Black Mamba Bites Lion Stock Footage 01

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The black mamba is endemic to Sub-Saharan Africa and it prefers to rest during night time in a permanent lair such as an abandoned burrow or a termite mound. Mambas are diurnal ambush predators, hunting for food during daytime. They are known to be unpredictable but prefer to avoid any unnecessary confrontation if possible. Even with the lion gone, the snake remains alert, carefully observing its surroundings before leaving the safety of its lair.

Black mambas have relative short fangs located in front of their mouth. Its neurotoxic venom is less viscous than any know snake venom, making it extremely fast acting indeed.

Some black mamba victims reported, that they were not even aware of being bitten but felt its symptoms within twenty minutes. This was also the case with Nathan Layton, a student at the Southern African Wildlife College, where he help capturing an escaped black mamba. 
Nathan didn’t realized being bitten at all and returned to his classroom where he collapsed twenty minutes after the incident and was pronounced death less than an hour after the snake capture took place. The Footage was recorded by Heiko Kiera aka Ojatro in 2010.

Suresh Dorga
Subhash Kumar
ijra pronto
Abby Loop
snek is love, snek is life
but not on this one lmao
Muhammad Farooq
farooq Dj
Shawn L
Wow, I feel bad for the lion. What a dick of a snake, ya can't have that meal buddy. It's to big for yeah.
George Kaler
I served in the military over and Southeast Asia and I cut off as many heads of snakes that I could find I got a hell of a kill ratio. by the way how come nobody lobbed the fucking head off at snake in the first video now the mother fucker we'll probably bite some kid
find snakes like to squeeze or bite off with her head the Skins are nice to stretch on sticks makes for a good walk and stick that's all they're worth. my talk-to-text is mentally retarded but I can't move my fingers that fast
King Miles
that lion will instantly wake up when he gets a blowjob from black mamba
sher k lie sva sher
Arbind Topno
Mamba idiot, think himself Anaconda.
why didnt you do something camera man 😩😩
Mark Alderite
dont ever even try to mess with kobe or you will ended up just like the king
Razor Black
Up next: The Lion went to the hospital to get cured from the venom 😂
E Mahesh
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will morgane
the lion was already dead what's the point
Danger noodle: Whos the king of the Jungle now BITCH !
Jhon Carlo Veneracion
that ending sound is a son a bitch 😑
Figthing Warriors
I felt bad for the lion,its doing nothing and that stupid snake tries to kill it!
John Water
it's obvious that this was a dying lionness... Probably sick or injured and dying from starvation.
McRonnie Solid
I am 100% sure that this was a set-up and the 2 animals were put in the same enclosure, the lion is already dying and helpless and the snake were purposely put there to kill it... just for the sake of this footage.... fuck that guy on the end of this video
gurpreet singh khalsa
daryl pagobo
i think in 1:15 Black mamba trying to eat that cat. obviously i will take a bat now if he eat that whole. dumbass
RC Ki Vines
What the Fuck is that....Sala Kuch bhi...
Desi Parinda
u motherfucker could have saved this endangered species.but u were fucking busy in making the video.shame on u
Incredible India With love
2 lion was allready dead 😠
Cici Jeon
Jhope: I hate snakeu~🐍
Sanjay Sanjay
संजय कुमार
Jed Peñaranda
Kobe vs. Lebron??
manish verma
wtf this snake trying to do with lion
Talib Saifi
fake video
Seva Yeguri
Quennie De Guzman
wooooh😣😣😣 snake
When your burger is much bigger than your mouth ;)
Ava Dauz
I'm pretty sure that lion was already dead xD
Kukdukun Kukdukun
John Clark
My Black Mamba Bites Pussy
that's kobe right there
That snake reminds me of Taylor swift
قطر الندى
سبحان الله
Sibuna Het-Ra X
That's not the same lion lying down. Fake ass video
Wanda Dimarco
highlight hhhhhhh
amarpreet singh
Hahhahaha lion is already dead lmao
JungKookie Hot af
I hate snakeu
suldeep kalani
Nice job animation. ..
10M views PWAKE PUS
Black Momba ki Jay ho 😂
Sonu Kumar
sattar hussain
Mary jacob
I hate you mamba. if I was there I would kill you with laser gun.
Bullet Sponge
kobe vs lebron
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