Black Mamba Bites Lion Stock Footage 01

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The black mamba is endemic to Sub-Saharan Africa and it prefers to rest during night time in a permanent lair such as an abandoned burrow or a termite mound. Mambas are diurnal ambush predators, hunting for food during daytime. They are known to be unpredictable but prefer to avoid any unnecessary confrontation if possible. Even with the lion gone, the snake remains alert, carefully observing its surroundings before leaving the safety of its lair.

Black mambas have relative short fangs located in front of their mouth. Its neurotoxic venom is less viscous than any know snake venom, making it extremely fast acting indeed.

Some black mamba victims reported, that they were not even aware of being bitten but felt its symptoms within twenty minutes. This was also the case with Nathan Layton, a student at the Southern African Wildlife College, where he help capturing an escaped black mamba. 
Nathan didn’t realized being bitten at all and returned to his classroom where he collapsed twenty minutes after the incident and was pronounced death less than an hour after the snake capture took place. The Footage was recorded by Heiko Kiera aka Ojatro in 2010.

Greta Oto
i can't see it ☹
Nidhi Nidi
Plz case against to mamba..!
ugur andirin
King is dead !
Geometry Dash iIiNewbziIi
Oh shit its Kobe!!!
Luis Sandoval
Fuck snakes
Yoseline Rodriguez
Jajaja y será que si se lo comerá verdad ...jajaja 😅😅 cabe por esa boquita...
ice veins
I think that lion was already dead...
Muhamad Jazairi
You is gay!
The lion was already dead. You can clearly see its not breathing, and it didn't flynch one bit when the snake bites it.
Dr Tarique Ahmed
he is having dry..mouth..
Fredi Cabrera
En su mente, porque no fui una "boa"
Nik Makkein
A Gamer_ YouTube
It was already dead
Kyler Rogers
A snake species that needs to be killed into extinction. No one cares (at least I don't care) about highly venomous snakes. They would be much better headless and moving.
Kyler Rogers
Go to Hell where you belong Black Mamba! I think originally they were going to name the snake "Black Death" based of the black plague in Europe long ago. Instead they named it Black Mamba. Not sure why though.
Rapper sen
am i the only one who thinks it's an animation
These snakes deserve no mercy whenever If i see them crawling on roads I would love to run my Pajero over it .... I' ve no mercy for snakes bloody useless creature they don't deserve this Earth....
Адам Абакаров
Че за нах почему англичане пишут коменты пошли на хуй отсюда
jay Tarantula
clickbait. 1 creature was already incredibly sickly. 2 bites after finds it dead.
Devin Mccurry
1stly why did he bite a sleeping lion, for no reason, second so did the lion die i might assume.
Awadh Bihari Singh
Ahmani Jordan
He looks so angry
Shadow StonexXx
What an asshole lol
Lolo Up
The bitch first she kild him the she is tring to eat him😤😤😤
samir pathak
the snakes try to eat tha lion
Oiziah Joyce
The lions is already dead
Damn kobe fucked up lebron.
Aman Madan
The lion was already dead
Elvira Mood
Вот и нахуй она же его не съест
Elvira Mood
Бедная киска
Micheal John
lion is very old ... i think the lion is 150 years old ....the lion is very old lion was not die by snake biten ..lion was dies from is sickness .......
iceangel edsheeran
The "Black Mamba" reminds me Kobe Bryant :p
Karel kartel
Bomboclaat evil snake....pussyclaat demon snake!!!
What a dick.
Lil Kam
Danger noodle vs sleepy boi
suede cheese
Lion: I schleep
Lion: I WOKE
Sanjay Sahoo
The lion looks dead or don't care about anything
Mr. Gonzales
Like nigga...u is not finna get that big ass lion inside of u 😂😂😂
Trinh Hieu
0:53 wtf
Alexandr Eropkin
Galih Pratama
haha..swallow it if u can
Life Of King
The Black Mamba knows very well it can't eat the lion, and the lion wasn't a threat, any logical explanations why did it bite the lion???
And you dont save the endangered lion
That snake reminded me of tj hunt
Вот гадина.
Shadow Warrior
That snake had already bitten that lion once before.
In the latter scene, the nasal cavity was hemorrhaging from the venom. He just came in for the kill shot.

WHY? Idk. It then appeared his instincts made him try to eat him.

Lion did look malnourished or sick anyway. Probably a mercy kill.
Fun Unlimited
Who the fk is filming it there 😎😎
Tarragon Mugwort
That lion was already malnourished and died from that. Lions have survived Cobra bites. They may get sick and blind from the venom and vulnerable to hyenas. But they can recover within two weeks.
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