Fak Ju
Another good reason to not move to Africa...
Harry Mananus
He ain't real! He dead. I say you he dead!
Theu put that snake there intentionally to film it. Pos. Disgusting
Karen Kazarian
Come on, lion was already dead and sound of breathing was added. But it's really funny when snake tries to swallow it.
Dimitris Pats
i screamed like a little girl when it went to the eye..
Homer Simpson
Now how the hell am I gonna eat such a big Pussy?
Clay Gillespie
somebody get this momba a fork and steak knife
Duke 49
I'm rooting for the lion even though I know it's too late I hate snakes especially that one
The biggest problem for the snake was figuring out how to eat it XD
1:22 I was like "omg is he going to enter through his eye socket...?"
Team Roger
Stupid Camera man... why do not you save the lion?
Fidencio Cosme
that lion was dead already stupid title why do people do that shit put a different title
jason hyde
That was a dead lion. Did the snake have anything to do with it?
Parallax Error
Two different videos.
I have two snakes, I must admit, snakes are fucking stupid.
Rey Galendez
i hate snakes.. just like my friend a fuckin snake
Kobe Bites Lebron
Bae XoXo
oh I hate snakeu... xD (iykwim)
Dave Schozer
These is a 70's Horror Movie, where they Used a REAL Blk Mamba !
The Director, later said Never Again will he use a Real Snake.... Everyone was Terrified !
Zip Zenac
BTW, a black mamba is called black because the inside of his mouth is black.
It should have started swallowing the lionesses leg.
Anthony Gomes
C'mon have it!!!.....
How could the lion not feel the snake's attempts to bite and it slithering in its face? Could it? Surely it would have reacted
Ghulam Abbas
why's not save lion
Joshua Tze Hao Lie
she is so lucky as she is female, she has no P**...
the realistic touch
hit like if u want all snakes vanished from earth
John Smith
Poor hyena
Danny Cobain
tht lion is lazy af😆
snakes are the assholes of the animal kingdom
Saisurya Vemula
Ebubechukwu Emmanuel
i wish snake will go extinct forever
Nvr Stp
Kobe Bryant, any NBA fans here?
Animal Fights 24
i hate snake
John Doe
Why I have no qualms killing every snake I see.
Gold Automaton
doubt lion was slow enough to get bitten and besides venom isnt instant lion would ripped snake apart with last seconds of life
belomor belo
Превет кто с Украины Ukraine the best
Richard Mays
snakes are assholes.

that's why Satan chose to take the form as one.
Arundhati De
I fuckin hate the snakes
They're just ,, urrrrrggh!!
Fuck you
dark T Truth
that snake was so cute.
Ahmad Rizwan
Neal Fernandez
omgggg..! die you btch snake!
Mary Eddy
Rare footage of Kobe Byant beating LeBron James
hey i wanna something from you
Crazy Clasher
May be the lion is dead.
Suresh Dorga
Subhash Kumar
ijra pronto
Abby Loop
snek is love, snek is life
but not on this one lmao
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