bunny
Seb Luca
I hope it'll be as clever as the long version of BvS :D
Alf Hamsey
why people said no superman. just pause at 1:46 and you will get your answer
MovieHD Free
Cool............., Can't wait this movies...
kadir ünver
What if I told you that you can like DC and Marvel movies at the same time
Aisha Kumari
am i the only one who is just waiting for the flash?
Sera Bola
I can't wait to watch that movie it's soo cool
Antwane Walker
I have to pass up on this movie,tired of looking at Batman each year, Be better if Superman was in it, Since he's not ....Pass on this one
just What i have been dying to see THE JUST US AVENGERS featuring angry cape man, power princess, the sub mariner, terminator and sir flash lite
please DC you can do lt...
Where"s Ryan Reynolds as the Green Lantern? Wasn't the Green Lantern part of the Justice League?
mike s.
Joss Whedon can't handle large battles.
Face it. You wouldn't be as interested in aquaman if he had a clean shave, short blonde hair, and wore green tights.
Japanese pigeon
I have a lack of faith after seeing suicide squad and Batman vs superman
Also all the DC hate has been ridiculous. The only thing DC has screwed up is their recent movies. Their comics are going stronger than Marvel. Their cartoons and live action shows are also very solid.
This trailer is great. I can't wait for the movie. It looks a lot more fun than BvS. It's not all up it's own ass. Can't wait!
Vuqar Quliyev
if i was you i would choose grant gustin as the flash😐😐
Yurikoya Ttarius
Credence, pliz
Justice for Harambe
What about The original Barry Allen and Green Arrow that May be Why i won't watch it
On one of Flash's monitors, there's a Rick and Morty episode scene playing at 0:54.
Renee Peck
Some people are in the comments are saying that you don't need to shit on Marvel for this, BUT you Marvel fans and others are shitting on D.C. On everything. So stop being hypocritical
I don't get it! Suicide Squad have over 88 million views and yet, this is only 27 million. The hell is wrong with you people? This trailer is better than Suicide Squad trailer! FUQ!
wtf marvel. 24 thousand marvel fans must be really nervous
TurboPixelz / توربو بيكسلز
What are your superpowers again?
Iam Rich . :D
Crazy a.k.a The boss
Why that stupid rockstar music? This is a DC superhero film, not fast and furious.
Haters gonna hate. Believe me
Estevan Garcia
batflack: yes
wondergal: wooo
cyfisher: heck yeah
aquamoana: eh
the flash-zra: BOOOOO
Jared Fantasia
Hopefully DC doesn't mess up this movie as bad as they did Batman vs. Superman
Orionis Ceti
O Superman, Superman, wherefore art thou Superman!
Gerardo Rodriguez
me considero fanatico de la liga de la justicia ,pero considero que se pierden los personajes originales ,desde Cyborg ,si recuerdan la liga lo conforma ,Superman ,Batman ,La Mujer Maravilla ,Flash ,Linterna Verde ,Chica Halcón y John Johnz ya posteriormente salen los demas superhéroes ,no me gustó la manera en que se realiza esta película
Jens Cole
Not my Barry Allen :(
Harshil kumar
why grant gustin is not barry allen?
Plz come out on the 13 of my birthday
Lantern 2814
To all the people saying "where's green lantern", truly go fuck yourself.
gus mcgee
No Superman ....? aqua man cyborg. what a shitty Leaque choice.
Rishab Mishra
We have to be ready...
Rishab Mishra
Darth Vader
Where is Green Lantern And Superman?
Aquaman sucks! (c) Raj Kutrapali
Owen Zhang
Idk but I think 1:49 that's Ariana grande
FH Rhythm
couldn't see the superman!!!
tequila na choco
OMG! im soooooooooooooooo excited! SUPER EXCITED!
Jomblo Ngenes
No Superman ? Is he still sleeping ?
Rishaj dubey
'what are your superpowers again?' lo-fucking-l
Rho Escarlan
Hееrе is reаallуу full аnd hd Justiceе Lеaguеee => https://twitter.com/d8e738c8c9691384e/status/858504203311775744
BlitZ Crieg
parademons, parademons everywhere...
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