Son Of Abish feat. Vir Das & Irrfan Khan

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Son Of Abish is a variety comedy show with host Abish Mathew interviewing Vir Das and Irrfan Khan.

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Akshay Sonwane
Incase you havent noticed its' credits have some really funny one liners so just check it
shardul joshi
I did comment("Rather Criticized") on this show first season. But I have gotten used to comedy from you guys and this is just climbing up.. Great work guys
Subhan Ji
shiit i used to be in the same school as vir das
Swapnil Telang
Good episode.. Especially the ad/message part ....a general request... Many people including me are scared of openly sharing the problem... Basically because parents scold rather than help you .... Could you make something to pass this message out to parents... Thanks in advance
Sourya Chatterjee
dude you need to tighten up your content. it's really stupid to watch 2 cartoon balls making out while I'm still waiting to watch the real balls you promised at the beginning. tolerating stupid stuff for 8 mins deserves an unsubscribe.
Kalyana krishnan
these guys have smoked quality pot together before walking in
Shubham Khetan
Aditya Shekhar
Awesome show bro. Keep growing ; )
28:40 kahan hota h ye?😂😂
hari jangid
Get Vipul Goyal on the show ...
Amal John
not funny at all!!!
Raima Tasfia
Abish tries so hard to be funny. He actually waits after a joke for people to laugh.
Anubhav Solankey
The. Helium thing is awesome
Sahil Thakur
The starting five minutes are very irritating
tarun chugh
Don't you guys think the helium gas inhale task in Son of Abish is being copied by every other TV shows these days. Just today I watched the same in BiggBoss and now in Laughter Challenge as well.
Nikhil Gupta
Can we get MP3 of STD song ✌👌
Parth Oberoi
can i get views on my blog..?
Vir... amazing sense of humor! :)
Meharjit Dhage
awesome show #Abish...was waiting for the new season..happy to see it again...all the best.
Please hire some good writers.... desparately trying to be funny....not happening
Saffron Pill
Vir Das madarchod cuck
Mayur Popade
Best episode of this season
zealous club
Usne dekh Liya zindgi ban gai
Ashutosh K
4:50 to 7:50 Must watch guys
@8.43 When vir looks at irfans leg and do the same and then at 8.50 he is like fuck it lets be original this time #RareBollywoodStuff
Anonymous Sj
I don't think deep voices can defeat Helium. If it can alter Morgan Freeman's voice then Helium can win over many deep voices
Muhammad Tariq
Yes there is napotism in bollywood....
utkarsh shahi
ye pehle 10 min ki bakchodi was just unnecessary
Akshay Choubey
This is the best episode of this season.
Harsh Bharti
jaanleva ishq..ghanghor...haddpaar :D
sam rolando
This episode's ' in other news' was hilarious. Looks like the writers just got paid.
Abhishek Madhusudanan
Am I the only one who feels "For no reason at all" should be scrapped?
FAIZ Hussain
Great work. Respect bro😃
Judging you
19:00 Real Shit.
Avinash Tiwari
I'm a RSS worker ,
liked the joke .Just joking , coming for ya
Satyam Talwar
If some one is interested, here is vir walking his shitting dog :P
Surendra Varma
Wanna be Kevin Hart
Shreya Shrivastava
Just fabulous 😘
Irfan bhai hamare mp me aao Bhang ki dukaan sab jagah h
Kirane ki dukaan jaisi
Irfan didn't inhale (the helium)
win g
All the best for your future episodes .I think you definitely need to keep this rolling .
win g
Abish this was definitely international T.V standard .Loved the show !
Ashpak Saudagar
Can u bring MSD😌
Janardhan Pashupati
Sachin you do what you like, Shoaib you bend over :"D still laughing at that
Janardhan Pashupati
Abish knows how to sell a joke
Madhusudhan Agarwal
Abhi bhi dukan hai bhang ki Jaipur mein government recongised...
sai harsha
not the correct combination. irfan and parvathi would have been good. vir das n irfan yuck. they both hate each other, irfan's stories arent that good compared to vir das's.
Phalgun Lodaya
I wanna play this!!!!
Dinesh Kesarwani
You are speaking lie , I asked you to just want a selfie with and will not post anywhere in delhi airport in the Plaza launge which will make me so happy as I am big fan of yours and I love Jaipur but you denied and made me so sad I told you this also .
Parag Deb
irfaan has a creepy smile
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