Black Mamba Bites Lion Stock Footage 01

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The black mamba is endemic to Sub-Saharan Africa and it prefers to rest during night time in a permanent lair such as an abandoned burrow or a termite mound. Mambas are diurnal ambush predators, hunting for food during daytime. They are known to be unpredictable but prefer to avoid any unnecessary confrontation if possible. Even with the lion gone, the snake remains alert, carefully observing its surroundings before leaving the safety of its lair.

Black mambas have relative short fangs located in front of their mouth. Its neurotoxic venom is less viscous than any know snake venom, making it extremely fast acting indeed.

Some black mamba victims reported, that they were not even aware of being bitten but felt its symptoms within twenty minutes. This was also the case with Nathan Layton, a student at the Southern African Wildlife College, where he help capturing an escaped black mamba. 
Nathan didn’t realized being bitten at all and returned to his classroom where he collapsed twenty minutes after the incident and was pronounced death less than an hour after the snake capture took place. The Footage was recorded by Heiko Kiera aka Ojatro in 2010.

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